Dozens of unreleased and recent release movie screeners leak online


screenagers next chapter uncovering skills for stress resilience

High Stress, anxiety and depression are experienced by millions of young people. We follow physician and filmmaker, Delaney Ruston, as she discovers solutions for improved adolescent well-being in the digital age. (runtime about 63-minutes)


Sony’s New Movies Leak Online Following Hack Attack – Variety…

Nov 30, 2014 · At least five new movies from Sony Pictures are being devoured on copyright-infringing file-sharing hubs online in the wake of the hack attack that hobbled the studio earlier in the week. Copies of…


Oscar Screeners Leak Online, Pirates Saved a Trip to the

Jan 02, 2008 · Oscar Screeners Leak Online, Pirates Saved a Trip to the Movie Theater. Atonement ’s Keira Knightley, devastated over. having been leaked online. Courtesy of Focus Features. If by some crazy …


 																								Everett Collection
Everett Collection

No offense to Maggie G, but The Kindergarten Teacher is a Netflix movie: if I’m going to watch it, I’ll watch it on Netflix. You know, without the repeated reminders that they’ll sue everyone I love if it ends up on the internet.

I still don’t understand why Netflix mails DVDs. I know not everyone has Netflix… but come on, everyone has Netflix. If I felt more nostalgic for 2012 I would mail it back and ask them to send me the next one in my queue.

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High Ratio of Market Value of Investments

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