4 Spiritual Meanings Of Bird Knocking On Window


Why does a bird knock on my window every morning?

Other traditions believe that the bird hitting your window is just a messenger. Some believe the bird carries a goodwill message, while others believe it’s a message of death. So generally, according to all traditions, a bird hitting your window signifies change.


Dont Be Too Worried

Whether or not you believe in the universe sending you signs or signals, this could be a sign that it’s using this bird and your window as a way to let you know that everything will be okay. If life currently has just been a bit much and things seem to be closing in on you, this could be a sign that the universe is telling you to breathe and that everything will be okay, similar to the transitional message. As birds have always been a symbol of freedom (also check other animals representing freedom), independence, and hope, you will be alright soon enough, but just like birds, you must keep hope alive and follow the currents of the air out of this difficult spot you’ve found yourself in.

Stop Pecking by Removing Reflections

Some people try to prevent birds attacking panes of glass by covering the outside of targeted windows with non-reflective cellophane. The problem with this is that wind and rain will quickly make the cellophane come adrift and ineffective. A better alternative is to use a decal or an internal window deflector. I find that a Bird's Eye View window deflector works well. It breaks up the clear view of the glass for the birds and stops them striking at their own reflection. At the same time it's small enough not to obstruct your view of the outside. It's also easy to remove from the window if you should want to.

Why Do Birds Peck at Window Putty?

This behavior is commonly carried out by members of the tit family in the autumn and wintertime. Window putty acts as a seal between the frame and house wall, so damage to it can cause rain to enter your home. Birds get linseed or fish oils from the putty to replace a mineral deficiency in their diet. They may also be searching for insects trapped beneath the seal.

The best way to deter birds from attacking your window putty is to apply several coats of gloss paint over it. You can also brush aluminium ammonium sulphate over the frame and seal as birds don't like its taste. Alternatively you can try using a synthetic putty that is made without natural oils.

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Different Types of Birds and Their Different Meanings When They Hit the Window

Not all birds pass the same message when they hit your window. The message most times depends on the type of bird.

  • Doves: This bird represents purity in the bible. The bird represents good energy and peace. It is the bird sent out by Noah to scout for land. It also describes the right direction and perception. When it hits your window, it is all good news.
  • Bluebird: Blue is a joyful color, and this translates to its message. When a bluebird hits your window, expect joyful news and transition.
  • Candor: This bird represents an evil omen. Death usually follows this bird’s visit.
  • Sparrow: The sparrow is a symbol of good tidings. This bird brings a message of goodwill and liberality, which sometimes symbolizes wealth.
  • BlueJay bird: This bird signifies self-assurance. Meaning your confidence needs to improve.
  • BlackBirds: Folklore does not agree on blackbirds. Some tradition believes blackbird symbolizes death. Others believe that birds such as the Raven bring security.
  • Owl: This bird, with its compound eyes, represents knowledge and vision. In some cases, it could also represent ill health.

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