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How to Take Care of a Drunk Person

KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF A DRUNK PERSON RECOGNIZE SOMEONE WHO HAS HAD ONE TOO MANY Signs that a person has drunk too much include: Inability to remain standing up straight Slurred speech Difficulty walking Unusual embarrassing Bloodshot eyes Violent or aggressive behavior reactions THE AMOUNT OF CARE YOUR DRUNK FRIEND WILL NEED DEPENDS ON HOW MUCH HE OR SHE HAD TO DRINK. Each individual’s situation will need to be evaluated according to circumstances but the main point is to be prepared to care for them until they’re out of danger. STEP IN TO DISCOURAGE FURTHER DRINKING Try distracting the intoxicated person from having Take them to the front yard for a breath of fresh air any more alcohol Suggest that it’s time to call it a night and phone a taxi Get them away from the alcohol DO YOUR BEST TO HELP THE INTOXICATED PERSON TO AVOID PHYSICAL INJURY, ESPECIALLY BY FALLING If a person is lying down when they begin to heave or vomit, place them in the recovery position with the higher knee bent. DO NOT LEAVE SOMEONE WHO IS VERY DRUNK TO FALL ASLEEP ALONE Stay in the room with him or be sure someone else will keep an eye out for him. CHECK REGULARLY TO ENSURE THE INTOXICATED PERSON RESPONDS TO BEING STIRRED Say their name loudly, ask them firmly to open their eyes, prod them, and look for a response. Watch chest breathing movements A rate of 12-20 breaths per minute is normal. 1OOK FOR SIGNS OF ALCOHOL POISONING Signs that a person has alcohol poisoning includes: Cannot be Blue lips and 8 breaths per minute or less awakened fingertips Vomiting while asleep Cold clammy hands / feet Rapid pulse IF YOU SPOT THESE SIGNS, CALL EMERGENCY SERVICES IMMEDIATELY You will not get into trouble for calling for help. Authorities prefer to keep people alive than to scold for irresponsible behavior. STAY WITH THE INTOXICATED PERSON UNTIL HELP ARRIVES Keep them warm and continue to monitor their breathing Don’t panic. Stay calm. Don’t give them stimulating drinks such as tea or coffee. SOURCES http://www.mtv.com/news/2059516/taking-care-drunk-friend/ https://buckinghoarse.word- press.com/2011/03/18/how-to-take-care-of-a-drunk-person/ https://www.drinkaware.co.uk/check-the-facts/ef- fects-on-your-safety/helping-a-friend-who-has-drunk-too-much http://www.drinkopoly.com/en/news-16/how-to-take-care-of-a-drunk-person-42/ RecoveryExperts OFIND THE BEST REHAB CENTER THAT FITS YOUR NEEDS! NN

Why Do People Talk So Much When Drunk?

Alcohol strongly affects the inhibitory processes relating to social behavior. In one study, persons who consumed a moderate amount of alcohol showed primary inhibitory impairment surrounding social actions, or those resulting in attention, but not in other forms of inhibition. This hypothesis suggests that most inhibitory affects surround social activities, especially those involving having fun with others (more drinking), dancing or sex, talking to family and loved ones (even exes), and using more substances to continue to feel good.

Inhibitions are often less involved when it comes to singular activities. Therefore, people who are drinking on their own and without a phone are not as likely to exhibit reckless behavior or to be involved in activities that are traditionally associated with drinking (reckless driving, dancing, yelling, fighting, etc.) because inhibition is not lowered in non-social respects.


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