Do batteries last longer if you keep them in the fridge?


Issues with rechargeable batteries

Producers now declare that you simply’ll get a whole bunch of recharges from their batteries. The longest declare I’ve come throughout is the five-year lifetime assure or 300 recharges (whichever comes sooner) for Duracell’s Recharge Extremely batteries.

However even with so many potential repeat makes use of, greater than 4 in 10 of the Which? members we requested had issues with theirs prior to now 12 months alone.

Older batteries lasting much less time between prices than newer ones, difficulties in charging them and batteries not lasting so long as anticipated on one use have been among the many most typical issues.

So when you’re seeking to purchase new batteries. what should you look for? Our exams have discovered that the perfect rechargeables strike a stability between lengthy battery life on a single cost and fairly quick recharging. Plus, they don’t leak away cost when not in use.

Oh and that tip about sticking the batteries within the fridge? Our sister publication within the US, Client Experiences, has tried this with disposables however sadly discovered it made minimal distinction to battery life.


When your room’s temperature is not “room temperature”

Whereas refrigeration is a no-no, temperature nonetheless has a big effect on a battery’s shelf life. 

When battery makers suggest “room temperature,” they often imply between 68-78°F. Relying in your location, although, your home might get lots hotter than that.  And the warmer it will get, the quicker your batteries lose their cost. Saved in a scorching storage or closet, these batteries may drain themselves out two- to four-times quicker.   

Lithium likes it cool

Nevertheless, analysis into lithium ion batteries (launched within the Nineteen Nineties and quickly changing Alkaline in lots of functions) discovered that they, like Zinc-carbon, did additionally profit from chilly storage. Their self-discharge could possibly be lowered from 4% per thirty days to 2% per thirty days if saved near 32°F (0°C).

What number of batteries are wanted to run a 12V fridge/freezer?

You need to use 1 computer 12V 100Ah AGM battery, or 2 pcs 50Ah batteries to run your 12V fridge for roughly 20-40 hours relying in your fridge’s precise energy consumption.

When you want your fridge to run for say 10 hours, you need to use a smaller dimension battery.

1 computer 12V 50Ah AGM battery can energy your 12V fridge for about 10 – 20 hours.

Along with the precise energy consumption, the variety of batteries it is advisable to energy your fridge depends upon how lengthy you intend to run your fridge every day.

For instance, you possibly can double your fridge’s run-time to about 40-80 hours, by connecting it to 2 pcs of 100Ah battery in parallel or 4 items of 50Ah battery AGM battery.

Word: The above runtime estimates assumea fridge or freezer with day by day consumption of lower than 1kWh (<90W)

Electrical setup for powering a 12V fridge on batteries

The battery is barely a part of {the electrical} setup it is advisable to run your 12V fridge reliably.

To supply your fridge/freezer with electrical energy you need to use the automobile’s electrical system, a photo voltaic system, or grid energy (Sure, some fridges might be powered by each 12V and 110V!)

Utilizing your automobile’s electrical system

You may energy small 12V fridges (65 -90W) utilizing the automobile’s electrical system by plugging them into the cigarette lighter.

Beware although that the fridge can drain your automobile’s battery.

To forestall your battery from operating flat, hold your automobile’s engine is operating when the fridge is plugged in.

Word: Some moveable fridges/freezers have a low voltage disconnect or battery saver system that switches of the battery when its voltage is getting dangerously low to stop your automobile’s battery from being drained flat.

Be certain that this function is activated.

Photo voltaic system

An instance of a photo voltaic system set as much as energy your 12V fridge with consumption of below 1kWh per day and powers your fridge for about 10 hours

  • 50Ah AGM battery
  • 100W photo voltaic panel
  • 20-30A cost controller

or a 105W photo voltaic panel solely in case the fridge/freezer has a 50Ah AGM or 15Ah Lithium inbuilt battery

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Deep-Cycle vs Starter Batteries and Your Automobile Fridge

Just about all vehicles have a “starter” or “cranking” battery. That is the one which delivers the ability to show your engine over till it fires up. On these chilly mornings when your engine received’t begin and also you hear that “RehRehRehRehReh” whilst you sit there saying “C’mon! C’mon! C’mon! Begin damn-it”. That’s all on battery energy. Do it too lengthy and fairly rapidly your cranking battery runs out. Beginning your automobile requires a burst of 100 to 200 amps. And 300 amps isn’t remarkable. Your cranking battery is designed to ship it for a brief time frame.

Which is why operating your automobile fridge off your cranking battery isn’t the perfect concept. The identical applies for something that you simply use for a very long time whereas your automobile isn’t operating (camp lights for instance). When you over-discharge your cranking battery quite a lot of time then it quickly stops with the ability to maintain a cost in any respect. Cranking batteries can’t be discharged greater than about 25% earlier than their lifespan is depleted.

Your typical deep cycle battery, nevertheless, is designed to retailer vitality and ship it at decrease amperages for longer intervals of time. Most might be discharged to 50% of their capability earlier than their life is compromised. And a number of the finest ADM or Lead Acid batteries might be run right down to 75% of their most cost with out harm. So these are the fellows you need to be utilizing to energy your automobile fridges, camp lights and so on. You may consider deep cycle batteries as marathon runners, and cranking batteries as sprinters.

What to, and what to not, chill

So right here’s the definitive information:

  • If the battery is zinc-carbon (together with zinc-chloride) or lithium primarily based, its self discharge price might be lowered if stored refrigerated.
  • Your fridge must be a dry setting (some older fridges might be damp), or the battery casing or terminals might rust inflicting poisonous leaks that you simply actually don’t need close to your meals.
  • Don’t use a battery straight from the fridge, permit it to heat up step by step to room temperature (a couple of hours is required for a unit to heat proper by).
  • Don’t attempt to speed up this warming course of (say by placing it beside a sunny window), as this can trigger the outer elements of the battery to turn out to be too scorching and extreme warmth accelerates self-discharge.
  • Whereas the battery is warming up, hold it in a properly ventilated space to keep away from condensation which may trigger shorts or rusting.
  • For on a regular basis utilization, don’t get too hung up on it. The advantages are very small until you might be speaking about industrial storage to increase shelf life.