How To Cut A Dado Shelf Joint With Hand Tools



In the dado video I show these basic steps:

Within the dado video I present these fundamental steps:

  • Use a marking gauge to find out the gap of your dado joint from the sting of the board.
  • Maintain the shelf piece in opposition to the opposite board, and maintain the workpiece down with 1 or 2 holdfasts
  • Scribe the shelf piece onto the different board with a marking knife. This ensures a decent match. Make a pencil mark so that you’ll keep in mind which edge goes into the joint.
  • Take away the holdfasts and shelf board then use a marking gauge to mark the specified depth of your dado joint: Roughly 1/3 – 1/2 of the best way down.
  • Use a marking knife to create trenches in your backsaw
  • Use your cross reduce noticed to chop shut to your remaining depth
  • Use a bench chisel (smaller width than your dado joint) to pare out waste, however not all the best way to your remaining depth.
  • Use a router airplane (like my Stanley No. 71) to wash up the underside of the dado joint and produce the joint all the way down to its remaining depth.
  • Match the shelf piece

This is a very simple way to make a dado joint and

It is a quite simple approach to make a dado joint and it’s sooner (if making a pair dados) than organising and shimming a dado stack on a desk noticed!



The Distinction Between a Wobble Dado Blade and a Stacked Dado

The most typical sort of dado blade is the stacked dado as described beforehand, nonetheless there’s one other kind referred to as a wobble dado blade. The wobble dado may be very completely different as it’s comprised of just one blade.

The only blade is bent in order that because it rotates it cuts in varied factors alongside the timber. They don’t produce as clear a lower alongside the perimeters or base of the groove.

Step 5

In the meantime, the bottom glues have hardened, and you’ll assemble.To make it attainable to clamp the jig on each the fence and the crosscut sled, a clamping plate is mounted on the again and aspect. As you will notice within the video or the pictures, I made the clamp plates to the right width, however barely longer than the size they need to be in the long run. Afterward, you may trim it very simply.

To mount the clamping plates I used wooden glue and brad nails, a means that enables me to work rapidly with out clamping and ready for the glue to dry.

TIP: When you’re contemplating shopping for a nail gun, you should definitely try my earlier article on discovering the right nail gun. In that article, I’ll go over all of the several types of nail weapons out there, so you will discover the precise one in your workshop.

After adjusting the clamping plates, place the adjustable components over the threaded rod and safe them with the selfmade knobs.It’s best to put a washer between the knob and the adjustable half in order that the adjustable half may be securely fixed with the knob.

Utilizing a Dado Blade with a Desk Noticed

A dado blade is mounted onto ta desk noticed in the identical means that a regular noticed blade is mounted, to the arbor. Nevertheless, the largest distinction is that the desk noticed insert have to be swapped out to appropriately match the kerf of the dado blade you’re utilizing.

Relying on the depth of your dado lower you may nonetheless regulate the peak of your arbor. This adjustments the dado peak and due to this fact will take away kind of materials relying on the peak set. We wouldn’t suggest rotating your arbor and utilizing the dado blade at an angle as it’s not designed for use on this trend.

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Step 8: Set Depth of Minimize

Setting the depth of lower isn’t any completely different than you’d for another blade. NEVER try a through-cut with the dado.

Step 5: Testing the Peak of the Stack

Utilizing a small piece of wooden, I can take a look at the thickness of my stack to make it only a tiny bit thicker than the board I have a tendency to slip into the dado (leaving room for glue).

Shims are positioned between the highest plate and chipper to get the peak the place I would like it.

Utilizing a Router

One other widespread technique for chopping dadoes is to make use of a straight-cutting bit on a router. When utilizing a router to chop a dado, preserve the bit velocity low and lower the dado in a number of shallow passes, going about 1/16 to 1/8 inch deeper with every cross. This helps to stop burning the bit or the wooden and prematurely dulling the router bit.

Use a straightedge to information the router and guarantee a straight path. Remember that utilizing a 3/4-inch router bit will lower a dado barely bigger than a 3/4-inch sheet of plywood (which is absolutely 23/32 inch thick). Whereas 23/32-inch straight router bits are commercially out there, utilizing a 1/2-inch bit and two passes can present the identical end result.

When This Doesnt Work

Think about you’re making an leisure middle. Might you horse a 24″ x 84″ piece of plywood onto your desk noticed, maintain it flat on the machine, and precisely lower dadoes and rabbets? In all probability not. With massive items it’s typically simpler to take the machine to the work than convey the work to the machine. That is when understanding how one can make dadoes with a hand-held router pays off.

Some tasks name for stopped dadoes so the dado gained’t present on the entrance of the piece. Can’t try this (safely) with a dado head on a desk noticed.

Plywood can create dado issues. It’s vulnerable to bowing, and also you’ve received to ensure you can push the bow out of it when chopping dadoes. Featherboards assist however, relying on the scale of the piece and the quantity of bow, a desk noticed will not be the reply.

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