How to Cook an Egg in Ramen


Egg sizes

For this recipe, use solely ‘massive’ measurement eggs. Different ones will work however you’ll have to regulate cooking occasions for them. ‘Giant’ is a particular measurement rated by the USDA which suggests the eggs weigh about 24 ounces per dozen. Right here’s the remainder of the USDA sizes for comparability:

  • Small: 18 ounces
  • Medium: 21 ounces
  • Giant: 24 ounces
  • Further-Giant: 27 ounces
  • Jumbo: 30 ounces


Can I cook dinner an egg within the microwave?

Is Cooking Eggs within the Microwave Protected? Sure, it’s secure to cook dinner eggs within the microwave, whether or not you want to poach, scramble, or “fry” your eggs. Typically, microwaved eggs style even higher than stovetop eggs.

3 Elements that Impression Cooking Time for Smooth-Boiled Eggs

When making ready to mushy boil eggs, three particular elements can have an effect on the cooking time:

  1. Water temperature. Goal for 190°F for finest outcomes. Deliver room temperature water to a rolling boil earlier than bringing it to a continuing simmer and including your eggs for an excellent cooking course of. Utilizing the chilly water technique to halt cooking will permit for much more precision.
  2. Batch measurement. The extra eggs you add to the pot, the slower the cooking course of will probably be. 4 eggs are the utmost quantity that it’s best to cook dinner at a time for a superbly soft-boiled batch.
  3. Egg measurement. Eggs are available six different sizes, starting from peewee to jumbo, which may impression the cooking time. Bigger eggs might take longer for the whites to set and yolks to return as much as most well-liked consistency.

Is it unhealthy to microwave cup noodles?

Microwaving cup noodles may cause super-heating of the contents in addition to can launch chemical compounds from the froth. … Most cup noodles direct you to warmth water in a separate container within the microwave after which pour it in and shut the lid.

Is ramen with egg wholesome?

Ramen lovers know every little thing’s higher with an egg on it. You may cook dinner it recent or marinate the eggs in tamari for a extra seasoned add-in. Both means, you’re getting a nutritious mix of B nutritional vitamins from the eggs, that are essential for the nervous system.

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How To Make Marinated Smooth-Boiled Eggs

These ramen eggs are so easy to make! Probably the most tough half is ready for them to marinate.

All of the directions are within the printable recipe card on the backside of this put up. However first, right here is a little more data (and a few step-by-step pictures).

To make these ramen eggs, all you need to do is make soft-boiled eggs after which marinate them. Although it’s only a few easy steps, I can perceive that boiling eggs may be considerably difficult. Listed here are a number of suggestions that may assist you!

Ideas For Making Good Smooth Boiled Eggs

Making fabulous soft-boiled eggs is really easy. Listed here are some suggestions that can make it even simpler.

Go away The Eggs At Room Temperature

Let the eggs sit on the counter for at the very least a number of hours. They need to come to room temperature. This may make it simpler for the eggs to peel after they’re soft-boiled.

Use A Ladle

Use A Ladle

Add the eggs into boiling water gently utilizing a ladle. You may add slightly little bit of vinegar or salt. This helps as a result of if the egg cracks, the vinegar or salt within the boiling water prevents the egg from spreading out an excessive amount of.

Watch The Cooking Time

Prepare dinner eggs for 7-8 minutes and maintain rotating the eggs. This makes certain the egg yolk will probably be centered. When you like a runny egg, cook dinner for under 7 minutes. I like mine slightly extra strong, so I normally cook dinner them for 8 minutes.

Place The Smooth-Boiled Eggs Into An Ice Tub

Take away the eggs into icy chilly water so the eggs won’t be cooked additional by the residual warmth.

Ideas For Making Ramen Egg Marinade

After you’ve gotten some completely soft-boiled eggs, you’re able to marinate them. Listed here are some suggestions (and step-by-step footage) that can assist you make the right marinade!

Use a Resealable Plastic Bag

You need to use any refrigerator-safe plastic bag that seals fully. The essential half is ensuring it seals with out leaking since it should have a lot of liquid marinade inside it.

Add Water To A Tall Container

This tip is will assist you take away all the additional air out of the meals storage bag!

Add some water to a tall container. Seal the plastic bag and go away about an inch of it open within the nook. Then, submerge the marinating eggs into the container of water.

Because the bag lowers into the water, the water stress will push the air out of the bag. When all of the air is out of the bag, seal it fully.

Regularly Requested Questions About Ramen Eggs

Q: How lengthy do ramen eggs final?

Smooth-boiled ramen eggs will solely final a number of days within the fridge as a result of they cannot be frozen. Use your ramen egg inside 5 days for the most effective style and to remain secure.

Q: Methods to make the eggs with out Mirin?

When you don’t have mirin, it may be substituted with sake/dry sherry and sugar. Learn extra about Japanese food substitution in this guide.

Q: What to eat with ramen egg?

Other than consuming with ramen, they are often simply eaten as a snack, or you may add to your Bento Box. If you’re going to add to your bento field, make your soft-boiled eggs slightly firmer.

Ought to I crack an egg into my ramen? 

That is solely as much as you. Some folks wish to poach an egg of their ramen bowl. That is undoubtedly an possibility. The one motive I don’t like doing that is that I actually like how marinated eggs style. They add a whole lot of flavour to my soup.

Can I hard-boil ramen egg? Sure, it’s okay to hard-boil your ramen egg. Historically, the eggs in ramen noodles are soft-boiled. When you like your eggs to have a firmer consistency, simply allow them to cook dinner for five extra minutes.

The cook dinner

My aim when making an ajitama egg is to have an egg cooked to the next traits:


  • A completely cooked white, pleasantly bouncy with out being rubbery
  • A yolk that’s custardy, not liquid nor onerous

Firstly, I would like the white cooked to a special doneness than the yolk. To do that, it’s in my finest curiosity to blast the egg with fast warmth, in order that the surface cooks quickly, and the within simply begins to get warmed.


Water transfers warmth evenly and rapidly, so it’s an ideal medium to cook dinner in. This implies, although, that sous-vide shouldn’t be going to work on your basic ajitama, wanting setting a circulator at a super-high temperature north of 200 levels Fahrenheit. Whites and yolks firm up at different temperatures, with yolks firming up at a a lot decrease temp than whites (round 140-180 levels for whites, 149 to 158 levels for yolks). Egg proteins may agency up as time goes on, additional complicating issues (a yolk cooked at 150 levels for an hour is looser than one cooked at 150 levels for 2 hours).

For our functions, we don’t must cope with such complexities. So right into a rolling boil of water the eggs go. By the point the white is totally set (about seven minutes), the yolk is simply beginning to come as much as temperature.


I additionally wish to be sure that the outside has as a lot time to cook dinner with out transferring warmth to the yolk, as a result of the yolk cooks quicker than the white. To do that, merely use chilly eggs. The chilly inside of the egg goes to stop that warmth switch from occurring too rapidly, providing you with extra flexibility in creating the gradient from agency white to fudge-like yolk.

After the eggs cook dinner, it’s important to shock them in ice water to cease all cooking. Once more, we’re aiming for a really particular texture, so the quicker we will halt any carry-over cooking, the higher. It may appear arbitrary, however an egg with a number of extra minutes of heat pumped into the yolk can go from superb runny goodness to a chalky yellow disappointment.


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Step 4

Crack an egg right into a small bowl. Go away it complete for a poached egg, or beat it for extra of an egg-drop soup impact.

Immediate Pot Ramen Egg

This Immediate Pot Ramen Egg Recipe will make the right topping on your ramen at house!  They cook dinner in only a few minutes after which are soaked in a Japanese model marinade to make the right ramen egg!

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Prep Time: 10 minutesPrepare dinner Time: 4 minutes8 hours

Whole Time: 8 hours 14 minutes

Servings: 4 eggsEnergy: 74kcalWriter: Meghan McMorrow | Fox and Briar

Can you place a uncooked egg in prompt ramen?

All you need to do is crack a uncooked egg into your pot of noodles (or you may evenly beat the egg in a separate small bowl after which pour it into the pot of noodles ). As you combine the broth, the egg ought to begin to separate and cook dinner. Scrumptious!

Necessary Ideas Methods to Make Ramen Eggs

Tip #1: Prepare dinner the marinade

To make the marinade, I extremely advocate cooking it for 1 minute after boiling. This ensures the sugar dissolves and the alcohol evaporates fully leaving solely the pure umami and sweetness within the sauce.

Tip #2: Add vinegar and salt when boiling eggs

When you don’t have a selected technique of cooking boiled eggs, strive including vinegar and salt to the boiling water earlier than you add the eggs.

I’ve tried many alternative approaches and I used to be shocked on the 100% success charge with the vinegar & salt technique when involves peeling my eggs. The peels come off completely each time.

Have you ever tried it? Do you utilize any “trick” to make boiled eggs? Please share your technique within the remark under.

Tip #3: Use refrigerated eggs

Utilizing a fine-mesh sieve/strainer, gently decrease your eggs straight from the fridge into the (already) boiling water and decrease the warmth barely to a simmer.

Tip #4: Prepare dinner 7 minutes from the primary egg in boiling water

Begin setting the timer for 7 minutes from the primary egg submerging in boiling water. It takes about 30 seconds or much less to submerge all 4 eggs. (In different phrases, set the timer for six minutes and 30 seconds for those who begin the timer whenever you end submerging all of the eggs. Little adjustment issues!

I take advantage of massive American eggs for this recipe and realizing that egg sizes do differ in numerous elements of the world, you would possibly want to regulate the cooking time barely.

Tip #5: Shock the eggs in ice water

Shock the boiled eggs in ice water instantly and allow them to chill for at the very least quarter-hour. I take advantage of the identical ice water to dip the boiled eggs a number of occasions when peeling them. Water goes into the hole and helps peel simply.

Tip #6: Marinate the eggs in a single day

You may marinade the ramen eggs for only a few hours or in a single day which I favor. That means I can deal with making ramen the following day whereas the eggs keep marinated within the fridge ready for his or her look.

I’d cease marinating round after 2 days, or else it will get salty. Additionally, soft-boiled eggs needs to be consumed in 3-4 days.



Once you’re not within the temper to make a bowl of sizzling ramen soup from scratch, you may at all times boil prompt noodles and add in a poached egg and a few yummy cheese slices to make it a full meal.

It’s such a straightforward meal to make with minimal prep work required, and also you received’t have a ton of dishes to scrub up afterward.

If you wish to make your ramen more healthy, add in some further greens, and it’s certain to fill you up.

Fairly go for a vegan ramen recipe however not miss out on taste? Check out this delicious vegan ramen noodle soup!

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