20 Of The Worst Christmas Gifts People Have Ever Received


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Anything From an Infomercial

There’s a reason these products are being sold to sleep-deprived people at odd hours of the morning. (And, FYI, it’s not a great look for holiday shopping to be done at 4 a.m.) These items also have a reputation of not only being cheap in price, but cheap in quality. Try This Instead: Show Some Brotherly Love With These Great Gifts for Brothers


Picture Frame

This passes when it’s a gift from a young child, but adults shouldn’t give picture frames to each other. While it’s not exactly a necessity, it isn’t a luxury either. The giver can’t guarantee it matches the recipient’s other frames and style, or if there’s even a picture to put in it. (If you’re interested in photo opportunities for your own home, so to speak, check out these 11 Cheap Ways to Print and Display Your Photos.) Try This Instead: Best Gift Ideas for Photographers from Newbies to Pros

What not to wear

‘A couple of years ago, I asked for a rash vest for lane swimming in our cold local pool and boyfriend got me a burkini.

‘An ex once got me one of those nanna slippers you put both feet in. He also got me the book What Not to Wear.’

For your friend who loves Tabasco hot sauce, traveling, and/or camo

Are you a busy person who loves to travel and you can go nowhere without your Tabasco sauce? A camo-themed Tabasco carrier is essential. You get a free bottle of Tabasco with purchase.

Unsurprisingly, the digital world no longer wants CDs DVDs

With the switch to on-demand streaming services like Spotify and Netflix, it seems people no longer want physical discs. Over 26,000 people voted that CDs and DVDs were an awful gift, giving them the fourth spot on our list.

Close behind was generic outdated tech with 24,000 votes, thanks to people receiving old versions of tech devices and things they already owned. Technology gifts, even outdated ones, can still be pretty pricey, which means you could be spending a lot on something that winds up in the back of a drawer.

If you’re looking for a gift for a techy or film or music enthusiast, make sure to check it’s something they’ll actually enjoy. For example, CDs and DVDs may be out, but vinyl sales are reported to be up 10% year on year. So, would a vinyl album be a better gift for the avid music fan in your life?

4. Fruitcake


Yes, it’s a holiday tradition for some reason. But why? Is eating this some kind of Christmas gang initiation? “You had fruitcake, Tommy, so you can be one of Santa’s Elves now.”

A tiny orange sofa

‘When I was 17, my boyfriend gave me a birthday present in front of all our friends. I opened it, really excited. It was a teeny, tiny orange sofa with little purple cushions. I looked at him and he just looked nervous and said: “It seemed like the sort of thing you would like.”‘

For your friend who just came back from teaching a year in Asia

A lot of Asian countries have fantastic amazing toilets, however the squat toilet is ….memorable not in a good way. For your friend who just returned from teaching in Asia, the worst christmas gift that you might be able to give is a toilet stool to bring back great memories. It even folds up, so it’s perfect for travel!

Millennials are most likely to regift an unwanted Christmas present

Of those who admitted they would regift an unwanted present, 43% were people aged between 25 to 44. So, a gift you receive from a millennial may be a regifted item they didn’t want.

People aged 45 and up were much less likely to regift presents, especially those over 65, with only 11% admitting they give away presents they don’t like.

7. Just Any Book

Just because you know that someone likes to read, that doesn’t mean that you should just grab any book. It’s also a bad time to try to consciously change someone else’s taste. “Hey, I know that you said that you don’t read horror novels because you have anxiety and live alone, plus you hate camping, so I bought you Jack Ketchum’s Off Season.”

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