2020 National Chicken Wing Day Deals and Specials


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The downtown restaurant has a variety of sauces and, on request, will serve its wings extra crispy to give them a little crunch. 301 E. Virginia St., Suite. 103, foxiisrestaurant.com

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Buffalo’s Cafe: All You Can Eat Wings

Buffalo’s Cafe, a restaurant that serves wings with over a dozen sauces as well as burgers, ribs, steak, chicken, fries, salad and deserts, will be offering all you can eat boneless or bone-in wings for $14.99.

Buffalo’s Cafe is primarily located in Georgia. To find a location, see here.

Pasqually’s Pizza Wings : Free Wings

On National Chicken Wing Day, customers can get free wings with any purchase of $15 or more. The special is valid on delivery orders on GrubHub, UberEATS and DoorDash.

On GrubHub, customers must use the code WINGS on their order to receive the special. No promo code is needed through UberEATS and DoorDash.


On July 29, dine-in guests will receive 10 free boneless wings with the purchase of any 10 wings at participating locations nationwide.


History of National Chicken Wing Day

Of course, humans have been eating chicken wings ever since they figured out how to cook chickens. However, the chicken wings in particular became popular in Buffalo New York. Hence the name Buffalo chicken wings. If you go to this place, you will most likely hear stories about Teressa Bellissimo who is the creator of the buffalo chicken wings. According to the story, Teressa owned a bar with her husband named Frank. They called such bar the Anchor Bar. This is the place where the Buffalo chicken wings were created.

However, one day, in 1964, her son came wanting to eat something. But she told her son that all she had during that time were chicken wings which were supposed to be cooked into broth. She then decided to just deep fry the wings and toss them with hot sauce and butter. This invention became an instant hit and the restaurant soon became a best seller in Buffalo.

Customers flocked into the restaurant as they were blown away by how delicious the chicken wings were. Other businessmen and chefs tried to imitate the recipes and made their own versions as well. Buffalo chicken wings became popular foods. It quickly spread across the country and even internationally.

In 1977, the Mayor of Buffalo New York decaled July 29 as a day to honor chicken wings. Hence, we now celebrate National Chicken Wing Day every year on this day.

Wing Zone

On both July 28 and July 29, customers can get 16 boneless wings for $10 or 16 original wings for $15 with promo code 2195 at checkout.



  • Chubbys Sports Bar, Columbus (Link)
  • Buds Pizza, Minster
  • Woodstock BBQ, Lakewood Link

Winking Lizard

Featuring Bell’s Beer All Day As The Perfect Companion To Winking Lizard Wings. Fun Placemats For Takeout Entertainment At Home.


  • Independence, 6111 Quarry Ln, Independence
  • Peninsula, 1615 Main Street (Rte 303, Peninsula
  • Copley, 79 Springside Dr., Akron
  • Brunswk, 3634 Center Rd, Brunswick
  • Avon, 2125 Center Rd, Avon
  • Lakewood, 14018 Detroit Ave., Lakewood
  • Macedonia, 511 E. Aurora Rd. (Rte 82, Macedonia
  • Wash Sq., 2175 E. Maple St., North Canton
  • Bedford, 25200 Miles Rd, Bedford Ht
  • Mayfield, 1355 Som Center Rd, Mayfield Ht
  • Canton, 5710 Fulton Drive – Nw, Canton
  • Westervlle, 496 Polaris Pkwy, Westerville
  • Beachwood, 25800 Central Parkway, Beachwood
  • W. 5Th, 1416 W. Fifth Ave., Columbus
  • Mentor, 9570 Mentor Ave Ste M, Mentor
  • Galleria, 1301 E 9Th St, Cleveland
  • Reynolds, 7995 E Broad St, Reynoldsburg
  • Westerville, 496 Polaris Pkwy, Westerville
  • Brunswk, 3634 Center Rd, Brunswick

Buffalo Wild Wings

Free Snack Size Order Of Buffalo Wild Wings Famous Wings (Not Available For Takeout) And Nothing Goes Better With Wings Than A Bell’s Beer.


  • Wooster, 4122 Burbank Rd, Wooster
  • Avon Lake, 32914 Walker Rd, Avon Lake
  • Mentor, 9566 Diamond Centre Dr, Mentor
  • Ashland, 1830 E Main St, Ashland
  • Willoughby, 36455 Euclid Ave, Willoughby
  • Ontario, 949 N Lexington Spgml Rd, Ontario
  • Canton, 5062 Dressler Rd Nw, Canton


On July 29th, National Chicken Wing Day encourages a frenzy of dipping and sauce tasting. With so many choices, be sure to pace yourself! 

The day celebrates the little appetizer that could. Also known as buffalo wings, hot wings or just wings, each of us eat about 290 per year. While a chicken has two wings per bird, it produces four of these tasty morsels. That’s because when we dissect the wing, we break it down into the wingette, drumette, and tip. The wingette and drumette get seasoned and fried into the deliciousness we devour at tailgate parties and trivia nights.

While many people do call them hot wings, one of the most popular sauces is ranch dressing. Another go-to dip is bleu cheese. Although, plenty of spicy sauces fill the menus. Since chicken wings are usually deep-fried, celery, carrots or other crunchy veggies accompany the dish to counterbalance the spice and fat. 



After a number of years of different establishments selling their version of Buffalo Wings, the city of Buffalo, NY in 1977 proclaimed July 29th to be National Chicken Wing Day. Establishments like the Anchor Bar, Wings n’ Things, and Duff’s all became famous for their wings.


Why We Love National Chicken Wing Day

  1. Chicken is healthy While we all know chicken is a great source of lean protein, it’s nice to know that the white meat is also packed with other health benefits. Its high levels of vitamin B can boost immunity and regulate digestion, while it has much lower levels of saturated fats and cholesterols than red meats. Just take it easy on the buffalo sauce — and you’ll be fine.

  2. It’s a classic competition food Whether it’s an official competition at a fair or just some friends getting together, these bite-size chicken chunks are perfect for chowing down. Sometimes it’s a matter of handling the high heat of a spicy buffalo sauce, while other times it just means eating the most in a given period. Either way, excitement, and maybe a few stomachaches, will ensue.

  3. The perfect late-night snack Bars have had chicken wings on their menus for decades for a reason. There are few things more satisfying than a late night basket. Sweet, spicy, salty, juicy, crunchy — they’ve got it all. And when you only need a snack to tide you over till morning, it’s an easy decision to make.