12 Risk Free Ways to Tell Someone You Like Them Over Text (+ Screenshots)


Flirty VS Friendly – The subtle differences that can save you the embarrassment

The age-old question that all of us have dealt with at one point or another – is someone you like reciprocating your attraction by being flirty, or are they simply being friendly?

The hints and cues differentiating flirtiness and friendliness can be extremely subtle, and knowing these differences can save you the embarrassment of professing your love to someone who doesn’t actually feel the same way.

Some people are just really great at making us feel good about ourselves simply through their social behavior, and that can sometimes come off as if they’re flirting.

It’s up to you to know whether they’re flirting because they like you or just being nice. Let’s go through these behaviors one by one and see their differences:


10. They laugh at everything you say

Someone who likes you is going to think you are the funniest person on the planet…even if you are not.

So if you are wondering if your crush likes you back, just tell a lame joke and see how they react.

Our sense of trying to make people feel important and acknowledged when we like them is so high that we will go out of our way to make ourselves look silly (aka laughing when we shouldn’t be) so that the other person is raised up. Love is a tricky thing, isn’t it?

#8: Signs youre texting her too much

You’ve texted a girl back and forth a couple times and then she got quiet.

In an attempt to keep getting her texts, you shoot her another one.

And maybe another…

Congratulations, you’ve officially overtexted her. And it feels bad.

Here are three clear signs you’re guilty of overenthusiastic messaging:

#1: She doesn’t invest (anymore)

Once upon a time you may have gotten cool replies. But right now when your texts asks for investment, it looks like this:

Did anything sweet this weekend?

Not really

She says not really, but honestly even if she just cutely giggled while watching a rerun of Friends, you’d love to know.

#2: One-word answers

You and I, we’ve both had them. The classic short answers:




Until even a smiley is too much and all you get is cold, vast emptiness.

When you get these it’s time to make a blanket burrito of yourself and start rebinding Friends yourself.

#3: She makes you wait

When you like someone even waiting a couple hours can be excruciating.

But any experienced dating soldier knows not to break over a few hours of silence.

When the silence is tempting you.When the silence is tempting you.

To discover everything there is to know about overtexting a girl, click the hyperlinked words, fool!

Is Texting Everyday Too Clingy?

When you are dating someone does texting them everyday make you seem too clingy? How much texting is too much and should you be careful not to text them too frequently to avoid looking needy or clingy?

The simple answer is no. Texting them every day is not too clingy especially if you have built up a good habit of communicating with the person you are dating through text, or talk daily and catch up with one another.

Typically the only real risk of appearing clingy happens when the person you are texting is not used to this level of communication from you. They might also have their own hidden expectations from you in the relationship that do not match up with the current level of texting or messages you are sending to them.

If you miss them or miss seeing them. It’s completely natural to want to send them constant texts to find out what they are up to, or how they are doing.

However, everyone is different. When it comes to dating and texting, some people find things to seem or appear clingy that others might not. It’s all down to personal preference or how serious or relaxed both people want things to be whilst dating.

There is no golden rule to tell you how often you should text them to ensure you do not look or appear clingy.

You just need to use your judgment or better still, talk to the person you are dating about how much they like to hear from you and the times of day you should text each other the most.

It’s far better to have a mutual understanding of when to text, and how much is too much. Rather than bombarding them with texts, and wondering why they don’t reply.

#6: How often should you text your girlfriend

”I have no trouble in conversations with my girlfriend but when it comes to texting her I have no clue what to do.” —Guys with girlfriends

I could give you an exact amount of texts you should send if you’re dating…

…but if I’d do that…

…then I’d be the worst dating coach ever.

Because I have no clue who you are, I have no clue who your girlfriend is, and I have no clue what your relationship is like.

Honestly, the ideal scenario is this:

You text her exactly how you’d like to text her, and see how she reacts well.

Unfortunately, this is unlikely because I actually DO have a clue what you are like.

I’ve talked to tons of my readers, and coached a good part of them.

And not to take away your personality, but you guys have a few things in common.

One of those recurring themes is that most guys don’t love texting for the sake of texting.

And that’s often a problem.

Why? Because USUALLY, girls enjoy hearing from you just a tad more than they do.

So here’s two pieces of advice:

  1. Run into any situation that is weird, funny, exciting, not-everyday-normal? Let her know! Personally I send a little Instagram video to my girlfriend of EVERY cute small dog that I run into on the street. Why? I know that they summon a smile on her face and make her unleash a cute iiiiiiii sound. And I can give her that by just whipping out my phone and making a small video. Worth x100. So anytime you run into any situation that could make your girlfriend’s day just a bit better, share it with her!

Forwarding memes. Easy and effective.Forwarding memes. Easy and effective.

  1. Completely abandon the trial and error approach, and be honest with her. Just tell her how you see texting and asks how she sees it. Ask her, face to face, if she likes to get texted regularly, or is fine with an occasional message. If you are a guy that finds it a massive pain in the ass to text back and forth 20 times per day, then let her know.

If number 2 seems like the better solution for you, then do this IN REAL LIFE. Any serious topics with your girlfriend are discussed face to face.

Until you figure out what to do, don’t be a stranger or an alien.

Does she text you quite often? Then try to hit her up more often as well.

If you get the feeling she’s not much of a texter herself —And hey, those girls exist too! I know many girls that hardly ever text, let alone look at their phone— be considerate and show that you understand where she’s coming from.

Totally Not Interested

If these signs describe your communication with a guy you like, you’d be better off moving on and finding someone else to interact with. You deserve better.

  1. He never responds to anything you ever send him. (He may have blocked you.)
  2. There is absolutely no interaction. Zero interaction means zero things are happening. There's no momentum. That doesn't mean you should send hateful or aggressive messages, because negativity is worse than zero.
  3. He regularly takes 24 hours (or longer) to reply. It's okay to wait a couple of hours or so because we all have busy days, or if it was late and he went to bed, the next morning. But if there's no response, it might not mean he hates you, but you might not be a priority of any kind.
  4. He only texts you about business matters or school matters.
  5. His texts are colorless. There is no joking, no flirting, nothing. They sound boring and typical.
  6. He never texts you anything unnecessary or random. If his text has a reasonable context, then it isn't necessarily an excuse to get in touch.
  7. He'll avoid even the most minute personal details about himself. He won't tell you about his job, though most guys love to talk about their job.
  8. He texts you only for homework answers.
  9. None of his texts inquire into your well-being. There will be no message asking how are you, if you had a good morning, or if you did well on a test.
  10. He never invites you to anything through texting.
  11. When he cancels, he doesn't bother to give you a reason.
  12. He doesn't care that you are sick.
  13. He doesn't text more than once every three months. Generally, I would say more than once a month, but there are some exceptions. Such as, if he suddenly starts talking to you out of nowhere and you never see him, he probably has an interest in you. He may be so far removed from your daily life that texting too often may come off too random.
  14. He consistently only sends one-word responses when context would require a longer response. This may mean he reads your messages but doesn't care to write as much. You may want to try calling him or another mode of communication in case this is just a texting problem.
  15. There is no emotion to the texts. No smileys. No emojis. No exclamation marks. Nothing. He never congratulates you on anything.
  16. He doesn't seem to know who you are. He may ask, "Who is this?"
  17. He asks you to stop texting him or to leave him alone; he is too busy. If he asks you to stop texting, it means you are texting too much and he can't handle it, and it may be getting in the way of things he wants to do for himself whether job-related or social networking.
  18. Everything he sends to you is mean, hurtful, and rude. He clearly wants you to go away.
  19. He consistently uses the wrong name for you.
  20. He calls you offensive names and sends inappropriate content.
  21. You text him, and he deletes you off social media.
  22. He flat out tells you he isn't interested in you.
  23. He consistently talks to you about one of your friends. He is likely interested in your friend.
  24. He's more interested in texting you about fart or burp jokes. He isn't trying to make a good impression.
  25. He only hits you up for money.
  26. He sends annoyed-looking GIFs.
  27. He compares you to awful or boring things, like a three-speed oscillating fan.
  28. You know he got something cute, like a puppy. He doesn't bother talking to you about it and doesn't send you pictures. If he liked you, talking about the puppy would be the easiest ice breaker.
  29. All of his communication is the thumbs-up emoji.
  30. He keeps asking you, "Who cares?"

Do his texts sound like hot garbage? Does he text you in a way that's bland, unfulfilling, or inappropriate? Cut your losses and move on.

Michele Ursino via Flickr CC

Tip #10: Best text to send a girl you like when she cancels the date

So you sent these nice things to that one nice person, but now it doesn’t seem to work after all.

For example, you ask her if she would like to have a drink on Thursday or Saturday, but then she says something like, “Oh no, then I can’t.”

Annoying. What’s next?

Isn’t she interested? Or doesn’t she have time?

Luckily, one of our flirting coaches has come up with a solution for you.

It’s so simple and wonderfully effective:



(Psst… This is the moment when you say: “Luckily, I can do another day, [your name]! Namely…”)

It can be as simple as that. Immediately she comes up with 4 times when she can actually meet up.

What is very important is that you keep the tone of the conversation fun. A lot of people interpret things negatively. They think “I can’t” means “I don’t want to see you.”

That’s what we call ‘assuming negative intentions’, where for example, you’re on a date with a yawning woman, and you think “oh, she thinks I’m boring,” while the reality is that she barely slept that night.

Maybe she barely slept because she was so nervous before the first date, thus proving the opposite of your assumption!

Always watch what assumptions you make about people, especially if they are negative in nature. That is why it is so important to stay light-hearted in your messages, like in the example above.

So the next time you’re chatting with a girl you like. And you think: “how to get here to like me over text?” Stay positive.

Tip #8: What do you send for a fun conversation?

Both in real-life conversations and online conversations, I keep noticing the same mistake.

I’ve been a dating coach for 10+ years, and you have to be completely stupid not to recognize certain patterns.

One of those patterns is that people are too careful in their conversations.

You keep thinking things like:

“Would this be okay? Do you really like this? Would this be fun enough to send?”

That’s how your brain keeps running in circles.

If you overthink every message, your messages may come across as very filtered. That often makes them too boring. While your unfiltered self is your true authentic self, EXAGGERATE who you are, rather than holding yourself back.

Conclusion- How to know if a guy likes you through texting

Often things are what they seem. If he likes you, it will show. It will show in his texts and in his body language and how often he wants to be with you.

If he does these 14 things more often than not, when texting, then he likes you! 

How To Text A Girl After She Didn’t Text Back

via:  Pexels / William Fortunato

via: Pexels / William Fortunato

Texting has become a huge part of dating because of how easy and convenient it makes communication.

So… if texting is so easy why is it that she didn’t text back?

This might hurt, but if she didn’t text you back, it’s because she chose not to.

Getting ghosted is today’s version of getting rejected… the only thing you can do is pick yourself, dust yourself off, and keep on moving.

Don’t keep texting if it’s not going anywhere

This tip on how to text a girl is short and sweet:

If she likes you, she dates you.

She won’t have endless scheduling conflicts, cancel dates because things ‘come up at the last minute, or wait days before texting you back.

But here’s the problem most guys run into:

If she doesn’t like you, she probably won’t tell you flat-out… girls are taught to let men down gently, and it’s very hard for them to flat-out turn men down.

Instead, she’ll subtly let you know she’s not interested (she’ll have those scheduling conflicts, cancel dates last minute, and not text back).


If she’s constantly doing any of those things, she’s probably not into you… so move on to someone who is.

Good text to send:


If she’s not giving you the time of day, move on.

Do not send these texts:

“I haven’t heard from you in a few days… are you ignoring me?”

“I miss talking to you. What’s up?”

“Did our date not go well or something?”

All of these texts sound desperate for her attention… and let’s be honest, if she’s the type to ignore you, you deserve better. Let her go and move on to someone else if she ignores your texts for more than 48 hours.

More Ways On How To Get The Girl

True love takes work but we’re here to make it easier. Check out these links for more ways to get the girl.

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  5. Make her swoon with these love messages for her.


How do you tell your crush you like them over text?

There are many ways to confess your feelings to the person you like. However, try to keep things as simple as possible without overwhelming him/her. 

Is it OK to tell someone you like them over text?

It is rather easy to let a person know you like them over text, as opposed to face-to-face. You have the opportunity to duly prepare, which you should fully embrace.

How do u tell ur crush u like them?

It’s good to try to start a conversation first. If you’re wondering how to tell someone you like them over text. This will keep things light and will make him/her embrace your feelings much better.

How do you tell someone you like them in a cute way?

If you’re thinking how to tell someone you like them in a cute way, then try casually flirting with them first, and allow the conversation to blossom from there.

How do I drop hints to my crush? You can drop hints to your crush by casually complementing great aspects about them. You can also , to open the floor to tell them how you feel. 

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