11 Safety Tips for Kids (and Adults) Playing Pokemon Go


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We all know the Pokemon animation series and movies, where we join our characters from the series in all their fun and amazing adventures. The main character of the series is Ash Ketchum , a boy who dreams of becoming a Pokemon master in training. He starts his quest of gathering as many Pokemons as possible and control them and by his side he has some friends and all his Pokemons that he treats just like his friends.



Springdale Public Library

Poke-Event Alert: The SPL and surrounding grounds are filled with Pokemon! And the library is having fun with the whole craze, calling all Pokemon Trainers to come to the library on Monday (July 18) at 4:30 to catch Pokemon and make their own Pokeball to take home. “Take advantage of our lures, charging stations for low batteries, and free Premium Pokemon Trainer Fuel after catching Pokemon in the heat!”

Holiday Inn Convention Center

The convention center has definitely seen a few Pokemon visitors this week!

Downtown Springdale, Emma Avenue

This is a cool stretch of downtown with restaurants, flea markets and the Shiloh Museum. There are lots of Pokemon hanging around there.

Also? We hear that a fun Springdale mama is making HAND-CROCHETED poke balls and hiding them around downtown for players to find. How cute is that?

The Jones Center for Families

While you’re headed down Emma, keep going until  you reach The Jones Center. The campus is crawling with Pokémon! There are 3 Pokestops there, and a Pokemon Gym inside the facility. Squirtle has been known to hang around, too. You can see him here staying cool by the pool:

Is Magic a Pokemon?

The main pertinent claims about Pokémon that they make can often be generally truthful: “Kids who get into Pokémon might become interested in other games like Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons.” “Pokémon has magic and ghosts.” … It’s not magic per se, it’s psychic powers, and ghost Pokémon are made of gas.

Is Pokémon good for my child?

The Pokémon are kid-appealing, but the series features lots of fantasy violence, and pits the cute, monster-like characters against each other on behalf of their trainers. There are some positive messages (teamwork, sportsmanship, respecting elders), but it may be too intense for younger children.

Bad stuff DOES happen here, in our country, in our state, to people we know

Am I against the game all together? Not at all. I just see too many parents willing to let their children download the FREE app and play the game (because it’s just another game right?) without fully understanding the risks. The game can be fun and children should be able to enjoy it. However, as a parent, it’s your job to acknowledge the risks and protect your children. Play the game as a family, teach your children safety, and always look out for creepers.