Google Voice can now send native MMS to all carriers


Set Up a Google Voice account

1. Go to from a computer and sign in with your Google Account. You’ll see an interface that’s similar to Gmail’s, as well as a software wizard.

2. Choose “I want a new number” instead of “I want to use my mobile number,” unless you’re absolutely positive you want to use Google Voice for your primary phone number. You can always port your mobile number to Google Voice later if you decide to do that.

3. Enter a forwarding number. This number will ring when someone calls your new Google Voice number. Google will then call that number to confirm you have access to it. You can add more forwarding phones later.

Once Google has confirmed you have access to the forwarding phone, you can pick a new Google Voice number. Input an area code or a word, phrase or number you want to try to incorporate into your new phone number, and Google will try to find an available number that uses it.

Once you have a Google Voice number, you can send and receive texts for free, use Google’s voicemail transcription, and make cheap international calls. Now it’s time to download the app on your smartphone.

Use Google Voice to Send a Fax

Once you’ve ported your Google Voice number over to eFax, sending faxes is simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. Log into your eFax account.
  2. Click “Send Faxes.”
  3. Ender the recipient’s name, company, country, and fax number, and click “Add.” Or click “Choose from Contacts” to select a fax recipient already in your contacts list. 
  4. To add a cover page, click the “Include Cover Page” box. Type a subject line and message in the appropriate boxes. 
  5. To add your fax document, click “Browse” and select a document from your computer. You can add up to 10 documents to a single transmission.
  6. Click “OK.” 
  7. When you’re done, click “Send Fax.” 
  8. The recipient will receive your fax either to their own online fax portal or to their traditional fax machine. The recipient will receive the fax from the Google Voice number that you ported into eFax.

You can also send online faxes by email instead of logging into the eFax portal. After you’ve ported your Google Voice number into eFax, log into your email account. Then: 

  1. Create a new email.
  2. Address the email to the recipient’s fax number, followed by “”
  3. Attach the documents you’d like to fax to the email. You can attach PDFs, JPEGs, MS Word documents, and dozens of other file types.
  4. If you’d like to include a cover page, you can simply type your message into the body of the email. 
  5. Hit “Send.”
  6. Just as if you’d sent your fax from the portal, the recipient will receive your fax from your Google Voice number.


Why Use an Online Fax Service Instead of a Fax Machine?

Traditional fax machines don’t communicate well with Google Voice. Like Skype, GV is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which doesn’t integrate with the fax machine’s analog network.

Instead, use the best online fax service, eFax. eFax allows you to send and receive faxes from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. That means you can fax from anywhere you have an internet connection!

Online faxing also makes it easy to send documents on your computer or stored in the cloud without printing a hard copy to feed through the machine. Instead, you’ll just attach your document directly to your online fax message. This saves you time and paper.

Plus, faxes that you receive will arrive in your personal portal or your private email. That means there will be no confidential faxes sitting on the office fax machine for anyone to pick up.

And finally, online faxing is affordable. With eFax, you can send up to 150 faxes per month for a low monthly fee. Compare that to the costs of a fax machine and the maintenance, paper, ink, toner, and phone line. And online faxing is significantly cheaper than faxing from a store like UPS or FedEx. These services charge up to $2 for just the first page of domestic faxes. And they charge as much as $7.99 per page for international faxes!

The convenience and savings of an online fax service like eFax make it the smart choice for both business and personal use. 

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Google Voice Overview

To be able to send Google Voice messages, all you really need to do is add the final 3 permissions above and get the address of the Account that you want to send through.

To get a list of accounts available on the device, you can use the following:

Display those in a list and let the user choose which one they want to use and save that choice to your SharedPreferences.

Next, when you are configuring your send settings, you should register a receiver that listens for the action “” like so:

That code will then save the RnrSe value so that I don’t have to fetch it every time and waste time and data. After it is saved, just insert that value into the send settings instead and you are good to go.

Dependencies Information

This library relies on Ion by Koush, which is included in the libs folder already. Build the project with Gradle and this will be used.

To include in your gradle project:

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