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Step 3

Type in the captcha code and you will be asked if you have the Gogo app or need to download the app.

Even if you have the app select the option to “Download on the App Store.”

By selecting “Download on the App Store” you will be taken to the App Store from Safari.

How reliable is T-Mobile Wi-Fi? Are there any issues I can expect?

Although Gogo’s internet stability has improved si

Although Gogo’s internet stability has improved significantly in recent years, passengers are still likely to experience specific issues. Inflight Wi-Fi can become quite unstable at times, particularly with airplanes that still use the ATG (Air-To-Ground) system. Gogo has come out with a newer 2Ku satellite system, but it is yet to be installed in all carriers. So far, this system is only available in approximately 600 planes.

The more people connect to the inflight internet, the slower the loading speed will be. That particularly holds for T-Mobile Gogo Wi-Fi, as it is free of charge. More people tend to use it simultaneously in comparison to other subscription-based Gogo offers.

Another thing to keep in mind if you find yourself in a flight that uses the ATG network is that it won’t be available at all times. It doesn’t cover the entire planet, so encountering dead zones is a standard issue. As more airlines get the 2Ku setup, which includes the whole globe, this problem should work itself out.

What is the T-Mobile Gogo Wi-Fi speed?

Gogo’s internet speed connection is around 500–600 kilobits per second for downloads and roughly 300 kilobits for uploads. The total bandwidth for all passengers on the aircraft is about three megabits per second. 

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