Clever Wording Ideas to Ask for No Gifts on Birthday Invitations


A Few Tips to Make Your Kid’s “No Gift” Party a Success

1. You let go of the idea that this will universally work. 2. Don’t make a big deal of the gifts that Buster receives. 3. Don’t do the goodie bag. 4. If someone asks or presses, push the experience gift. 5. Start now.6. Have a fun party!


A few tips on throwing gift-free parties

In the end, we’d just like to share a few tips on throwing a gift-free party.

  • The ideal scenario is that everyone listens to your suggestion and you actually have a gift-free party. However, the social norm to give gifts is very strong, so some guests might still bring presents. In this case, you should politely thank the guest for the present and put them away in another room or a closet. Get them away from other guests who respected your wishes for no gifts. You don’t want to make an awkward situation of having a pile of gifts in front of everyone when you explicitly said no gifts.
  • Don’t make the big deal about the presents. Instead, encourage everyone to enjoy the time spent together and having fun at the party.
  • No gifts also means no gift-opening ceremony. Don’t open the presents you received because you’ll just make the guests that didn’t bring a gift feel bad. Stick to your guns and leave the gifts in the other room. Also, kids don’t hide their excitement/disappointment about certain gifts which usually leads to offending the gift-givers. It’s best to let this tradition fade away and leave gift-opening for later.
  • Naturally, you shouldn’t give out goodie bags. You wanted to fight receiving too much stuff, right? Then you shouldn’t give excessive stuff either. If you asked your guest to skip giving gifts, you need to follow that rule too. Otherwise, your guests will feel weird to attend a party with no gift, enjoy your food and drinks then leave with a return gift. Party favors would just make everyone feel uncomfortable.
  • The sooner you start with “no gifts” policy, the easier it will be for your family and friends to adjust. Your kids will learn about gratitude when they receive 2-3 gifts instead of 20+ gifts they usually get.
  • Throw one fun party! Shift the focus from gifts entirely. Fill the time with interesting activities, choose uplifting music, and prepare tasty food. Experiences are remembered for much longer than received presents.

6. Ask if pass would be acceptable

If you know many of the attendees or just have a bunch of extra money sitting around, see about getting a science museum, children’s museum, zoo, or something similar pass. It would be a way to contribute to something the memory-making the family would already do and won’t contribute to the mess.

2. Consider bringing a fruit veggie tray or Drinks

Call up the parents and see if you can bring some sort of food platter for the party. This means you are contributing and helping offset the costs of the party in general and a way you can help without directly getting the child anything.

This can be like the food platter idea or it can mean bringing a cooler of adult beverages if the host(ess) agrees it’s a great idea. Maybe even buy a bottle of wine for the parents. Especially if it’s a first birthday, make it a little celebration of making it through the year.

Other Kids Birthday Party Invitation Wording Guidelines

Kids birthday party invitations should be fun and make the invited guest excited to celebrate. For that reason, try to keep the wording upbeat. This can be done by including fun birthday quotes and messages, or by including wording related to the party’s theme. Check out our resources for birthday party themes for girls and birthday party themes for boys to pick the perfect theme to highlight on your invitations.

Charity donations as gifts

It’s becoming very popular to donate to charity in someone’s name as a gift. The act is selfless and generous but you should be careful. With inadequate wording, you could sound self-righteous and not grateful for someone’s gifts.

To avoid this, feel free to explain the reasons why your guest should give charity donations instead of gifts. You could explain how you’ve (or the birthday boy/girl) recently found a cause to support. If you feel the passion to change the world, don’t hesitate to share it and inspire others.

You can put the suggestion of charity donation on invitations next to “no gifts” wording. Add a simple statement that your family recently started volunteering at the local animal shelter (zoo, soup kitchen, etc.) and leave a link to the charity. You don’t even have to ask for monetary contributions. Instead, ask for help with volunteer work as a gift.

First Birthday Invitation For Boys


A simple way to decide on a birthday invite for boys would be to base it on your birthday theme if you have one. Else, you can choose a design based on your boy’s interests. Here are some birthday invites for boys:

16. Big ONE invite:


You can have the ‘Big one’ as the background design for the invite.


Come have a ball our little man is hitting the big ONE

Come celebrate, “Baby’s name” first birthday

“Time & date”


“RSVP contact number/email”

17. Superhero invite:

You can have little superheroes as your watermarks and have the wordings on top of it.


Our little superhero is turning ONE,

Please do come and be part of the Baby’s name” birthday celebrations.

“Time & date”


“RSVP contact number/email”

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18. ‘Who turned one’ invite:


Customize the invite with your baby’s picture in the background and the following wordings embossed on it.

Look who’s turning one?

It’s “Baby’s name”

Join us to celebrate on Date and time”


“RSVP contact number/email”

19. Wild invite:


You can have some wild animals to show your excitement.

We are going WILD with excitement!

“Baby’s name” is turning one!

Please join us to celebrate!

“Date and time”

20. Cake invite:


The best thing about a birthday is the cake. Make a mention of that in your invite.

A little cake, a lot of fun, our sweet

“Baby’s name” is turning ONE

“Date & time”


“RSVP contact number/email”

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Sample Wording for Birthday Invitations

The following selection of birthday party wording examples will inspire you to make your invitations.

Wording for the Best Birthday Invitation

Friends! In case you don’t remember, my 30th birthday is coming. Let’s go to the numbers:

  • 30 years celebrating my birthday
  • Three decades of wisdom translated into memories and experiences
  • 360 months of happiness and opportunities to meet new people
  • 1564 weeks of love and affection
  • 15778800 minutes of madness
  • Countless friends and unrepeatable moments

I felt very young until mathematics ruined my sense of reality. In spite of all the time I have been flying, and I would like to celebrate this year more of life with the company of you, the people I love most.

The party is going to be held in a bar (I leave the location below) and will start at about 10 am. I will arrive at about 9:00 to check that everything is in order and that we are not going to missing tables.

I know that many people worry about finding me a good gift, I help them: all I ask is that they come with the attitude of having a good time. If you have any questions, you can contact me. I hope to see you soon! Thank you for being part of my life for another year!

Funny Birthday Invitation Wording

I never thought that the years would pass so fast and weigh so little! I am about to celebrate my 30th birthday, and in all these years, I have lived through everything: joys, sadness, love, heartbreak, stress, etc. All these experiences that marked my life are not as meaningful. As the people who have come to stay with me.

Of all the things that I have learned, I realize that the most valuable are friends and have a good time, so we have to celebrate that I have one more year of wisdom to share with you. In exchange for your company, I promise you good food, excellent company, and a little drink. As they say that genres are broken in tastes, and I do not want to impose mine, I suggest you bring your drink. Remember that the intention is to have a good time, and we cannot ruin it for something as simple as a drink!

The details: the party is going to be at my house and can arrive after eight. Before you ask me, yes, you can park on the street. If you don’t know where I live, I’m sorry, the invitation is not for you. Quiet: you can mark me, and I guide you.

Last rule: prohibited from talking about stress, work, or depressing things. It’s my party of 30! Enough depression!

I hope to see you soon!

Formal Birthday Invitation Wording

I thank life for allowing me to have another year of life, surrounded by the love of my family and my friends. I could not be more grateful to all the people who have been part of my life and have taught me something new month after month.

Today I am celebrating another year of life full of good memories and moments that I am sure I will never forget. Although you never know what the future holds, I am happy to share it with you.

On the occasion of my birthday, I want to start creating new memories with the people that mean so much to me. For this reason, I want to extend an invitation to attend a simple celebration in which only my family and my closest friends will be.

The meeting will take place at my house after eight at night. Although we will have drinks, feel confident to bring your favorite beverage. If you have any questions about the location of the place, you can contact me on my cell phone number or through an email.

I hope to see you soon!

Birthday Invitation Wording for Kids

Thanks to the care of my parents and the love of the people around me, I will be five years old, and, as you are an essential part of our lives, we want you to join us to celebrate it. That’s why we invite you to my birthday party to be held on the last Sunday of this month!

The theme of my party is going to be superheroes, so if you want, you can come in disguise. We inform the mothers of my friends that we will have many games to have fun and lots of food and cake.

As it is a children’s party, we want moms to know that children wish to comfortable clothes that we can play with and shoes that don’t hurt us. I hope everyone can come to accompany me on this special day for my family and me.

My party will start at four in the afternoon, but if you want to arrive a little earlier, the room will be open at 3:30. If you have trouble finding the place, you can call my parents.

Here is some wording for birthday invitations to adapt to various party themes:

Generic birthday party invitation: You are invited! Join us to help us celebrate (event).

Halloween birthday party invitation: come and join us if you dare. You are invited to a Halloween scare!

Invitation to retirement party: we invite you to join the [Name] retirement celebration after [number] years!

Invitation to the housewarming birthday party: the landscape has changed, and the address is new, but our door is always open for family and friends like you. Stop by and visit our new home!

Invitation to the corporate birthday party: to express our sincere thanks for everything you do, we cordially invite you to a dinner of thanks to customers. Join us for dinner and drink in [place].

Invitation to a cute birthday party: meet, greet, and eat with neighbors at our first annual summer street party.

Invitation to the summer birthday party: come dressed as a Hawaiian. The theme is established. We are organizing a Hawaiian party that you will never forget.

Best Birthday party invitation: we are blowing up the balloons and preparing the cake! We make a great birthday party and hope you can come!

Baby shower birthday invitation: expect a baby, a new and great joy. An extraordinary gift, whether it is a girl or a boy!

Invitation to Valentine’s birthday party: you and your Valentine’s partner are invited to Valentine’s dinner.

Farewell party invitation: [Name of the honoree] is leaving for a new adventure. Come and wish [him/her] the best while [he/she] embarks on your journey.

Pool birthday party invitation: the sun warms up, but the water is cold. Join us for a summer party by the pool.

Invitation to 1920’s birthday party: [Name of the honoree] turns 30! Let’s help him say goodbye to his roaring 20. We must come in disguise!

Graduation birthday party invitation: graduation class of [year]. Come and celebrate with us at a graduation dinner for [Name of the honoree].

Bridal shower birthday invitation: let’s express our best wishes and give love to the bride! We are organizing a bachelorette party for [Name of the honoree].

Bachelor birthday party invitation: [Name of honoree] marries! Join us on the last night of fun.

Invitation to the vintage tea birthday party: we cordially invite you to attend a tea with a snack for ladies. We encourage you to wear hats and pearls for tea.

Garden birthday party invitation: the table is set, and the garden is ready! Join us at our first annual garden party.

Christmas birthday party invitation: Christmas is celebrated once a year; Let’s get together to enjoy some Christmas joy! You and a companion are cordially invited to our annual Christmas party.

Invitation to a jewelry birthday party: all girls need some shine! Join us for a cocktail and relax on our girl’s night organized by [host name].

Video game birthday party invitation: let’s play! It’s time to have fun until the next level on [honoree’s Name] birthday.