How to Break Down a Sentence Into Parts of Speech


Primary Sentence Construction

First, let’s outline sentence construction

Except you are an English main, likelihood is you have not studied the mechanics of the language in fairly a while. Positive, you may in all probability write and converse in full sentences however that is simply step one. Understanding what sounds proper vs. understanding why it’s proper are two very completely different ranges of mastery.

So, take into account this a short re-education on how sentences work. Earlier than we get into the assorted varieties there are, let’s outline what we imply once we discuss English sentence construction.


Tokenizing Phrases

We’re going to break down a sentence into tokens utilizing this easy instance utilizing the word_tokenize perform.

This can consequence within the following output.

What the routine carried out was tokenizing the phrases within the enter sentence worth for txt. Discover that it additionally tokenized the characters ‘,’ and the query mark ‘?’. Principally, it tokenizes the contents of the textual content within the sentence. If the character ‘?’ have been a interval ‘.’, it might be tokenized as effectively.

If you’re lacking a library or file, you would possibly encounter the next error message:

Simply merely run the final two instructions from the console in your Python improvement atmosphere.

Construction Examples

4 kinds of sentence construction

Now that we’ve tackled “what’s sentence construction,” let’s look extra in depth at its differing kinds.

Easy Sentences

Essentially the most primary sort of English sentence is the easy construction. That is when a sentence consists of only one impartial clause – a clause which comprises a topic (the noun performing the motion of the sentence) and predicate (the motion being taken) and expresses an entire thought. Like all sentences, it will probably additionally include a direct object (the noun receiving the motion of a sentence) or oblique object (the article for whom the motion is being accomplished). 

Just a few easy sentence examples:

  • I didn’t go to the sport.
  • She was right.
  • The author was out of concepts.
  • The film was over two hours lengthy.
Compound Sentences

The compound sentence combines two or extra impartial clauses with a coordinating conjunction (or, and, however, but, for, nor, so) or a semicolon.

Listed below are some examples:

  • She was sick, so she didn’t go to high school.
  • Greg saved his distance; he knew he was a harmful man.
  • I used to be exhausted, however I labored all night time.
  • Mother was nonetheless at work, and Dad was out to dinner.

Discover how all of those sentences may very well be damaged into two: “She was sick. She didn’t go to high school.” “Mother was nonetheless at work. Dad was out to dinner.” That’s as a result of these sentences include 2 impartial clauses, which might be became easy sentences.

Complicated Sentences

Complicated sentences encompass an impartial clause and a dependent clause. A dependent clause is an incomplete thought (e.g., “Though I used to be sick, …” “As a result of he was gone, …”) and thus must be hooked up to an impartial clause. It’s often known as a subordinate clause.

Some advanced construction examples:

  • If he was so humorous, the entire crowd would have been laughing.
  • I went to dinner as a result of I used to be hungry.
  • She turned her down as a result of she was in love with another person.
Compound-Complicated Sentences

True to their identify, compound-complex sentences mix the concepts behind each compound and sophisticated sentences: they include no less than two impartial clauses and a dependent clause. 

As a result of they are often fairly laborious to parse, I’ve coloration coded the impartial clauses, the coordinating conjunction/semicolon, and the dependent clauses. Let’s have a look:

  • As a result of he was injured, the staff performed with a brief bench and their rivals beat them soundly.
  • I questioned what turned of him; if he favored Chicago a lot, it made no sense for him to up and go away.
  • The trainer gave Jimmy a time-out due to his dangerous habits and all of us laughed at himreveling within the chaos he had wrought.

Sentences include a number of transferring components, and these constructions sort out only a small portion of sentence grammar. For a extra complete have a look at all of the components of a sentence, try this video:

Tokenizing Common Expressions

On this instance, we’re going to seek for a phrase sample within the sentence.

This leads to the output:

When utilizing ‘w’ it’s indicating to match complete phrases. No punctuation marks have been returned, since we’re solely on the lookout for phrases within the string of textual content. If we have been to be particular, we will specify the phrase or sample we’re on the lookout for.

There are completely different variations on the right way to match patterns. Extra sources on the kinds of possibility flags that can be utilized might be referenced from the next link.

Complicated Sentence Construction

A advanced sentence consists of an impartial clause plus a dependent clause. (A dependent clause begins with a subordinating conjunction or a relative pronoun, and comprises a topic and verb, however doesn’t categorical an entire thought.)

 We missed our plane because we were late. Our dog We missed our plane because we were late. Our dog

  • We missed our airplane as a result of we have been late.
  • Our canine barks when she hears a noise.
  • He left in a rush after he bought a telephone name.
  • Are you aware the person who’s speaking to Mary?

Listed below are some widespread subordinating conjunctions:

  • after, though, as, as a result of, earlier than, how, if, as soon as, since, than, that, although, until, till, when, the place, whether or not, whereas

Listed below are the 5 primary relative pronouns:

  • that, which, who, whom, whose

Which means and Sentence Construction

"Individuals are in all probability not as conscious of sentence construction as they’re of sounds and phrases, as a result of sentence construction is summary in a method that sounds and phrases are usually not . . . On the identical time, sentence construction is a central facet of each sentence . . . We are able to recognize the significance of sentence construction by taking a look at examples inside a single language. As an illustration, in English, the identical set of phrases can convey completely different meanings if they’re organized in numerous methods. Take into account the next:

  • The senators objected to the plans proposed by the generals.
  • The senators proposed the plans objected to by the generals.

The which means of [first] the sentence is sort of completely different from that of [the second], although the one distinction is the place of the phrases objected to and proposed. Though each sentences include precisely the identical phrases, the phrases are structurally associated to one another in another way; it’s these variations in construction that account for the distinction in which means."—Eva M. Fernández and Helen Smith Cairns

Producing and Decoding Sentence Constructions in Speech

“The grammatical construction of a sentence is a route adopted with a objective, a phonetic aim for a speaker, and a semantic aim for a hearer. People have a novel capability to go very quickly by the advanced hierarchically organized processes concerned in speech manufacturing and notion. When syntacticians draw construction on sentences they’re adopting a handy and acceptable shorthand for these processes. A linguist’s account of the construction of a sentence is an summary abstract of a sequence of overlapping snapshots of what’s widespread to the processes of manufacturing and deciphering the sentence.”—James R. Hurford


A sentence fragment is a set of phrases that appears much like a sentence, however really isn’t an entire sentence. Sentence fragments normally lack a topic or verb, or don’t categorical an entire thought. While a fragmented sentence might be punctuated to look related to an entire sentence it’s no substitute for a sentence.

Easy Sentences

Easy sentences are, unsurprisingly, the best sort of sentence for college students to understand and assemble for themselves. Usually most of these sentences would be the first sentences that kids write by themselves and so they observe the well-known TopicVerbObject or SVO sample.

The topic of the sentence would be the noun that begins the sentence. This can be an individual, place, or factor, however, most significantly, it’s the doer of the motion within the sentence.

The motion itself shall be encapsulated by the verb, which is the motion phrase that describes what the doer does.

The item of the sentence follows the verb and describes that which receives the motion.

That is once more finest illustrated by an instance. Check out the easy sentence under:

Tom ate many cookies.

On this straightforward instance, the doer of the motion is Tom, the motion is ate, and the receiver of the motion is the many cookies.


Topic = Tom

Verb = ate

Object = many cookies

After slightly apply, college students will turn out to be adept at recognizing SVO sentences and forming their very own. It’s vital to level out too that easy sentences don’t need to essentially be quick.

For instance:

This analysis reveals that an energetic life-style can have an ideal impression for the great on the life expectancy of the common particular person.

Regardless of this sentence wanting extra subtle (and longer!), that is nonetheless a easy sentence because it follows the SVO construction:

Topic = analysis

Verb = reveals

Object = that an energetic life-style can have an ideal impression for the great on the life expectancy of the common particular person.

Although primary in development, you will need to level out that the easy sentence is usually the proper construction to cope with advanced concepts. Easy sentences might be an efficient method to offer readability and effectivity of expression breaking down advanced concepts into manageable chunks.

Easy Sentence Reinforcement Exercise

To make sure your college students have a robust grasp of the easy sentence construction, have them undergo a photocopied textual content pitched at a language degree suited to their age and skill.

On the primary run-through, have college students determine and spotlight easy sentences within the textual content. Then, college students ought to use varied colours of pens to pick and underline the topic, the verb, and the article in every sentence.

This exercise helps guarantee a transparent understanding of how this construction works, in addition to serving to to internalize it. This can reap wealthy rewards for college students once they come to the following stage and it’s time for them to jot down their very own sentences utilizing this primary sample.

After college students have mastered combining topics, verbs, and objects into each lengthy and quick sentences, they are going to be prepared to maneuver onto the opposite 3 kinds of sentence, the following of which is the compound sentence.


Reinforcement Exercise

Various sentence construction in your writing

It’s extremely straightforward to fall into the lure of getting too many equally structured sentences.

Fortunately, a number of tweaks throughout modifying can simply make things better!

Take note, although, that you just don’t want to vary each sentence. Your go-to sentence construction would possibly work positive among the time.

If you happen to’re struggling to provide you with various kinds of sentences, or for those who’ve bought a sentence that isn’t working however you’re undecided why, you would possibly need to try June Casagrande’s guide It was the Best of Sentences, it was the Worst of Sentences: A Writer’s Guide to Crafting Killer Sentences for plenty of instance and insights.

Subsequent time you edit a bit of your writing — or another person’s — pay shut consideration to condemn construction. May a number of minor tweaks make the entire piece work a lot better?

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