60+ Ways to Share and Distribute Your Affiliate Links


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2) Customize Your Link to Match Your Brand

Customize your links URL to match your brand, and choose from our selection of themes to individualize your smart link.

Deeplinking Made Easy

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9. Sidebar

Curating unique content with a design focus, Sidebar.io provides a daily list of top links that you can grab on the Sidebar homepage or in the Sidebar daily newsletter. A handful of human editors upvote submitted links to determine what reaches the Sidebar homepage on any given day. The results (up to five links) are posted and emailed out.


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7. BuzzSumo

Gauging the virality of an article sometimes seems like voodoo magic. How can you tell what people like when there’s so much of it out there? BuzzSumo helps separate the signal from the noise with a tool that collects all vital share stats and spits out a dashboard of top links. You can see what has performed best on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and overall, and the tool also lets you filter by date and content type (e.g., guest posts, video, infographics).

Use Evernotes Web Clipper Browser Extension


Evernote is a popular tool for people who create, collect and manage a lot of different files and sources of digital information. Its handy Web Clipper tool is a browser extension that saves links or specific content as Evernote notes. With it, you can select the content from the page you want to save or just grab the whole link, and then drop it into the category you want — plus add some optional tags.

Check out our review of Evernote to find out more about this nifty, cloud-based tool.

Visit Evernote

2. Links to Keep

“Save to Keep” to store the link–with labels and comments–as a new note in Google Keep. Like bookmarks, Keep notes sync across devices. You can also add a collaborator to edit a note with others.

Use IFTTT to Create Recipes That Automatically Sav

Use IFTTT to Create Recipes That Automatically Save Links Where You Want Them


Have you discovered the wonders of IFTTT yet? If not, you need to take a look. IFTTT is a tool you can connect to all sorts of different web services and social accounts you have so that you can create triggers that lead to automatic actions. For example, every time you fav a tweet, it could be automatically added to your Instapaper account. Another example would be a PDF note in Evernote to be created every time you fav something in Pocket.

Find out how IFTTT works and learn how to make your first applet with it.