How long should you wait before texting a guy?


How Long You Should Wait To Text Back

Avoid any temptation to text him back as soon as p

Avoid any temptation to text him back as soon as possible if he is ignoring you. You don’t want to land up double texting him in a few minutes and come across as too desperate or needy, which might be playing into what he wants!

If he is ignoring you and is not texting you back, then you should wait at least 2 to 3 days before texting him back. This could be a polite follow-up text, and then you can see what happens from there.

There might be a very valid reason why he hasn’t texted you back, so you don’t want to burn bridges with a rude text before finding out what is happening.

Also, when I recommend waiting 2-3 days to text back, it’s in the scenario that he ignored you for a couple of days. Not for four hours because he was at work.

Mandatory Note: Whenever I write articles like this, I get some angry emails about ‘you’re promoting playing games,” ‘just text back and be direct,’ ‘maybe he was just busy’ blah blah blah.

Okay. One. I am not promoting playing games. I just don’t believe a man who disrespects and ignores you is worthy of your attention. And especially not your immediate attention.

Some will read this and think that’s petty, I think it’s self-respect.

So yes, if you ignore me, I will give you less attention than before. I’m not rewarding bad behavior and I sure as hell won’t be at your beck and call.

And the advice I give will always reflect my own thoughts on this subject. I don’t want YOU to be anyones doormat or plaything.

But as all things, if my advice doesn’t resonate with you, it’s on a take-it-or-leave-it basis. Form your own conclusions. Decide for yourself.

But just know, if you give a lot of attention to a man who gives you breadcrumbs, that won’t make him want to give you a whole cake.


#3: It’s not about timing

Almost all men scare off girls with the next mistake. Including the smoothest players.

Keep reading and find out how a natural ladies man blew it with his dream girl.

I’m confident you’ve texted girls before the 72 hour-mark and got a response.

What’s up?

Didn’t my previous tip say 24+ hours is the minimum period of waiting before sending a text?


While waiting for 1 – 3 days is definitely good advice. It’s not the only way to deal with an unresponsive lady.

More important than timing is the content of your text.

Say the right thing, and the conversation is back on track.

Say the wrong thing… and you might have killed your chances of ever seeing her again.

Here’s a story of an acquaintance of mine who blundered BIG TIME.

Let’s call him Joe.

Joe met two gorgeous women in the club.

He liked one in particular, let’s call her Anne.

And after a couple hours of flirting, he took Anne and her girlfriend to his hotel room and had an epic night.

He had a threesome.

Joe really hit it off with Anne and planned a date for the next day.

They agreed to meet up in the club.

So far so good.

After waking up some time in the afternoon, Joe sent his first message.

Yesterday was amazing. Looking forward to showing you my new moves in the club tonight. I’ve been practicing the worm and the lawnmower.

She doesn’t text back.

But Joe is a pretty laid back dude.

He didn’t crack.

He gave her plenty of space to reply and assumed she was going to show up tonight.

Fast forward to 00:30 AM. He’s been in the club for some time, and starts to get a bad feeling about the situation..

Yo, where are you? I’ve been worming all over the dance floor. People love it


Joe is starting to get flustered and sends another message 30 minutes later.

Are you okay? Let me know if something happened

5 minutes go by.

And then disaster strikes.

She leaves him on read!

Joe can’t believe his eyes and his fingers start typing out a text faster than he can think.

Are you going to reply now? Tell me what’s going on. Are you still coming?

She reads the message but doesn’t answer.

I don’t get it. We had an incredible night yesterday. And now you do this

He’s left on read again.

Why?? Why are you doing this. I’m speechless. I thought we had an amazing connection! Didn’t you have a good time?

Idon’t see the point in ignoring me. Are you enjoying this?!


This obviously isn’t the way to react to being ignored.

Joe got caught by the neediness-virus… BIG TIME.

But you can protect yourself from this attraction-killing virus, by having an archive of prepared texts to send her.

So if she ever does ignore you, you don’t send what your gut tells you.

But you choose a tried and tested message from your personal library.

Don’t have a personal library with epicly effective texts?

No problem.

I’ve got 10 texts for you that always work.

And you can get them for the wonderful price of ZERO dollars.

Steal my lines from me, HERE.

My Crush Asked For My Number, Will He Ask Me Out?

This is one of the best scenarios that could occur. You’ve been having small conversations with your crush on and off, but nothing seems significant enough, nor has anything materialized yet. That is until they ask for your number out of the blue.

However, before you jump to conclusions, remember, they could have asked your number for various reasons, and not all of them are romantic. But, if this is a romantic pursuit, remember the cardinal rule that we’ve already talked about when it comes to exchanging numbers. You must strike the right balance between seemingly interested and slightly aloof.

Once you’ve exchanged numbers, you can decide how you would like to go further from here. If you are not looking for a relationship at the moment but simply want to explore this friendship more and see where it goes, it is best to keep the conversations simple and not too flirtatious. However, if you are actively looking to date your crush, try to subtly flirt in your texts, mainly to gauge whether your crush is interested or not.

The text above is a great example of subtle flirti

The text above is a great example of subtle flirting. You’re not being too direct but having fun talking to each other.

If you seem to be getting a positive response, you can slowly build on this relationship. However, it is best to take your time and not rush, as this could lead to things ending badly, especially if you’re the one making most of the effort during your conversations.

This is a good example of someone being unsure and

This is a good example of someone being unsure and sending mixed signals. If he’s initially made plans with you but then is hesitant about following through, it’s natural to be confused. If your crush is giving you mixed signals while texting, and you’re unsure what to make of it, you can learn about guys’ texting habits and their possible meanings.

Here is an excellent example of how you can flirt without getting too overbearing:

The text above is a great example of flirting that

The text above is a great example of flirting that’s subtle. Instead of making it too obvious, the person texting playfully assumes the two are going on a dinner date.

2. He’s dating other people

If the two of you are not exclusive and have been talking for a relatively short time, it’s highly probable that he’s talking to or dating other people. 

This is quite common. I wouldn’t say it’s anything to be afraid of except for situations like this. When he starts ignoring you, it’s indicative of his interest level being lower for you and higher for someone else. 

Whether this is something you want to deal with is a personal choice. But, it’s not a good sign when this happens and what you do next can make or break the entire situation. What you don’t want to do is freak out at him or become overly desperate. The best reaction is no reaction at all. 

You shift the power to them

No matter how weird it sounds, by deciding to doub

No matter how weird it sounds, by deciding to double text someone, you might be shifting the power to them. Again, it all depends on the recipient’s interpretation of it.

To help you understand it better, here’s what it means to shift the power to them in texting: When they are not replying to your texts and you’re not doing anything about it, you’re in a neutral texting position because you’re showing them that you don’t really care about any of it or that you’re indifferent.

By sending them a follow-up message, you’re giving them the power to ghost you again. If that doesn’t bother you, that’s okay.

But if you don’t feel comfortable with it, then you should wait for their reply first and then text them.

I remember when I was head over heels for one guy, so I would go out of my way and send him multiple texts before he even replied to the first one. After some time, I realized that he was pulling away and acting weird.

When I told my friend about it, she gave me the best relationship advice ever: Stop texting him and see what happens. I said: Okay. I guess I have nothing to lose.

Lo and behold, after a few days, he texted me first to apologize for being weird and to ask me out on a date.

Well, this time I deliberately let him wait a little bit longer for my reply and then casually agreed to go on a date. (God, I really hate dating.)

Once you double text, theres no going back

I’ve noticed that most of the time, I’

I’ve noticed that most of the time, I’m a quick texter, which is a bad thing. I just go with the flow and send the first thing that comes to my mind.

Later, after I realize that there’s no going back after sending it, I re-read that text message a million times in order to be sure that I haven’t messed things up.

But that’s just me. I’m a natural overthinker, which has cost me a lot of time and nerves. So, what I’m trying to say is once you double text them, there’s no going back.

One bad text can ruin your new relationship, so be careful how you express yourself.

I often find myself sending something I didn’t want to send in the first place and then end up cursing the universe, the modern era, cell phones and other things for allowing me to do that.

Depending on your phone, you might decide to delete the text you sent them but if you do that they will know, which is even more embarrassing.

My humble advice is: Don’t double text them when you’re feeling anxious or mad because chances are you’ll send something you didn’t mean to send. I call that texting by impulse.

See also: 5 Signs He’s Only Texting You When He’s Bored Or Lonely

#7: What you SHOULD text her if she doesn’t reply

You’re about to learn how to bring a dead conversation back to life.

No human sacrifices needed, just solid texting.

Say you’ve been texting to a girl for a couple days.

But now she isn’t responding, and you don’t know what to say without scaring her away.

Sit tight, buddy.

Here comes the answer you’re looking for.

The solution that can resurrect dead conversations from the grave.

Remind her of the connection.

If you’ve had a back and forth, I’m positive you’ve made her laugh.

And I’m confident there were times she sent more messages at once than usual.

Figure out what tickled her funny bone, or tugged on her heartstrings, and do more of it.

She loves Disney films?

Send her this.

The longer you look at it, the weirder it gets.

She loves nature?

You don’t think it is like it be, but it do.

What makes these texts great, is that:

  • You don’t come across as needy, you’re giving her a laugh via meme
  • You’re not asking for a reply
  • It’s not boring

To put this educational nugget into a nutshell:

Become a gift giver.

Whether it’s a meme, video, song, voice message or text, send her a present that will brighten her day.

And if your gift was a success, she will almost always message you back.

Just remember to lead in your meme with a text like, “This meme made me think of you haha.”

What should I say when I text them?

Pick up the conversation where you left off on your date

When you’re ready to set up another date, “Text him or her and comment on something you guys talked about on the date, or an inside joke you had from your time together,” Kramer says. “This gets the conversation flowing.”

But remember: You don’t want to fall into the habit of texting this new person too often. You’re not looking to become pen pals—you want to actually date. So the less you leave on the phone, the better.

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Plan your next date as soon as possible

If you’re all text and no action, they’re going to get bored, or think you’re not interested. If you want to actually see this person again, make plans to, well, see them again!

“After 3-4 text messages back and forth, invite her out to do something else,” Kramer says. But he warns: “Make sure it’s different than whatever you did the first time.” If your first date was dinner, then do an activity. If your first date was drinks, then maybe go out to dinner.

“You want variety in the beginning of dating to keep things interesting,” he says.

Keep your clothes on

Unless your first date involved sex—and no judgment if so, hope you had fun!—it sets a bad precedent to take it to sexting too quickly.

“Don’t turn a text conversation sexual unless you guys have been having sex,” Kramer says. “You run a huge risk talking sexually to a woman you haven’t been intimate with, because you two haven’t actually crossed that boundary yet.”

If your date starts to take things to a sexual place, Kramer recommends following their lead, but remember to keep it mellow. You want to spend time with this person in real life, not have a sexual pen pal. “It’s not about having a sexting convo—rather, it’s about actually meeting up with her.”

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