A Clever Trick for Hanging Posters on Your Wall Without Making Any Holes


The best way to hang your posters is to know what not to do first

You could use duct tape. But that’s a super bad idea because duct tape can get too stuck to your poster and damage your wall! Nobody wants ripped posters and paint being peeled off either. Or you could use staples, nails or tacks. Again, that’s another bad idea unless you love the idea of holes in your walls and your posters.

Posters are fun! And they’re great for art, and also advertising. There is a plethora of poster printing for anything you can imagine as well!

Step 2: Pick your spot

Decide where you want to hang your poster. Anywhere is fine, though know that if your poster is hanging in the path of direct sunlight it’s likely going to fade over time.

Keep in mind that you’re going to be applying removable adhesive to the area that you choose, so you don’t want to pick a spot that isn’t smooth or that has recently been painted.

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Hanging Up Your Posters

Now that you’ve cleaned your hands, cleaned the wall where you are going to hang up your posters, and unrolled and straightened your posters, here are some ways you can hang them up without damaging your walls:

1. Mounting Tape

Mounting tape is a sure and sturdy way to hang up your poster and can also be used to mount heavier stuff. This is also known as double-sided tape with adhesives on both sides. Just make sure that you buy the ones that are good for walls, easy to remove, and are residue-free. Most kinds of mounting tapes can be said to hold up to 5 pounds and to stick strongly to surfaces such as brick, wood, metal, concrete, vinyl, marble, tiles, and plastic.

Check out the different types of mounting tape.

Pro Tip: When you need to remove a poster with mounting tape as its adhesive, slowly peel from the edges, using a string to separate the adhesive from the wall. If an adhesive is particularly stuck to the wall, you can try to remove it using a hair dryer or a heat gun. This can be used also if you happened to use the wrong kind of mounting tape.

2. Magic Tape

Magic tape is also known as invisible tape or transparent tape. The reason why it’s a good adhesive to use when you’re hanging up posters is that it’s clear, barely noticeable, and easy to remove. It’s good for finished or painted surfaces, metal, and tile. If you need to stick posters to glass, you can also use this, as the transparent tape will be barely noticeable. It doesn’t stick so much and will not leave any damage to your walls.

Check out the different kinds of transparent tape.

3. Mounting Putty or Glue Dots

This is one of the best ways to hang up a poster, especially those that are lighter. This mounting putty lets you pinch off the size you need to stick on the wall for your posters. It’s soft, moldable, and can be rolled into a ball, if you need it to be a ball you can flatten it for the four corners of your poster as you hang it up. Because of its easily malleable texture and build, you can quickly remove anything that you put on it and it isn’t that difficult to remove from the wall either. It works great on surfaces like wood, tile, linoleum, cinderblock, brick, metal, plastic, and glass.

Check out the different types of adhesive mounting putty.

4. Command Strips

Command strips are adhesives specialized for hanging posters, frames and the like. They work really well on painted walls, painted or varnished wood, painted cinder block or concrete, tile, metal, glass, laminates, and other smooth solid surfaces, such as plastics, acrylic, PVC, and the like). They’re easy to stick and remove and are a great way to hang posters without damaging the paint. They are a bit like double-sided tape, but their purpose is solely for hanging posters and pictures up.

They have made different kinds of hanging strips to hold up everything from picture frames to wall art, canvas, posters, and more, but you can get started with this.

5. Tabs & Velcro Fasteners

Another method that is quickly becoming popular is by attaching your poster through tabs or velcro fasteners. These fasteners are attached to your wall and poster through a gentle kind of removable adhesive. You can then mount it on the wall by sticking the velcro together. They hold your items firmly without damaging the wall and you don’t need to worry about leaving holes or tacks that can damage your wall. They may cost more, but they are a good investment.

There are a number of velcro fasteners that vary in shape, size, the stickiness of adhesives, and more. Make sure to find one that has a gentle adhesive so that it won’t damage the surface of your wall, such as these thin clear fasteners.

6. Some Unique Ways

Got no time for a quick run to buy adhesives? Believe it or not, some people use toothpaste as a way to stick up posters on their well. Simple, plain old toothpaste (without mixing any whiteners or anti-adhesion chemicals) can serve as a sticky material to hanging up posters. You can put some droplets on all four corners of the poster and paste it on the designated space.

The use of some kinds of shampoo is another unique way to hang up posters, nevertheless, they can only be used for lighter posters and might not be able to handle staying up very long in some humid environments.

While hanging up your posters might seem tricky and a bit complicated, it doesn’t have to be so. You just need clean hands, a clean wall, and the right kinds of materials. Pretty soon, you’ll have your bedroom all nice and decorated or your store ready for the next sale.

How To Hang Posters Without Damaging Them

Paper Clips & Magnets: This is a great way of how to hang posters without damaging the poster or damaging the wall.  Place 4 large paperclips on the wall and tape them down with masking tape.  Place the corners of the posters over the paperclips and then place a small magnet on the front corner of each poster.  This keeps the wall from being damaged as well as the poster.

Use Magnets & Paper Clips

Use Magnets & Paper Clips

Command Strips: If you have an extra $5 or $10 to buy some Command Strips they work well and generally don’t damage your poster or wall.

Scotch Tape: Some of the best tape for posters is Scotch tape.  This is the old school way of how to hang posters that have been around for decades.  Just roll up a small one inch piece of scotch tape and stick to the corner and middle of your poster before putting it on the wall.  This works well if the wall has the right paint, but if it’s a textured surface you’ll have a hard time.  Also, overtime the tape tends to give way and your poster could drop to the floor and get creased so be careful with this technique.

Poster Putty: Using putty is in my opinion the best way to hang posters.  You can pick some up from your local Walmart and it usually only costs a couple bucks.  Just roll up a little ball of putty and place it on the four corners of your poster and press it to the wall.  This is one of my favorite ways to hand posters safely and for the long haul.

“Everybody had posters in their room; everybody had the four symbols of Zeppelin on the wall and all that.”   ~ Alec Baldwin

Velcro Poster Hanging Tips:

  • To remove the poster from the wall, slide it up and out away from the wall.  This way your Velcro poster wall hanger piece stays put.  If you want to trade out a poster, simple apply a new ‘coin’ to the new poster and put it in place of the old poster!
  • To remove the Velcro Poster Hanger from the wall with out leaving a residue,  slide the piece straight up. DonÂ’t pull OUT.

So simple!

How to Flatten Posters: They Need Some Time to Uncurl

When you order prints on signboards, you won’t have to flatten them out. However, it’s always a good idea to flatten out paper posters. It makes it much easier to hang and will look more professional without waiting. This is best if you are hanging your poster without a frame.

 Another tip to properly how to hang posters wit

Another tip to properly how to hang posters without frames is to clean the walls first

If there’s dust or debris on your walls, it will make it harder to gentle adhesives to stick. Make sure your walls are squeaky clean first. This will make it easier for you to put your poster up your posters and will also make it easier to take them off, allowing them to be reused more. Professional painters always clean the walls thoroughly before applying a fresh coat of paint. However, please note that if you have super fresh paint, make sure it’s totally dry. If it’s not, adhesives can leave marks on the paint.

When you use the following ideas of the best way to hang posters you won’t be sorry

There are products out there especially for helping you learn how to hang posters so there’s no damage. A mounting putty is an excellent option in comparison to tacks or nails. Putty allows you to pinch off the size you need and it great for lightweight posters that need to be removed easily.

Another one of the best ways of how to hang posters without frames is to use double-sided poster tape

You might not know there is a tape or two made precisely for hanging posters. This kind of tape has the right type of gentle adhesive that doesn’t hurt walls or posters if used correctly. With this kind of tape, there won’t be any gunk left on your poster or your walls. Quick tip: When you do remove your poster, do it slowly and peel from the edges. If you need to have a little extra umph if you concerned about an old or fragile poster you can use a hair dryer or heat gun to release any old adhesive. You might need to do this with posters where you used the wrong kind of tape.

When you know the best way to hang posters, you’ll never need to bust out the heat gun

But if your poster has been on the wall for too long, this can happen. So make sure to use the previous technique if you didn’t know how to hang up posters before.

 If you’re in a pinch, you can still us

If you’re in a pinch, you can still use this how to hang poster insider tip

Magic tape will do! If you need to hang up a poster fast before you have the right poster tape, Scotch magic tape isn’t as thick as regular clear tape. This is the kind of tape people often use when they’re using wrapping paper. Just make a look and connect both ends to have it sticky on both sides. You can find this kind of tape just about anywhere. And as an added bonus it’s mostly clear. So you could put it on the front side of the poster if you need to. It’s perfect for indoor business signs that are made of glass. It’s barely noticeable. But if you don’t want to use an adhesive, check out the next suggestion on how to hang posters without tape.

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