48 Bows for Gifts ideas


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How to Make a Bow with Perfect Tails

A great bow is more than just its loops. Here are some helpful tips to make some terrific tails:· Use more material than you think you need. You can always cut long tails, but if your tails are too short, you’ll either have to live with it or start over.· Even out your tails. Don’t be surprised if, after you’ve completed your bow, one tail is longer than the other. The fix is simple. Measure your tails and cut the longer tail to match the shorter.· Sure, you could be done, but why not add a final special touch to your bow? Cut the ends of your tails diagonally to give the tails classy points. Another option is to perform a chevron cut. Cut an even triangle from the ribbons so that the point of the triangle is in the center of the tail. Make clean cuts, so you can easily pull away the extra fabric.

5. Cute Gift Bow Tie


This DIY bow tie Christmas wrapping is just the cu

This DIY bow tie Christmas wrapping is just the cutest thing ever. If you are looking for an unusual bow to make any gift stand out under your Christmas tree this year look no further. The tutorial is super easy and this is one DIY gift wrap that will not disappoint.

Make a Rosette Bow

The rosette bow (also known as a pom-pom bow) looks intimidating because of the number of loops, but it's actually fairly simple to create. Use our easy ribbon folding hack to make even loops all the way around. To get perfectly styled loops, we'll show you how to make a bow with a wired ribbon.

Editor's Tip: This is one of our favorite holiday bows. To make a Christmas bow, use red and green patterned ribbon!

modern masculine holiday gifts and ornaments Credit: Jacob Fox

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How to Make a Bow Out of Wired Ribbon

Wired ribbon is a crafter-lover’s dream. Even novice DIY-ers love it, because it’s so forgiving. The thin and flexible wired edge allows you to mold the ribbon in any bow configuration you’d like.

Supplies: wired ribbon, ruler, scissors, pipe cleaner

Instructions for making a bow out of wired ribbon:


1. Take a long piece of ribbon (at least 36 inches) and create a loop at one end, folding one side over itself. Use your thumb to hold down the inside of the loop. This is the center of your bow.2. Create another, larger loop with the same piece of ribbon and fold in underneath the center loop. Repeat on the opposite side of the bow.3. Continue making loops, alternating sides and making each set a little longer or bigger than the previous one.4. When you have as many loops as you’d like, make one final loop. This one should be big and will actually be the tails to your bow. Trim the ribbon close to the center of the bow.5. Tuck this edge under the bow. Insert a pipe cleaner under the center loop to gather all the loops of the bow. Twist to secure and trim edges.6. Cut the final long loop, giving your bow two tails.7. Fluff the loops to give your bow shape and fullness.8. Trim the tails at a diagonal to create two points to each tail (optional).

10. Hardware Store Bow


Image By: Johanna Aedon Via YouTube
Image By: Johanna Aedon Via YouTube

I saw this DIY gift wrap idea on Pinterest and fell in love! My husband is an avid DIY carpenter and had all the bits I needed for a perfect DIY carpenter’s gift wrap right on his workbench. I just used a tape measure and washers and screws. This DIY gift wrap gets an A for originality and is so darn cute, you will love it.