Can I Use 2 Different Brands Of RAM? (Explained)


Why Ought to You Purchase Your Whole RAM Capability in a Single Equipment?

Taking all of the aforementioned components into consideration, it’s simple to see why many advocate for buying equivalent RAM sticks in a single equipment, with a purpose to obtain optimum efficiency.

After all, that is simpler stated than completed, as there’ll come a time when it would be best to improve your system’s reminiscence, and that entails rising the RAM’s storage dimension or pace.

One of the best ways to keep away from these improve points is to plan out and buy your reminiscence relying on what works finest on your CPU mannequin and workloads.

Fortunately, there are some guidelines that can he

Fortuitously, there are some guidelines that may make it easier to verify what would be the optimum RAM specs on your CPU.

This manner, while you do improve, you possibly can merely purchase extra equivalent RAM sticks.


How To Test RAM on Linux?

Earlier than we clarify how and why even comparatively minor variations in RAM specs have an effect on efficiency and stability, we need to take a fast detour and clarify find out how to test RAM on Linux in order that you realize what {hardware} you’re working with.

To test the present RAM out there, you should utilize the “free” command with the “-h” possibility (to make the output extra consumer pleasant):

$ free -h whole        used        free       shared  buff/ cache   out there Mem:           7 ,8G        940M        5 ,2G         16M        1 ,7G        6 ,6G Swap:          2 ,0G          0B        2 ,0G

To search out out helpful details about your precise bodily RAM sticks, you should utilize the “dmidecode” command (be certain that to specify that you just’re solely in your reminiscence utilizing the “—sort reminiscence” flag). Right here’s a small portion of our output:

$ sudo dmidecode –type reminiscence

Deal with 0x0085, DMI sort 6 , 12 bytes Reminiscence Module Info Socket Designation: RAM socket #0 Financial institution Connections: None Present Velocity: Unknown Kind: EDO DIMM Put in Dimension: 8192 MB ( Single-bank Connection) Enabled Dimension: 8192 MB ( Single-bank Connection) Error Standing: OK

If getting into terminal instructions shouldn’t be your favourite exercise, then you possibly can set up a graphical system data device like CPU-X:

Instruments Required

We advocate the next applications to help in testing your reminiscence.

  • The most recent model of CPU-Z from
  • Memtest86 from Comply with the directions to make a boot Floppy or bootable CD (optionally available).

Mixing RAM capacities

What in case your PC has 8GB, comprised of a pair of 4GB chips? When you’ve got a pair of spare reminiscence slots, are you able to add two extra 8GB chips to get to 24GB?

Usually, this ought to be OK, topic to sticking to at least one model and spec. If sticking to at least one model isn’t doable – I’d counsel pulling the reminiscence that’s already there and including new reminiscence from scratch.

For instance, fairly than preserve the pair of 4GB sticks, I’d change them with a pair of 8GB and get my system as much as 16GB or 32GB that method.

It’s price noting, earlier than you improve that completely different Home windows 10 variations can use completely different quantities of reminiscence.

The 32-bit model of Home windows 10 can solely use 4GB of reminiscence.

With the assorted 64-bit variations

  • Home windows 10 House – 128 GB
  • Home windows 10 Professional – 2TB
  • Home windows 10 Professional for Workstations – 6TB
  • Home windows 10 Enterprise – 6TB
  • Home windows 10 Schooling – 2TB

Frequent RAM Sizes

If I bear in mind appropriately the unique SIMMs got here in 256KB, 512KB and 1MB packages and price a small fortune. Within the days of Home windows 95 a pc would generally have a number of 4MB or 8MB reminiscence modules. By the point Home windows 98 got here out these had turn out to be 16MB or 32MB modules to make up round 64MB in system. For Home windows XP computer systems 128MB is a workable minimal relying on what purposes you need to run, modules are usually 128MB, 256MB or 512MB. Presently techniques routinely ship with 512MB sticks and 1GB sticks have gotten extra widespread.

RAM module sizes at all times double: 4MB, 8MB, 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, and so on. (since strictly talking 1GB = 1024MB) You wont discover any 96MB RAM modules for instance, however your system could have an “uncommon” quantity of whole RAM for a few causes

  • The system accommodates completely different sized RAM modules.
  • For instance your system reveals 192MB of RAM. More than likely this was a system that began life with 64MB of SDRAM and was upgraded by including a 128MB module.
  • The system has onboard video.
  • When a system has onboard video the video ‘card’ is built-in into the motherboard, however no video reminiscence is offered, as a substitute the system reserves a part of the system RAM to behave as video reminiscence. How a lot reminiscence is reserved depends upon settings within the BIOS and is normally any commonplace dimension from 4MB to 64MB. The ‘whole’ quantity of RAM that Home windows sees is then the scale of the RAM module, much less the quantity reserved for video. This may end up in some very odd-looking quantities for whole system RAM. For instance a system’s whole RAM could also be reported as 352MB. This might be made up of 1 128MB module plus one 256MB module much less 32MB reserved for video.

RAM Dimension

RAM sticks are bought with 4 GB to 32 GB of reminiscence. You may freely combine RAM sizes, however there’s one motive why you shouldn’t: dual-channel reminiscence configuration.

You see, your CPU doesn’t talk together with your RAM sticks instantly. As a substitute, it passes data by means of the so-called reminiscence controller, which has two 64-bit (whole 128-bit) channels a minimum of on most motherboards.

In case you purchase a RAM equipment that consists of two equivalent RAM sticks, your pc will virtually definitely routinely default to a dual-channel configuration, primarily doubling the reminiscence bandwidth. In case you add a mismatched RAM stick, it’s going to run within the single-channel (asymmetric) mode, which gives single-channel bandwidth and makes use of the slowest supported reminiscence timing.

How Many Varieties of RAM?

Mainly, there are two varieties of RAM, however relying on the operate, there are completely different essential varieties of RAM (Random Entry Reminiscence), that are given beneath.

  • RD RAM
  • VRAM

Synchronous Dynamic RAM (SDRAM)

  • Time in market: 1993 to current
  • Widespread merchandise utilizing SDRAM: Laptop reminiscence, online game consoles

SDRAM is a classification of DRAM that operates in sync with the CPU clock, which implies that it waits for the clock sign earlier than responding to knowledge enter (e.g. consumer interface). Against this, DRAM is asynchronous, which suggests it responds instantly to knowledge enter. However the advantage of synchronous operation is {that a} CPU can course of overlapping directions in parallel, also called ‘pipelining’—the flexibility to obtain (learn) a brand new instruction earlier than the earlier instruction has been totally resolved (write).

Though pipelining doesn’t have an effect on the time it takes to course of directions, it does permit extra directions to be accomplished concurrently. Processing one learn and one write instruction per clock cycle ends in increased general CPU switch/efficiency charges. SDRAM helps pipelining as a result of method its reminiscence is split into separate banks, which is what led to its widespread choice over fundamental DRAM.

RAM Speeds

If you’re choosing your RAM, you’ll probably discover a big quantity adopted in MHz. This quantity, which represents the frequency of the RAM, is actually its pace. How does this RAM pace have an effect on your system? What does it do? We’ll speak about all these questions intimately right here, as the reply is pretty sophisticated.

First off, it’s essential perceive that figuring out the RAM’s precise pace takes some effort, because it depends upon numerous components alongside the aforementioned frequency. Though, that does have a major influence. You additionally want to think about the CAS latency and clock pace.

Nonetheless, most producers don’t have a tendency so as to add within the wonderful particulars of each RAM stick they supply, so that you received’t be capable of get the values for the final two. However, the frequency remains to be sufficient to offer you a tough thought of the pace.

Now, let’s get onto the large query. What does RAM pace do? Nicely, it helps your pc runs smoother general and advantages you largely while you’re multitasking. As an illustration, you will get a major efficiency enchancment should you do rendering or streaming with sooner RAM.

There isn’t a lot worth in increased RAM speeds for avid gamers, although. There’s not often any variations in efficiency with regards to videogames, because the CPU and GPU deal with many of the heavy duties.

Though, in case you are contemplating getting sooner pace for gaming, you then may discover slight enhancements within the extra fashionable video games. If it’s essential have a greater gaming expertise by upgrading RAM, we’d counsel upgrading the reminiscence capability fairly than the pace.

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Totally different Varieties of RAM in a Laptop

There are 2 varieties of RAM reminiscence, which can be DRAM and SRAM. If you purchase a RAM stick, it accommodates each SRAM and DRAM parts.

SRAM (Static-RAM)

To keep away from frequent recharging, Static RAMs don’t use capacitors. One capacitor and one transistor mixed can retailer 1 bit of information. However, as static RAM doesn’t use capacitors, they should use 4 transistors to retailer 1 bit of information. Subsequently, the transistors want extra bodily house on the RAM stick, which ends up in having much less cupboard space. 

DRAM (Dynamic-RAM)

Dynamic RAM makes use of transistors and Capacitors to retailer knowledge. There are tens of millions of transistors and capacitors in RAM. However, the capacitors can retailer knowledge just for a number of milliseconds. Subsequently, it must be recharged very incessantly.

Technology of Dynamic RAM:

The Previous Technology of Dynamic RAM was not in sync with the CPU, so that they had been referred to as Asynchronous DRAM. 

The subsequent era of RAM got here with an answer for that. The SDRAM is now in sync with the CPU clock. That is the kind of RAM used today. The Enter/Output Clock Frequency of the CPU is in sync with RAM inner clock Frequency.

Subsequent got here the SDR-SDRAM, which makes use of Single Knowledge Fee to switch knowledge. The SDR-SDRAM had two notches on the RAM Stick.

The most recent and present era of Synchronous DRAM are DDR-SDRAM (DDR-Double Knowledge Fee). The switch fee is doubled in DDR.

There are Totally different Generations in DDR-SDRAM like DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, and so forth. Which we’ll talk about later on this article.

Distinction Between DRAM Vs SRAM in Desk Type:

DRAM (Dynamic RAM)SRAM (Static RAM)
Every chip accommodates a number of transistors and capacitorsComprises solely transistors to retailer knowledge
SRAM wants an electrical present to keep up its electrical stateShops knowledge with none frequent recharging
Requires Frequent Refreshing. CPU can’t entry the info in it when it’s refreshed incessantlyDoesn’t require refreshing. Makes use of much less energy than DRAM
It’s cheaperCostly
Extra Storage however Slower than SRAMMuch less Storage however Sooner than DRAM
Distinction Between DRAM and SRAM in a Tabular Type

ECC Reminiscence: 

There may be one other sort of RAM, which is known as ECC (Error Connecting Code) Reminiscence.

You may need skilled system crashes previously. As a result of the RAM Stick we use is Non-ECC Reminiscence. As we’ve already mentioned, that the CPU collects knowledge from RAM, and RAM takes the info out of your secondary storage gadget. However, typically, we’d lose somewhat quantity of information in the course of the switch, which might lead our system to hold, freeze, or crash.

Nonetheless, knowledge loss shouldn’t be very important for residence customers. However, it’s important for on-line providers. ECC Reminiscence prevents your system from crashing unexpectedly. Subsequently, all these RAM are principally utilized in companies and on-line knowledge storage providers. 

As you will have seen within the above pics, the Commonplace RAM Stick has solely 8 chips on it. Whereas, the ECC RAM could have 9. 

It’s doable to put in ECC RAM in your pc, however they’re very costly. Additionally, you may want a motherboard that helps ECC RAM Sticks. Furthermore, the ECC RAM has to make additional calculations, so you will see a decline in efficiency as properly.

Laptop computer RAMs:

The RAM photos you noticed above are Desktop RAMs. Laptop computer RAMs are smaller in dimension however comprise the identical quantity of chips on them. RAM Producers have decreased its dimension to suit into laptops. Nonetheless, Laptop computer RAMs have fewer pins, which ends up in gradual switch charges in comparison with Desktop RAMs.

Gaming RAMs (RGB Varieties of RAMs):

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As of late, RGB RAMs are getting very talked-about. Gaming RAMs are just like the usual ones when it comes to efficiency. The Gaming/RGB RAM has lights on its case, which appears to be like interesting. It consumes extra energy and may even scale back the efficiency in uncommon circumstances.

RAM Generations

You may also classify several types of RAM based mostly on their Generations. As we proceed into the fashionable period, manufacturing corporations are attempting their finest to offer us a greater model of RAM with each era. There isn’t a doubt that the newest model is best than the earlier one. The brand new era RAMs should not solely higher in efficiency but additionally devour much less power.

The RAM Generations are named DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, and so forth. The specs are at all times talked about on the RAM Stick, as you possibly can see within the beneath photos. Generally the businesses don’t point out DDR sort on it. As a substitute, they write PC, PC2, PC3, and so on. PC3 signifies it’s DDR3 gen RAM.



The DDR RAM had giant chips on it on either side. DDR1-SDRAM is best than the SDR-SDRAM when it comes to pace and energy saving. 

  • The DDR1 RAM used 2.5 V.
  • The Most pace is 3200 MBPS


The subsequent era RAMs (DDR2) had smaller chips on either side of the stick.

  • The DDR3 RAM used 1.8 V.
  • The Switch pace is 3200 MBPS to 6400 MBPS
  • It has a 4-bit pre-fetch, whereas DDR1 had solely 2-bit.


DDR3 RAMs have even smaller chips on either side and had been a lot sooner than the earlier model.

  • The DDR3 RAM makes use of just one.5 V.
  • The Switch pace is 6400 MBPS to 17000 MBPS
  • It has an 8-bit pre-fetch


The chips had been additional shrunk in DDR4 and positioned solely on one facet of the RAM stick.

  • The DDR3 RAM makes use of just one.2 V.
  • The Bandwidth is 12800 to 25600 MBPS
  • The variety of bit pre-fetch is identical as DDR3 RAM, which is 8 bit. 


Lastly, the newly launched DDR5 RAM Sticks are the quickest and devour little or no energy.

Easy methods to Determine the Kind of RAM Technology:

You may also establish the RAM era by trying on the notches on the RAM Stick. The Beneath picture by reveals the distinction between DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4. 

You can see in the above picture, all types of RAM

You may see within the above image, all varieties of RAM have a notch, that matches into the motherboard. As several types of RAM has completely different notches, there are additionally several types of RAM Slots in your motherboard. You may place DDR3 RAM in DDR3 Slot solely.

Which means, you can not insert previous ram into a brand new PC, and vice versa. Subsequently, it’s essential purchase a brand new and suitable motherboard should you want to get the newest era RAM.

Easy methods to Test the Kind of RAM in your PC?

  1. Open Job Supervisor utilizing the search menu or by holding Alt+Ctrl+Del keys.
  2. Now, go to the reminiscence tab.
  3. It reveals the scale of RAM, sort, pace, utilization, and different particulars.
  4. Nonetheless, it doesn’t present the kind of RAM in some Home windows 10 computer systems. In such a case, it’s essential set up a Third-Celebration app referred to as CPU-Z.

RAM Manufacturing Manufacturers:

Though a number of manufacturers manufacture RAMs, right here is the record of few in style manufacturers.

  • Corsair
  • G-Ability
  • Kingston
  • Micron
  • Samsung
  • Essential
  • Patriot
  • Transcend
  • TeamGroup

Continuously Requested Questions:

RAM is Which Kind of Reminiscence? RAM is classed as Main Reminiscence aka Principal Reminiscence. Additionally Learn   GPU Vs CPU – What are the first variations between them? What’s the usage of RAM? CPU makes use of RAM to retailer the info briefly to execute applications sooner. Does including extra RAM make your pc sooner? Sure, however not utterly. You must add the RAM your system requires to run the precise purposes. In case your pc is working gradual, including RAM would improve the pace. However, in case your PC is already working all of the required purposes, then including extra RAM received’t make a major distinction. Can I exploit a pc with out RAM? No. RAM is the Main Reminiscence of the pc. Your CPU will begin beeping while you take away the RAM from the motherboard. It’s doable to run a PC with no Onerous Disk, however not with out RAM. Does the scale of RAM have an effect on the pace of the pc? Your CPU shops knowledge and knowledge on the RAM. So, in case you have extra RAM, then the CPU can retailer extra knowledge and begin purposes sooner. How a lot RAM do I actually need for Gaming? In 2021, you would want 8-16 Gigabytes of RAM to play AAA Title video games. Up to now, there aren’t any video games that demand greater than 16 GB. Which is most essential in Gaming, RAM or graphics card? Graphics Card is most essential for Gaming. Nonetheless, it’s essential have a minimum of 4 GB of DRAM as properly. Are you able to improve the RAM in your laptop computer? Normally, Sure. You must test the laptop computer {hardware} to see if there are additional RAM slots on the motherboard. Latest-day laptops have a minimum of two RAM slots, with one among them pre-occupied. If there’s an empty slot in your motherboard, then you possibly can add the RAM. Which one can pace up a laptop computer higher? RAM or SSD? Right here is an easy reply. SSD helps purposes to load sooner (should you put in the apps on SSD). Nonetheless, RAM means that you can run a number of purposes on the similar time with out slowing down the PC. If you wish to open a number of Chrome tabs or use a number of apps like phrase, picture viewer, media participant, and different apps, it’s essential improve the RAM.  What’s the distinction between DDR3 & DDR4 RAM? DDR4 is the brand new era of RAM, which is quicker and consumes much less energy. Can we use a pen drive as RAM? No. The RAM must be near the CPU and linked with a high-speed bus. Nonetheless, you should utilize a pen drive as Onerous Disk. Can RAM have an effect on FPS? If you’re getting lower than 20 FPS whereas Gaming, including extra RAM will certainly give higher FPS. Nonetheless, in case you are getting 60 FPS, then including extra received’t additional improve the FPS. Can RAM Bottleneck GPU? It depends upon whether or not you will have Built-in Graphics or Devoted Graphics. If you’re speaking a couple of built-in GPU, then Sure. As a result of the built-in GPU makes use of system RAM and devoted Graphics Card makes use of its personal RAM.  What Kind of RAM is suitable together with your PC or Motherboard? For that, it’s essential test which RAM slots your motherboard has. (Like DDR3, DDR4, and so on.). You may look into the motherboard specs on the field, or test it on-line. It’s onerous to establish which RAM sort your motherboard helps by trying on the {hardware}. Which RAM sort is finest? Dynamic RAMs are finest in comparison with SRAM. Additionally, The most recent Technology RAM is at all times higher than the previous era. Which RAM is quickest? The DDR fifth Technology RAM is the quickest for now. Nonetheless, the subsequent era’s RAMs shall be even sooner.

Continuously Requested Questions

  • Is there a finest sort of RAM? There isn't, as a result of completely different sorts of RAM typically have very completely different purposes. However for a house computing consumer, immediately the best choice by far is DDR4.
  • What's quickest: DDR2. DDR3. or DDR4? Every era of RAM improves on the earlier one, bringing sooner speeds and extra bandwidth to the desk. The quickest RAM within the context of residence computing is well DDR4.