How to block out digital distractions and get work done


block out

1. To prevent something from being seen or noticeable or entering one’s awareness. I have to block out all distractions and just sit down and write this paper. Your curtains aren’t opaque enough to block out all of the sunlight. Some of the names on this list are blocked out, which means they’re top secret.2. To avoid thinking about or remembering something, often because it is stressful or traumatic. Many trauma victims try to block out the horrific things that have happened to them.3. To reserve a period of time for someone or something. If I block out a chunk of my valuable time to meet with you, then you better show up! Mom made us all block out a few hours on Sunday afternoon to clean out the garage.4. To thoroughly explain the details of something. After our new supervisor blocked out his vision for the department reorganization, it made a lot more sense to us.See also: block, outFarlex Dictionary of Idioms. © 2015 Farlex, Inc, all rights reserved.



We hope this article was informative and you got a clear idea about block comments in python. To summarize, use #(hash) instead of, multiline-string to comment out block of code in python.

If you have any other way you use as a best practice, do share your experience in comments section to help other fellow developers.


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We get so used to looking at grey lambert that we forget that we can change it. Let’s add some color – if we add basic colored lamberts, we represent the environment more faithfully, without spending more than a few seconds.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains may be used to block the light from windows. Especially if there are already curtain rods in place to affix the curtains to. If using a curtain, such as a blackout curtain to block out windows when filming?

It’s important to check that all light is blocked and that the camera does not “see” the curtain. If the camera can see the curtain, even tiny adjustments or movements to the curtain could cause continuity issues later on. Keep this in mind if curtains are used to block windows.

How to Start Blocktober

Anyone can start, participate and share their blockouts with Blocktober. Before you do, decide what you are going to work on.

  • Stand-alone game environment (one scene, one location, not playable but could be explorable)
  • Level Design (playable level)
  • Game environment assets (modular asset, hero asset, props)
  • Diorama (self-contained) object, set, prop (no background)

Stand-alone game environment (one scene, one location, not playable but could be explorable):

Level Design (playable level):

Level Design (playable level):

Game environment assets (modular asset, hero asset

Game environment assets (modular asset, hero asset, props):

Diorama (self-contained) object, set, prop (no bac

Diorama (self-contained) object, set, prop (no background):

Where to look for Blocktober blockout ideas:

Where to look for Blocktober blockout ideas:

  • Image reference
  • Concept art
  • Architecture/ArchViz
  • Someday ideas
  • Gameplay/Scripting scenarios
  • Demo level for your game
  • Location in your favorite game
  • Level within your favorite game
  • Movie scene

Time cost

The first is the time cost. Just an hour a day wasted scrolling through feeds leads to 15 wasted days over the course of a year.

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Go totally full-screen

Even if you have a desktop dedicated entirely to work, other work apps can still distract you. Plenty of research shows that multitasking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and if you’re constantly switching between writing and email—even if it’s work-related email—you’ll experience diminished cognitive performance. So when you need to plow through something, you need to block everything else out.

We writers tend to be a scatterbrained bunch, which has created a market for full-screen, distraction-free writing tools like FocusWriter, Q10, and many others. They fill the entire screen with nothing but a plain text box (often with soothing sound effects or calming backgrounds), so you can focus on the one thing in front of you. You don’t need to be a writer to adopt this sort of workspace, though. Both Windows and macOS have full-screen modes that allow you to cover your entire monitor with a single application. So whether you’re trudging through spreadsheets or binge-writing code, you can cover up your taskbar, other windows, and notifications with an edge-to-edge window.

On Windows, this varies a bit from app to app. Many “Universal Windows Platform” apps that you get from the Microsoft Store will go full-screen when you press Win+Shift+Enter, while other desktop apps might have their own full-screen modes (Chrome can go full-screen with F11, for example). Not every app has this ability, though you can always approximate something similar by hiding the taskbar (right-click on the taskbar, then hit Taskbar Settings and Automatically Hide the Taskbar in Desktop Mode) and turning on Focus Assist (Settings > System > Focus Assist) to block notifications.

Apple has built a full-screen mode into macOS as well, and it works with plenty of apps—just click the green full-screen button in the upper left corner of a given window. Some apps may have their own full-screen shortcuts, too.

Block distracting sites from tempting you away

If you need an extra layer of accountability, there are plenty of tools that will block time-wasting sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tetris so you can stick to the task at hand. 

Chrome extension StayFocusd is one of the most popular options. You can add any domain you want to a list of blocked sites, and set a window of time during the day—like 9 to 5—that StayFocusd blocks you from visiting those pages. If you need something stronger, StayFocusd’s “nuclear option” allows you to restrict all sites except those you specify. You can even force a “challenge” that requires you to type a block of text, without typos, before you can continue—making it more difficult to change StayFocusd’s settings and work around the blocks you’ve set. It’s pretty powerful, provided all your distractions are on the web.

If you need something system-wide, Freedom is another feature-rich option that can block desktop apps, set the days and times you want those apps blocked, and track your time to see your biggest distractions. Freedom costs just under $30 per year, though, so you’ll need to pay for that extra power.

Which Software/Tools to Use

You can use any game engine, any level editor and any 3d software – new or old. It doesn’t matter. Although you have match what you are trying to blockout, to the tools that give you what you need.

For example:

  • If you want to work on a playable level, then pick a game that has a level editor with gameplay mechanics built in such as any Source based game (L4D2, CS:GO, TF2, Portal, HL2, DoD etc) or pick any other level editor.
  • If you are working on a 3d game asset or modular assets then use 3d software such as , 3dsMax, Blender, Modo etc.
  • If you are working on a stand-alone game environment without any gameplay then use UE4, CryEngine V, Unity etc or any game with a level editor.

What is the difference between line comment and block comment?

Here we will take an example of a sample Java program to understand difference between line comment and block comment in programming language.

1. Line comment:

As shown below, you can use two forward slashes’ // at the start of the line that you want to comment out. This commented line will be skipped while compiling and executing the code by the compiler.

Output of above program will be-

Output of above program will be-

Hello Friends
Welcome to TechSupportWhale

2. Block comment:

If you want to comment out multiple lines or block of code, then you can add forward slashes // as explained above, in front of each line of the block code. But if the number of lines is more, then commenting each line will be time-consuming and frustrating. In this situation, you can use block comment to comment out a portion of the code.

Here is an example to comment out a block of code by adding /* at beginning of the first line and add */ at end of the last line.

Output of above program will be-

Output of above program will be-

Welcome to TechSupportWhale

Read also: echo a new line in batch file

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