8. After-sale Service

With the steps above, Ebony Hair Firm hope this post is helpful and you may have some ideas of how to start selling virgin hair now. If you are going to sell virgin hair, or you are already in hair business, or you are just an individual wanting to buy virgin hair, please do not hesitate to contact us to know more about us and our hair, we would like to provide our best hair and service to meet your requirements. Contact us now!!!

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Increasing the Value of Your Hair

Regardless of whether or not you have virgin hair, there are things you can do to drive up the price of your locks. Follow these tips to increase the value of your hair.

Build a Haircare Routine

The hair care routine you put your locks through on a regular basis is important when it comes to determining the price that potential buyers would pay.

  • Get regular trims for split ends and use moisturizing hair products to improve shine.
  • Consider quitting smoking. If you are a smoker or have taken drugs, these elements will linger in your hair, lowering the value of it.
  • Some diets are prone to making hair slightly thinner and more brittle. Make sure to eat lots of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and other hair-boosting nutrients in order to improve the shine and strength of your locks.
  • Add regular exercise to your routine.
  • Cut down on the frequency that you wash your hair. Sticking to washing it only once or twice a week will help your hair maintain its natural oils and grow stronger.

Take Good Photos

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a single image of your hair will suffice for finding a buyer. We suggest taking multiple photos (and from various angles) to help make your hair really pop.

Hair can appear to be different shades depending on how the light hits it, so it’s important that you give potential buyers a fair representation. You should also make sure to snap at least one picture from a distance that clearly shows the entire length of your hair from root to tip.

Have fun with it, too – style and arrange your hair in different ways to give a full showcase of its volume and thickness.

You shouldn’t rely on these images to do the selling for you, either. Supplement the pictures of your flowing mane with a detailed description of your hair, including all the treatments that it has (or hasn’t) been exposed to.

Sell my hair online: start Marketing

Market your new product online. Firstly, we recomm

Market your new product online. Firstly, we recommend you try buyandsellhair.com, a classified ad site for buyers and sellers of human hair worldwide. To advertise is quite cheap, only $14.50 for three months, and all transactions are managed through PayPal. They take no commission on completed sales and everything you make will be yours, so it is worth trying out.

Otherwise, hop on Gumtree and you’ll find lots of ads from wigmakers willing to pay your asking price for your hair.  If you’re going to post an ad on advertising your hair you’ll need to include:

  • Clear, accurate pictures (mostly of length)
  • Include a description of hair length, colour, quality, ethnic type of hair
  • Contact details.

Keep it simple; there are already wigmakers advertising for hair on Gumtree, so you don’t need to waste too much time on writing your own ones. Responding to ads can be just as effective.

Remember – wigmakers aren’t the only ones looking for hair.  Market yourself in places that others haven’t yet thought of like hairstylists who work with extensions. Hair colleges will also need human hair supplies and even high quality paint brushes are made with human hair.

Look up your local hair colleges.  Make some calls and find out what they’re willing to pay for your hair. Remember that your advert details apply here too.  You might also be thinking:  can I sell my hair at a hair salon? So it may be worth trying them as well. Keep in mind that people will want to know the condition, length, colour, quality, and ethnic type of your hair before they buy. That may take some time to research but the pay-off could be big.


Tips for Selling Your Hair Locally

This is a little bit more time-consuming and requires a bit leg work but it’s doable. You need to find people in your local area who buy hair or pay for your hair either cut or attached to your head. For example, many hair salons have their own hairstyle models. You could become one.

Usually, you are paid a small payment as well as a free hair cut. Simply check with your local hair salons to see if any of them is looking for a hairstyle model. You can also check the newspaper ads, Craigslist and Yellow pages listing for that.

Now, if you are not in it for the money or perhaps can’t find anyone to sell your hair to, you can donate your hair to a cancer or children organizations such as LocksOfLove that makes wigs for cancer patients.

You don’t get any money out of this deal, but you make a cancer patient’s life a little happier along with your own life.


It’ll be easier to sell your hair if you provide good photos and clear descriptions.

Here are a few suggestions as to what details to include:

  • The length of hair you are selling
  • The colour of your hair
  • The texture of your hair, whether it is thick, curly, straight, etc.
  • How often you wash and style your hair
  • What you generally use to style your hair, such as styling products, blow dryers, or curling irons
  • Whether you smoke or drink alcohol
  • How healthy your diet is
  • Don’t be afraid to promote your hair for how good it is, you need to make people want to buy your hair, but be honest.

How do I order samples?

We do charge for samples. Usually, we charge the retail price for a 100 gm ponytail or double-drawn strand when clients order samples. However, we can send out very small amounts of hair as samples for the cost of shipping + $75. Send us a request for the kind of hair that you would like and we will send out some samples asap.

Get to Know the Vendor

What to Know Before Buying from Wholesale Hair Ven

What to Know Before Buying from Wholesale Hair Vendors?

Customer service is crucial. Contact your potential wholesale hair vendors and take note of how fast they respond, if they provide all of the information requested, and if they are professional when speaking with you. Good communication and good customer service are essential when working with potential hair vendors.

Also, before purchasing samples, try looking into YouTube reviews. This will allow you to watch unbiased reviews from real people not affiliated with your potential vendor. Note that the videos shouldn’t be sponsored, sponsored videos are generally a bit biased.

Another thing you can do is look up reviews with photos attached. This will help you see how the hair looks on different face shapes and skin tones.

Cheap isn’t always better. When prices are too good to be true, it is too good to be true. To receive quality products to sell you must be ready to purchase quality products.

What Questions Do You Ask Your Vendor When You Are Ready to Purchase Hair?

We get it, sometimes you can go blank when speakin

We get it, sometimes you can go blank when speaking with a potential hair vendor. Here is a list of essential questions when talking to your potential vendors.

  1. How long has their company been in business? Longevity speaks volumes.

  2. Do you offer wholesale discounts? You will have to see how much they’re selling the bundles to you and if you will make a decent profit.

  3. What are your preferred payment methods? Make sure they use reputable payment businesses, in case there are any issues.

  4. What sets you apart from other virgin hair vendors? This will allow them to speak of their assets as a company.

  5. Are you available for a Skype or video tour of the facility and products? You may find a vendor in another country and flying across the country is not in your budget. Video calling is the next best option.

  6. Are your hair cuticles aligned? This allows for a seamless flow of hair.

  7. Is your virgin hair processed in any way? If yes, then the hair is not virgin hair.

  8. What is the origin of the hair? This will allow you to know where your hair donors are from.

  9. How do you measure the length of your hair? This will help you figure out if it’s the true length or if it’s not when offering lengths to your clients.

  10. What is the lifespan of your hair when taken care of properly? This will give you an estimate of how long the hair can last.

  11. Do you offer maintenance guidelines for the hair? This will help you give your customers instructions for maintenance and care.

  12. Do you offer returns, if so, what is the policy? If you do receive a bad batch of hair or have any issues you do not want to lose out on money due to them not allowing returns or exchanges.

  13. Is your pricelist changed a lot? There is nothing worse than a constant price increase.

  14. Do you have a restocking fee? This is something you may have to budget for.

  15. If there is a complaint, how are they handled? This will help you to come up with your policies.

  16. Do you offer samples? Before purchasing a large batch, order samples.

  17. Do you have export and import fees? If so, do I pay them or do you pay them?

  18. Is the shipment insured? Things happen and packages get lost, stolen, or damaged in transit. Having your shipment insured is a must and figuring out the fees is important as well.

  19. Do you offer tags, bundles, boxes, or packaging? Getting everything in-house does help cut costs.

  20. Can I use your stock photos for promotional use? This alleviates the need for you to take your own photos.


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See more questions about buying and selling hair on our FAQ page or Create Your Listing »

Do you sell virgin blond hair?

Usually, virgin hair comes in dark brown, black and chestnut brown colors. A typical order might also include 20-30% of dark blond hair, which is in high demand. We can fill orders for dark blond hair, but it costs a premium of 100%. Email us for more information on that.

Recent Reviews

Hair Sold for $550

Very easy, I had multiple offers within 24 hours of posting my ad. Buyer was very professional and made the entire process very pleasant.
Very easy, I had multiple offers within 24 hours of posting my ad. Buyer was very professional and made the entire process very pleasant. Advert: Brown/Auburn Hair

Hair Sold for $300

Everything’s been great! I received several offers within 10 days of posting the ad, and ended up selling my hair for the price I was asking for! | Advert: Wavy Golden Brown Virgin Hair with Natural Highlights
Everything’s been great! I received several offers within 10 days of posting the ad, and ended up selling my hair for the price I was asking for! | Advert: Wavy Golden Brown Virgin Hair with Natural Highlights

Hair Sold for $4000

This was a really fun experience. I am in college and was able to sell my hair for more than twice what I listed it for just over Christmas break! | Advert:
This was a really fun experience. I am in college and was able to sell my hair for more than twice what I listed it for just over Christmas break! | Advert: Brown/Auburn Hair

Hair Sold for $140

Lightning fast sale – very pleased, quick payment, no issues. Hairsellon.com helped me achieve a bucket list item – to sell hair and donate proceeds to charity. Done deal. Thank you very much. Advert: 8 inches of Auburn Hair
Lightning fast sale – very pleased, quick payment, no issues. Hairsellon.com helped me achieve a bucket list item – to sell hair and donate proceeds to charity. Done deal. Thank you very much. Advert: 8 inches of Auburn Hair
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Sending Payment

Shootout to PayPal for helping small business owne

Shootout to PayPal for helping small business owners makes confident transactions! PayPal offers better security by protecting your credit card information. They also have a dispute resolution process if the hair is significantly not as described. Some countries are behind the curve and newer to the PayPal trend. Many Chinese sellers do accept PayPal these days. Western Union and MoneyGram are also available, but PayPal is preferred.

Another important tip is to budget for losses. In the search for quality virgin hair, you should expect to spend time and money. Not every supplier is going to work out, and it may take a few small orders to establish the best vendor for you. Determine your budget, and understand that you may lose a little money here and there in the process. It will all be worth it once you find a great vendor that you can develop a long, trusting relationship with.

Selling Hair Affiliate Program

Since there are too much work to run a hair company and do full time hair business, or you don’t have too much time to do all of these, we highly recommend you to think about our affiliate program of selling hair. If the sales made by the buyers are from the affiliate links, you would get your commissions(6%) after the buyers place the order!

Register an Account Please kindly register an affiliate account here: , please notice that we only accept Paypal as commission account.

Generate Your Tracking Code The affiliate account will be approved automatically after register, login your account and click Custom Affiliate Tracking Code, you can see the tracking code.

  I. Single Product Affiliates
  You can search t

I. Single Product Affiliates You can search the entire product title in Tracking Link Generator, then you can see the affiliate link of this product like this: https://www.ebonyhairfirm.com/br-body-wave-hair.html?tracking=592ed90c6f12d You can get the commissions only when the buyers order this product through clicking from this affiliate link.

II. All Products Affiliates Just add your tracking code behind our website domain like this: https://www.ebonyhairfirm.com/?tracking=xxxxxxxxxxxxx Replace xxxxxxxxxxxxx to your tracking code like this: https://www.ebonyhairfirm.com/?tracking=592ed90c6f12d Once the buyers order any products in our store, you can get the commissions.

Promote the Affiliate Links Place your owned affiliate links anywhere like your blog signature, article and post, facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest,google+ etc any kinds of social networks, even just send the affiliate links to your friends who would like to order human hair. Our hair price is so competitive comparing with the United State Markets, so the buyers are most probably place the order in our store, and you would get the commissions! Join today!


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