5 Ways To Get High Without Smoking Weed


You may think you can quit smoking weed whenever you like

Especially since consuming cannabis or smoking marijuana seems less addictive compared to other drugs

There is a lot of misunderstandings about whether smoking weed is addictive. It is often known as a so-called “gateway drug” to even more harmful drugs. However, there is evidence that smoking weed can be addictive.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, approximately 30 percent of people who use marijuana develop a dependency or disorder in relation to the drug.

This also depends on the age when the marijuana user starts. For instance, people under the age of 18 years old are over four times more likely to become dependent on weed consumption than other groups.

So as it becomes like a daily habit, many weed smokers realize it is not easy to quit gradually or cold turkey.


What is the Healthiest Way To Smoke Weed?

For many medical marijuana patients or recreational adult-users, smoking weed is the only way they know to administer their medicine. If smoking is your preferred method, there are some things that you can do to minimize the negative effects of smoking.

  1. Use Water Pipes — using a bong or bubbler to smoke pot can filter out some of the carcinogens present in marijuana smoke, cooling down the temperature causing less heat damage to the lungs. For additional relief, try dropping a few ice cubes inside your bong. 
  2. Use Glass Pipes — using glassware to smoke your weed is definitely preferable over some other materials, such as aluminum or plastic, which can pass along some unwanted byproducts at high temperatures.
  3. Keep Your Gear Clean –You can cut down on the chance of inhaling carcinogens by keeping your smoking gear nice and clean, regularly applying isopropyl alcohol to clear any resin or otherwise.  


This one is a no brainer—you can pack a lot more weed into blunts than you can into regular joints. Especially when you finely grind it.

And even better, blunts have countless variations. There are, in fact, as many types of blunts as there are blunt wraps and cigars.

So, you can play around with all different wraps until you find your perfect combo.


As a huge plus, there are companies that specialize in crafting blunts that produce a particular aftertaste, like orange, cherry, honey, etc.

You can usually pack about 1-3 grams of weed into a blunt, depending on its size. Since that is a lot of weed for one cigar, it will literally blow the top off of your head if you’re smoking it for the first time.

Which is probably what you’re looking for if you’re reading this.

Nevertheless, blunts are pretty easy to roll. Here’s a quick video tutorial to get you up to speed:

Quick tip: when you inhale, keep it in for 2-3 seconds (not longer) and exhale.

5. Method of Consumption

There are lots of ways to smoke – pipes, bongs, joints, blunts, vaporizers, and the list goes on. Sometimes first-timers use a method that doesn’t work well for them. For most early smokers I recommend joints. They’re just simple. No carb. No relighting. No batteries. Just paper and herb. BUT, if you’ve tried only joints and it’s not working for you then you may want to try something else like a pipe.

I also hear of some people having trouble getting high off vaporizers. This could be due to a defective unit or one that is set at the wrong temperature. If your health allows, try smoking instead of vaping. You could also try edibles.

The idea is simply to mix up what you’re doing with a new method of consumption.

6. Vape

Vaping is all the rage these days, and for good re

Vaping is all the rage these days, and for good reason! That reason is called science.

You see, marijuana begins to combust at around 200°C. But the cannabinoids in the plant (i.e. the THC and other chemicals that get you high) begin to vaporize at more like 170°C. And that little window in between there is a sweet spot where you can vaporize and inhale all the good stuff without burning the plant itself.

The taste is cleaner, because, well… no smoke. It’s also more efficient. A lot of the cannabinoids that make us feel so wonderful can be destroyed during combustion. Vaping keeps the good stuff from going up in flames, meaning you get more active ingredient per gram of pot. Meaning you get higher.

Any questions?

2) Water Cure for Weed

Pot smoking and medible eating can seriously dry you out; dehydration can add to the dizziness and nausea that you may already be feeling from bingeing on your buds. Drinking water will dilute the concentration of THC in your bloodstream. Most cannabis strain reviews – and we oughta know, we’ve written more than a few ourselves – generally mention dry mouth and dry eyes as among the most common side effects of weed smoking, and it applies as well to eating decarboxylated weed baked in a brownie. You can reduce negative effects by staying hydrated to begin with before, during and after toking or eating pot – but when the high sucker-punches you in the back of the skull, then guzzling some water can help start the process. Combining drinking a lot of water with taking ibuprofen, like we mentioned above, certainly makes all kinds of good sense.

Once you drink some water to come back from the marijuana high, it can take about 45 minutes to an hour or so for the water to pass through your stomach and kidneys and get distributed throughout your body – but because your body’s fat cells store THC and because eating weed edibles time releases the effects for hours, you will still feel some dehydration effects for 2-3 hours if you smoked it and up to six hours if you ate it. Water isn’t a fast cure, but the compounded effects of cannabis and the dryness that results from consuming a lot of cannabis, via your lungs or digestively, will be reduced the less dehydrated you become.

Orange or lemon juice and weed, as a cure for being stoned out of your gourd, could be even more effective in rehydrating you and stopping your high – for one thing, the sugar in the orange juice can boost your metabolism and restore your electrolytes, and since citrus juices contain water it can also rehydrate you and thus reduce the dizziness and nausea of desert dryness after dabbing, toking or munching a medible.

2. Edibles

If you want the strongest effects possible without having to inhale anything, then marijuana edibles are one of the best options for you. These are foods that have been enhanced with the effects of marijuana- usually by infusing marijuana into butter, oil, or other condiments before using it to create potent THC-infused snacks.

The effects of edibles are quite different from smoking. When you smoke weed, you’ll generally feel the effects of THC within minutes and the effects will taper off within 2-3 hours. Edibles can take 30-90 minutes to get you high as your body needs to digest the THC and convert it into the stronger 11-hydroxy-THC. Once the effects hit you, you’ll experience an intense high that can last for 4-12 hours.

You can buy Edibles online and there are various kinds available. THC Gummies are a great choice of beginners, especially as they’re split into small servings of THC so they don’t get you too high. You can also try chocolates and baked goods such as cookies, cakes, and brownies. All of these provide an enjoyable way to get a potent and long-lasting high.

4. Pipe

If blunts and joints just aren’t your thing, then

If blunts and joints just aren’t your thing, then pipes might be your best bet. Pipes give you better control over your pace and dosage. You can load up as much or as little as you like, and you can drift off into an herb-fueled revery for as long as you like, without worrying about your joint going out. They also leave behind less of an odor than joints or blunts, if that’s an issue for you. Pipes come in all shapes and sizes, from concealable one-hitters and cheap metal pieces to hand crafted glassware that is a work of art in itself.

2) Getting Wasted on Edibles

There’s nothing like a good weed brownie high, but for the impulsive or uninitiated it can go south on you unless you exercise due caution. It can take a while for an edible high to kick in – from a minimum of half an hour to two hours or more for the full effects to manifest, depending on your metabolism and how much you had to eat prior – so if you do want to get blazingly higher on pot edibles, then eat them on an empty stomach or having had very little to eat. Be aware that medible highs can sneak up on you, thus if you keep eating while the waiting game for the high to kick in then you can suddenly take off like a rocket into the stratosphere without meaning to get that high and find yourself in downward spiral… in your living room… in front of people! Yikes!

Edibles made from hash or other concentrates will also get you very, very high. You can melt BHO (butane hash oil) or other concentrates in with a stick of butter to create super-concentrated butter that you can bake in a recipe or add to food for mega-medicated munchies. You can find some fast recipes to get you super-high right here in our ‘How to Make Edibles in Less than 30 Minutes – the Ultimate Guide’ blog, feel free to check them out!

Caffeine and weed can be a powerful combination, we personally like a little cannabutter in our morning coffee. With a stimulating sativa weed strain, coffee can increase the energizing effects – but could also add to the nervous jitteriness that people sometimes feel when ingesting or smoking a sativa to get high. With an indica, coffee can actually counteract the sleepiness some stoners settle into like an exceedingly comfy couch. And maybe having coffee with a hybrid is like just having coffee, try it and see the entourage effects. But a lot of coffee with a lot of weed would probably seriously exaggerate the above effects – boosting a sativa high and sobering an indica.

You could also smoke a doobie or weed pipe at the same time or shortly after eating some cannabis edibles but do so at your own risk! THC will accumulate in your body whether it is smoked or eaten and your poor brain could get seriously fried!

 Once you are into the waiting game after eating so

Once you are into the waiting game after eating some edible and you decided to kill time having some smoke in between the high chicks in, you can decide to do it thanks to this “Marley Natural Taster Bat”

No one would resist the nice and practical design of this hand pipe!

5. Capsules

Last but not least, Capsules are a great way to get the effects of marijuana when you don’t want to put any effort in. These products are incredibly simple- all you have to do is swallow a capsule, wash it down with some water, and wait for your body to digest the cannabinoids so you can experience the effects.

THC Capsules each contain a small dose of THC, making it easy to get high without going overboard. If you feel like you need a higher dose, you can take more than one. However, in most cases, one is enough to get the effects you need.

Other options are also available. Users looking for non-psychoactive effects can use CBD Capsules and you can even get 1:1 Capsules if you’re looking to consume both THC and CBD at the same time. Whichever way, Capsules make it quick and easy to get an effective dose of cannabinoids.

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All the Ways to Smoke Weed in 2021

All the ways to smoke weed in 2021 include: one hitter, glass pipe, weed vape pen, joint, blunt, bong, bubbler, gravity bong, and dab rig. Each of these ways to smoke weed have their own sets of pros, and their own sets of cons.

One hitter - Perfect for Stealth and Saving Money

One hitter – Perfect for Stealth and Saving Money

 If you want the quick hit that is discreet in public but also very effective, choose a one-hitter. Many one-hitter dugouts look like cigarettes from a distance or are small enough to be hidden by your hand while smoking. Much more acceptable in public than walking around town with a giant bong.

The downside to using a one hitter is that the bowl holds a small amount of weed so if you have a higher tolerance, you will be packing your one hitter more often.

Glass Pipe – Easiest Way to Smoke Weed

This is a great starter method for the best way to smoke weed if you’re new to the game. Glass pipes are typically really enjoyable to look at so it’s fun to pick out some nice new glass for yourself. Without the hassle of setting a bong up, smoking out of a glass pipe is easy and enjoyable. 

The one downside to using a glass pipe is how harsh the hit will be. When using a glass hand pipe, the weed smoke has a small space to pass through which means there’s less time for the smoke to cool down. Use a MouthPeace to make the hits from a glass pipe less harsh.

Weed Vape Pen – New Ways to Smoke Weed

Loved by many. Weed vape pens are one of the best ways to smoke weed, in conjunction with other methods. You’re not going to get completely lit smoking a weed vape pen. It’s good for keeping the high rolling throughout the day and doesn’t smell much so you don’t have to worry about reeking of marijuana.

If you’re wanting to get really high instead of just a nice little buzz, you’ll need to add another method of smoking along with a weed vape pen, which is the one downside.

Joint – Smoke Weed Socially

For the weed lover looking to enjoy a small amount of weed, quickly and efficiently, rolling a joint is going to be the best option for you. The nice thing about a joint is that it can be rolled as large or small as needed and can be disposed of when finished. Great for outdoor smoking, especially while walking, hiking, golfing, or just hanging out outside.

The only downside is the smell factor makes it less ideal for indoor smoking. If you’re going to share your joints, use a MouthPeace Mini for a germ-free smoke! By using joint filters, you can safely smoke socially.

Blunt- Smoke Weed Socially

The best way to smoke weed for a social smoker, is a blunt. Think of a joint like a cigarette and a blunt like a cigar. Joints are typically for personal use but blunts can be enjoyed by many at once. Keep this method in rotation when chilling with the fam. Blunts, like joints, are best enjoyed outdoors, unless you don’t mind your whole house stinking like weed and tobacco for days after.

Like using a joint, a blunt will produce a very loud smell, so it’s best to use this method outside. Also, you definitely need to use a MouthPeace Mini if you are smoking socially using a blunt. Share blunts, not germs! By using blunt filters, you can smoke socially, safely. Learn more on how to smoke a blunt in just 3 steps.

Bong – Best Thing to Smoke Out Of

Ole Faithful. Our preferred consumption method. The lighting of the bowl, the slow steady burn, then the rush of bubbles as you pull the bowl and receive your toke. It’s magical. But only for the experienced smoker. It won’t wreck your day like a gravity bong, but it will definitely get you high, quickly. Bongs are great because they filter the smoke through water and ice to deliver a cool, smooth hit. Learn how a bong works and how to use a bong.

Bubblers- Coolest Things to Smoke Out Of

If you want to know the best way to smoke weed for the quick fix, a bubbler is right for you. It is similar to a bong, just smaller in size so you don’t get too smacked or lit off one hit. A trick to ash your bubbler, if you’re outside, just blow at the ash and it should fly out. If you are inside, cover the carb and flip it over. You won’t lose any water out of the bowl and then you can use a paper clip to clear it out.

Smoking out of bubblers are fun and all but the one downside is that they are noisy. If you are smoking at home with others that wouldn’t approve, this isn’t a very discreet method of smoking.

Gravity Bong- Healthiest Way to Consume Weed

Whew. Ok. You ready for a good time? If you have absolutely nothing to do for the day and you want to just kind of exist for about 8 hours straight, a gravity bong is the best way to smoke weed for you. Just be prepared to talk yourself out of thinking you can’t breathe. Good times, nonetheless.

One downside is obviously going to be how high you get. Which isn’t an issue for some, but if you’re a newer weed smoker, you might want to brace yourself when using this method.

Dab Rig – Best Way to Get Really High off Weed

Dabbing is the term used for smoking pure THC extract wax. It’s also a dance move but let’s not go there. Once you’ve become a pro weed smoker, this method will most likely become the best way to consume weed, for you. Since you’re smoking straight THC concentrate wax. You use a dab rig, which looks like a bong but instead of packing the bowl with flower, you use a dab tool called a dabber to scrape some wax on to the tip. Then, using a blowtorch or electric nail, heat the nail (the dab rig version of the bong bowl), let it cool briefly, then put the wax on to the hot nail. It can be intimidating the first few times so we recommend not trying this alone.

One downside? Your tolerance is going to sore. This means it’s going to be hard for you to get high using any other method of smoking if you’re used to dabbing regularly.

7. Tolerance is Too High

If you’re new to smoking then this is not going to be the case for you.

The more frequently you smoke the higher your tolerance is going to build up. Over time, your tolerance may get to the point that it’s very difficult to get high without smoking an exorbitant amount. In this case, it may be time for a tolerance break. Essentially, a tolerance break is when someone takes a break from smoking in order to lower their tolerance down to a reasonable level.

If you want to read more about tolerance breaks you can check out this article I wrote on the subject. The comment section is really great on that article so make sure you check it out.

Lastly, I want to mention strain tolerance. This occurs when you’ve been smoking the same strain for a long time. If this is the case then try switching to a different strain.

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