How to Be the Best Version of Yourself


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Step #10: Reframe Your Competition

You know as well as I do, competition makes people achieve more.

Competitors can help you. They can fuel you. And they can inspire you.

Take, for example, competitive racing. Have you ever wondered what’s the best starting lane for runners on a track? Is it the 1st lane, where you start at the very end and can see all the other runners? Or is it the 8th lane, where you start at the very beginning and see nobody?

While it depends on the athlete, it’s a general consensus that nobody wants to be in the 8th lane. Why is that?

Because as the leader of the race, you are literally competing for yourself.

When there is no competition, the only person to compare yourself with is you.

One of the best lanes to race on is the middle lane, or what is known as the marquee position. In this lane, a runner can see his opponents and chase them down throughout the race.

In other words, a great competitor raises your expectations, shatters your idea of what is possible, and sets the bar higher.

Being a top performer means that you use your competitors to help you run faster, not to hinder you.

The Best Version of Yourself Exercise:

  • Think of all the competitors you have. Reframe your competitors so that you see them as “competitive markers.” The person in front of you is simply showing you what is possible. They are saying, “You can do this, or even become better!”

And remember… your competitors are afraid, too. No one is better or faster than you—only less afraid.

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See the Vision of your Ideal Self

Imagine what it would be like if you can change for a day.Who would you be if you can be anyone?

Who would you be if you can be anyone?

To be the best version of yourself, you have to see and know who this person is.

What is the best version of yourself? What is the personality of this self? And why do you admire this version?

This is your ideal self.

And your best version is not the same as someone’s else.

It is unique only to you and what you do best.

See in your mind’s eye a picture of your ideal self.

What does he look like? What is his morning like?

What does he wear? How does he carry himself?

Contemplate on this and really see the vision of your ideal self.

You can even use characters you admire to describe a quality of your ideal self.

For example, you think of famous detective Sherlock Holmes for reasoning and you imagine thunder god Thor for resilience.

And then think the thoughts of your ideal self.

Manifest his beliefs, his attitudes, and his reality.

Bring them here to the present inside your body.

When A Good Student is Too Lazy to do Homework

Photo by Zun Zun
Photo by Zun Zun

Is doing your homework ahead of time your usual struggle? Does laziness keep you from being the best student in your class?

If you are tired of being a procrastinator when it comes to your studies, then you can consider the following tips on how to motivate yourself when you feel too lazy to do your homework.

1. Imagine your parents taking away your allowance for the entire week

You may know this is not possible because your parents are not that harsh, but considering this as a possibility could push you to jump out of the bed and start working on your homework. Even without them taking away your weekly allowance, would you really want your parents to find out that you are procrastinating? Would they be happy about it?

2. Think about the sacrifices of your parents or anyone who is working hard to send you to school

In connection with # 1, why not make your parents or those who send you to school an inspiration to be a diligent student? Think about how blessed you are to have people who care so much about you that they work hard just to give you a good education. The money they spend on your daily allowance and tuition fees could have been used for their own needs, but they choose to put yours first.

3. Strive for excellence in your studies for your own good

You may not appreciate it now, but having good grades at school will give you an advantage over other applicants once you graduate and look for a job in the future. It always pays off to have excellent school records because it is a competition out there in the real world. This reality should motivate you to be a diligent student now.

4. Set a reward for every finished homework

One effective way to encourage yourself is by setting a reward for every accomplished homework. Positive reinforcement is proven to be effective in creating a habit. For this reason, if you want to develop diligence—especially in doing homework—then you can set bait for yourself, like watching one episode of your favorite series for every finished task.

5. Set a self-punishment for unfinished homework

On the contrary, setting a punishment or negative reinforcement for every homework you fail to do can push you to be more disciplined. The discomfort it brings will motivate you to shake laziness off. An example would be a week of not watching your favorite series for every unaccomplished homework.

6. Be more competitive

The positive effect of the competition is the driving force it gives those who participate in it. However, since it is bad to consider your classmates as your competitors, the best competition should be against yourself. You can aim to get a perfect score for every homework or exam, or at least reach a higher rating than your previous output. You can also engage in a friendly competition with your friends, but please do not take it personally.

7. Think about the consequence of not doing your homework

Just think about what could be the result if you fail to submit your school works on time. Of course, that would affect your overall grade. Could you really accept the fact that it is your irresponsibility that pulls your class ranking down? For sure, you will be suffering from regret and frustration afterward, especially if you are a good student naturally.

8. Get a homework buddy

Another effective way to overcome your laziness in doing your assignments is by looking for a homework buddy. Find a classmate who is as eager as you in pursuing a diligent student’s life. You can agree to set a time to do homework together right after your classes. This way, you can have the freedom to be lazy in the evening without the guilt caused by procrastination.

9. Be hungry for learning

Instead of going to school and doing assignments just for the sake of compliance, why not take them as an opportunity to increase your learning. If you have a passion for knowledge, then every schoolwork will be exciting for you since it is a chance to learn more and apply your new knowledge. This requires a change of mindset.

10. Be goal-oriented

To be more motivated in doing homework, it will be helpful if you set goals for your studies. For instance, you can aim to be the top student in your class every quarter or semester. You can also target achieving the highest grade so you can get a scholarship.

11. Aim to be a role model student

Aside from being a top student, being a role model student is an admirable goal. If you want to help society to be changed for the better, you can do so by inspiring others to take their studies seriously. By showing and reminding other students of the benefits stored for those who study hard, you will be encouraged to be diligent as well.

12. Make your parents proud

One of the best motivations you can set for yourself is the goal to make your parents proud by the time you step on the stage and receive your diploma. There is nothing you can do to repay your parents for their sacrifices for you. However, you can show them your gratitude by finishing your studies with excellent grades—and probably with flying colors too.

No Excuses

Why not try reading the biographies or testimonials of big-time professionals who were excellent students during their school days? Most of them would tell you how they endured hardships, like working part-time just to send themselves to school or walking kilometers daily just to attend classes. Yet, despite those challenges, they were able to give their best in their studies and ended up at the top.

If those people were able to diligently pursue their studies, then what could be your excuse to take your studies for granted? Get rid of procrastination from your system, and you will see how fulfilling it is to be the best student that you can be.

How to Discover Your Talents Using These 13 Easy Tips

1. Take a life assessment

No life assessment resembles the other. Every Life Assessment test would be different from the other. If you want to know about your potential in life, take this assessment test.

Besides being free of cost, it allows you to understand how you perform in different aspects of life. You will be able to identify and pinpoint the facet of life that needs maximum attention.

Additionally, with the help of such tests, you can realize what makes you tick.

The Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator is one of the most promising tools that can help you define your life and personality patterns. It would allow you to check what type of motivations in life are more suited to you.

Once you can judge the category you come into, you can list your strengths and shortcomings more precisely.

You can even use the results of such tests for a walk-in interview, on a date, or any other high-stake situation. Play around with your newly discovered strengths.

2. Find what makes you feel strong

Talent identity is all about finding what makes you stronger. When we say stronger, you must be purposeful in life and experience growth and satisfaction. That is what this entire life is all about.


You must have come across situations where everything seems flawless and easy. When you are good at some things, everything appears easier. Our inner sense always draws us to things that make us feel calm and content in life.

However, you feel low when you feel out of place or do not really get that satisfaction from your daily life.

These are the times to identify and recall what made you feel good about your life. It might be your talent to deal with kids or play games. Whatever it may be, that would define your strength.

You need to ensure that you pursue such talents, whatever you are good at. If you are good with kids, try babysitting or volunteering your time in any after-school program. That is what would make define your schedule as per your strengths.

3. Find what you spend the most money on

One of the best ways to identify talent is by checking where you spend your money the most. If you are not good at maintaining books or records of your finances, try out using free and easy-to-use applications such as Mint. It would allow you to determine where your maximum dollars are spent.

Following your green would lead you to discover your talent. If you check your finances for the past 12 months, you will find a specific spending pattern on certain things. If you spend regular money to keep up with your gym schedule, maybe you are good at it, and that is what your talent is!

Use this discovery of talent to your advantage by going on advanced stages of such activities and enjoying your life to the fullest. This would give you utmost satisfaction.

4. Ask your friends what your best and worst qualities are

Why not retort to talking to the very close people you, such as your family or friends. They are the ones who have been with you for a long time, and these are the people who would undoubtedly know clearly what your passions and interests are. More importantly, they can tell you what you are good at.

It can be anything from singing to dancing to cracking jokes. Things that come to you effortlessly and entertain others are your talents.

When you ask your friends about your best and worst qualities, ask them to be brutally honest with you. Knowing about your weaknesses or worst qualities helps you isolate such habits or activities from your life. This would only leave you with things that you are good at.

5. Ask your family what you loved as a child

Why not talk to your mother, dad, or siblings and check with them about what you loved when you were a child.

Maybe you are having difficulty remembering such things, but they would surely remember. These are the people in your life who have known you for the longest.


There are things and habits that we pick up as kids and try to be good at these. Maybe we were good at it, but we tended to forget such things as we grew.

Your past behaviors, likes, and dislikes would give you a clear insight into your personality and how you grew up.

If some of these things still tickle your brain or bring excitement, these were the things that you loved and were good at. That’s what your talent is! Try to recreate your childhood and bring back the same level of gusto when you realize your strengths.

6. Write in a journal

Sometimes nothing works, and we just don’t feel like discussing our feelings with anyone. Do you know what is good during such times? Using a pen and paper would be the best companion when you need to be alone and discover your talents.

Take your journal and let your thoughts go wild. Write something every day in this journal and make it your routine activity. When you allow your thoughts to flow freely, they will direct you to the things you love.

After about a week or a month, start re-reading your journal. You will realize that numerous things would attract your attention, and you would like to revisit those thoughts.

Your journal holds the answer to discovering your talents. It would show you what you miss from your life and what you need to do next. It would also allow you to discover what you desire.

Reading your journal will allow you to list down your strengths and opportunities.

7. Look for talent in others

Don’t force yourself to do so when you cannot dig deep down in your mindset. Take a break and observe others. There are times when the talent of others inspires us. What attracts us could secretly become our talent.

Sometimes observing others also inspires us to realize that we are good at it. For example, if an article inspires you but you believe you could have contributed to it in a better way, maybe your hidden talent is writing.

Look out for something that connects to your soul. It should inspire you and make you feel happy and content.

There would be times when the talent of others would make you feel jealous. But worry not, you can use this to your advantage too! You can seek advice from such a person and get help to develop such talent yourself.


8. Take stock of your book/music/movie collections

We live in a modern society full of audio and video content everywhere. If you collect books, music, or movies, this would be a good time to check your inventory.

Try to mind what type of media you consume. The category of media that you are fond of reflects your clear inclination to enjoy it.

Sometimes that helps us determine our identity. There are things that light fire in our lives. Our media collection would give us an idea of what we like. If you find a specific pattern towards a particular segment, dig deep into it by finding other related activities.

Connect with others who follow similar talents. Sometimes even they can guide us through the next steps of discovering the hidden talents.

9. Remember what you have been thanked for

We do numerous deeds in our lifetime. For a few, we are thanked, and for others, we are not. Try to find out the various things you were thanked for in the past. How did it make you feel?

If you felt good, then try to recollect if doing a similar errand at a later stage also leads to getting “thanks” from someone. When you are thanked for something regularly, you are good at it, which could be your hidden talent.

You might be a good listener, a good motivator, or a good teacher. These small thank yous’ may seem insignificant at times. However, somewhere deep down, these are our talents.

10. Be open to change

Once you have found how to identify talent, be open to change. You might have to make major life-changing decisions after discovering your talent.

It might seem unsettling initially, but that is what would make you happy eventually. You cannot expect to stay stagnant and grow. You need to accept change and do it willingly.

Don’t retort to finding reasons to delay or neglect such changes. You need to give yourself a chance to live a life that makes you happy through your talents.

You will have to let go of all the preconceived notions and willingly accept the new thoughts and habits. You will find that such changes would make your content and prepare you for more life challenges.

11. Select Your Talents

It might turn out that you are multi-talented. You can be good with more than one thing in life. And this can be a good thing since it proves to be very motivating.


You need to choose from the list of things you are good at during such times.

Decide what talent ticks your heart and soul. What makes you happy and content is what you should shortlist and pursue.

Just choose and dig deep into your passions to live a happy and content life.

12. Upgrade

Discovering your talent does not mean that your story of self-discovery has ended. It requires you to constantly learn and upgrade your knowledge and become more proficient to upgrade your skillset.

Take up courses, attend seminars, watch videos, read books, or do anything that will help you with upgrading your talent.

With time almost everything becomes outdated, and therefore you should never be satisfied when it comes to learning and upgrading your knowledge.

13. Reach Perfection

Perfection is constant evolution and up-gradation of knowledge. Flawlessness means to become better compared to the person you were yesterday!

Hustle, question constantly, select your abilities, update and arrive at your compulsiveness. Be the best form of you!

That is how you reach perfection!

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