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Why you should stop using your default email signature from your smartphone

You might be among those many people who use “ sent from my mobile device, ” which is a standard for people with portable devices. The iconic “sent from my iPhone” has generated a lot of “sent from my iPhone” alternatives . There are device specific sign-offs or system-specific ones: Sent from my Android phone Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone Sent from Samsung Mobile Sent from my BlackBerry (remember those?) Sent from my Windows Phone and so on. Regardless of the type of your phone, the general formula is: Sent + from + (my) + [device name / OS] Creative variations of the “ sent from my iPhone ” signature include mentions of the following communication (and not only) means — rotary phone, Commodore 64, carrier pigeon, typewriter, Atari, steam-powered digital telegraph, toaster, Skynet, a galaxy far far away, and many others. People use these types of signatures mostly as an excuse for making typos and writing rather brief messages. You should keep in mind that they no longer validate your lack of attention or bad use of auto-correction. Here are the three main reasons why: 1. No one cares which phone you use Initially, the iPhone signature was meant to tell the world that you have an iPhone. On the one hand, it was a smart campaign from Apple (which other companies picked up). On the other hand, it was a message on its own, a declaration of the status. With a variety of devices these days, you won’t surprise anyone by telling that you have one of those. 2. “Sent from my mobile device” is no excuse for your mistakes It can be harder to avoid mistakes when writing from a phone versus from desktop. A smaller screen, a not very convenient keyboard, and an auto-correction tool with a mind of its own all contribute to this. Still, there is no need to mention this in your mobile signature . It’s always better to make sure your message is actually error-free. 3. It is not appropriate for business emails A standard mobile sig (funny or not) is not really appropriate for business communication. It won’t help you appear professional, improve your relationship, or do good to your brand. It is merely a signoff that you can use for fun with your friends and personal contacts.

Professional email signature format

  • Include your phone number in your signature.
  • Yes, include your email address in your signature. Often, in a forwarded message, a second recipient will only see your name, not your email address, in the To: or Cc: lines.
  • Include any other information relevant to your readers, such as your company website and time zone.
  • If you receive an email on your mobile device that requires immediate response and length, reply with a quick summary and tell your reader you will respond fully when you are back at your office. 
  • When you are faced with the speed vs. accuracy dilemma when mobile, always lean to accuracy. 

Ideas for Cell Phone Signatures

Your cell phone signature can be as creative as you want it to be, in spite of the character limit.

Many themes are available for your signature. You can use signatures related to your favorite movies, books or songs. Or you can use signatures to show your allegiance to a sports team.

These signatures can be as expressive or as personal as you want them to be.

Some of the themes that people choose to use when creating a signature include:

  • Sports
  • Songs
  • Movies
  • Books
  • Love interests
  • Hobbies such as cooking, drawing, etc.
  • Famous quotes
  • Pop culture
  • Automobiles
  • Favorite pet
  • Your own name

Your cell phone signature can be anything you can think of, so don’t worry if it seems that you can’t come up with a great signature. If you love trees, then your cell phone signature can be something along the lines of “GR33NTHUMB” or “treehugger”.

If you love animals, then something like “I<3puppies” or “funky munky” might be suitable. You can even come up with random signatures like “spazy pop” or “yupp3rz” if you want to be a bit spontaneous.

Best mobile email signature ideas

The best mobile email signatures are actually the simplest ones. All you truly need is: your name, title, company name together with the website URL, your phone number. You can also add an HTML banner and an image, such as company logo or your professional photo. If you are looking for some mobile email signature ideas , check out the ones below.