DIY Smartphone Car Mount


Dashboard, Vent, or Windshield Attachment?

First, you need to choose between the two basic types of car phone mounts: mounts that attach to your air conditioner vent and mounts that attach to your dashboard or windshield.

If you have a standard air conditioner vent, plenty of excellent options exist. They’re usually not compatible with circular or small vents, however.

Dash and windshield mounts are more versatile and are typically a better choice for most people. Some attach via a suction base. Others use automotive-grade adhesive that shouldn’t damage your car; you can’t easily move these mounts once you place them, but the adhesive does break down over time. If you plan to use this mount in multiple cars or simply don’t want to clean gummy residue when you eventually remove it, choose one that uses a suction mount.


The Final Final Product:


The genius of this design is that it provides a double clip, one side to attach to the car (fits onto vent louvers) and the other side holds phone securely in landscape orientation.


I have tested this in several rental cars, my own Mazda 3, and with a variety of different phones (my Droid X shown, also tried with EVO 4G, Droid 1/2, iPhone 4). The clip will generally hold a big phone like the X or an EVO in either landscape or portrait orientation with or without a case. Smaller slicker phones like the iPhone 4 will work but hold better with a case. Orientation is dictated more by the car's vents (or other securing point) but in the case of the Droid X, the side mounted power cord makes landscape the better way to attach anyway. iPhone 4 suffers disadvantage in that portrait mode is less secure and the power cord pulling down makes slipping out more likely. A rubberized case helps with grip.

Step 2: Wrap the Wire for Protection

To protect my phone from scratching and provide some friction to hold phone in place, I tie off black thread on one side and wrapped around the bent wire until it provides a tight covering.


A few more times around both sides of the wire helps hold the whole thing together. Then reassemble the binder clip with the round ends bending in toward each other, wrap remaining exposed wire with duct tape (I found that I could put a width of duct tape into the "mouth" of the clip and then pull it over the exposed wire, clipping the tape to fit I then wrapped the excess around the back of the wire holding the thread in place and providing a clean, all-black exterior).


Step 1: Ingredients

I don’t have exact measurements for the parts that I used, I’m sorry! Good news is, I got everything at Home Depot in one isle. Even the magnets. “Grocery List” – 1 Corner Bracket – 2 bolt (with nuts) that fit through the corner bracket – 1 magnet with hole that allows the bolt to pass through – 1 washer that does NOT let the head of the bolt pass through – 1 washer that DOES let the head of the bolt pass through – 1 tube of quick setting epoxy (I got 3200 psi) – 1 smartphone of your choice – 1 cheap plastic case for your phone Tools – look at the pic lazy

Soup Up Your Car With Tech

Phone mounts are just the beginning. Adding the right technology to an older vehicle can make it feel brand new. Upgrade your old car with our favorite high-tech accessories for a dramatically different ride.

Step 4: Replicate, Mount Enjoy!

Make a couple more for everyone in your family – they all work! After all, they do have to deal with a stupid metal dongle sticking out of the dash lol. I didn’t include the mounting process because we all have different cars! For those interested: I peeled off a couple parts from the console, just drilled a hole and bolted the thing on. I had to shave away some plastic on the inside that was getting in the way, but it all turned out great.  Email me with any questions: For those wondering: I’m an app developer… that’s how i got iOS7.Download my newest game Squares in Space and pleeaseeeee leave a review! iOS – Android – Video: