How to delete all Gmail messages on Android


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Disable iCloud Backup

Be sure to check if your text messages are still in iCloud. If you’ve enabled messages to sync across your devices for Backup, you’ll need to see if they still show up. After disabling iCloud Backup, you may need to delete on other devices. 

On your iPhone and iPad:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap [your name] > iCloud.
  3. Turn off Messages.

Note if you turn off Messages, your message history will be included in a separate iCloud backup. You’ll have to delete from here to make sure it’s really gone. Learn more about clearing iPhone storage here.

How do I delete pictures from text messages on Android?

How to delete an SMS thread in Hangouts

  • Open the Hangouts app.
  • Tap and hold on the thread itself, and not on the contact picture.
  • You are now in selection mode, so you can keep selecting the threads that you want to delete.
  • Select the trash icon on the upper right hand corner.
  • Tap Delete to confirm deletion.

Can you delete your text messages on someone elses phone?

With one tap, you can delete your entire conversation, and not just from your phone. Wiper even lets you erase your conversations from others’ phones, too.

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Part 5 : How to Permanently Delete Text Messages on Android Phone

What if you have thousands of text messages need to be deleted? The Safest and fastest way to delete text messages Android is using SafeWiper for Android. It is an effective Android data eraser that can erase all private data permanently.

Step 1. Connect Android to SafeWiper for Android

Run this delete text messages Android app. Later, connect Android to your computer via a lightning USB cable.

Step 2 . Choose the certain data erasing mode

Step 2. Choose the certain data erasing mode

There are three options you can choose including "Erase All Data", "Erase Private Data" and "Erase App Data". You can enter into the correct mode to delete Android messages freely. Then click "Erase" to move on.

Step 3 . Delete text messages on Android without f

Step 3. Delete text messages on Android without freezing

When the program detects your Android phone thoroughly, you can select "Messages" and choose which text message to delete freely. Later, choose "Settings" to set the security level manually. At last, click "Erase" to permanently delete selected text messages.

When the process finishes, you can check your smar

When the process finishes, you can check your smart phone to see if those messages are removed or not.

Part 2 : Delete All Text Messages on Android

To delete all text messages on Android, you can still use Messages app to remove unwanted messages completely.

Step 1. Run "Messaging" app (For some Android devices, choose "Apps" and then navigate "Messaging").

Step 2. Long press the thread you want to remove.

Step 3. Choose the small box next to "Select all" option.

Step 4. Click "Delete" on the top right corner.

Step 5. Choose "OK" or "Yes" to confirm the Android text messages deletion.

As a result, you can delete all text messages on y

As a result, you can delete all text messages on your Android mobile phone successfully.

Delete Text Messages on Android Phone One by One Manually

You must know that you can remove text messages from your Android phone manually. On your Android phone, tap the Messaging app to enter the message screen. Tap a thread and tap the button next to the home button to show the message management menu. Tap Delete messages. Then, tick the pieces of messages you’re going to remove. If you want to delete all, tick Select all. Then, tap Delete.

Pros: Completely free. You can do it yourself.Cons: Time-consuming. Not available to delete hundreds or thousands of threads at a time.

Solution 2: Factory Reset Android Phone To Delete Text Messages [Recoverable]

Factory reset helps you to delete all data (including text messages) and information that you have stored in your phone. This process is helpful when you are selling or donating your phone to someone else.

So, if you have some important data that you have not backed up then before performing factory reset, backup them.

Note: Still text messages are recoverable even after doing factory reset. It can be easily recovered with the use of appropriate Android data recovery tool.

However, below follow the steps to factory reset your Android device:

Step 1:  On your Android phone go to “Settings”.

Step 2: After that you need to tap on “System” option.

Step 3: Then select “Reset” option.

Step 4: Next, tap on “Erase all data (Factory reset)” option.

Step 5: Now a list will appear showing the data types, you must check that those data is backed up or not.

Step 6: Finally, tap on “Erase All DATA” option.

Now simply wait for factory reset process to get c

Now simply wait for factory reset process to get complete and thereafter you can set-up your device from the beginning. All your phone’s data including text messages will get erased.

Important Note: Both the above-mentioned solutions will delete your text messages from Android but it can be recovered by using Android data recovery software. So, to permanently delete text messages from SIM card on Android phone just follow the last and final solution mentioned-below.

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Android Data Recovery ($50)

This is one of the more popular tools in recovering data from an Android phone, including text messages. Available for Windows 10 and MacOS, this desktop software will scan all deleted items and present a list of data you can pick and choose to recover. It even retrieves deleted photos, videos, messages, and photos delivered through WhatsApp.

Android Recovery

Delete multiple messages at once on Android

This applies to Google’s Messages app. The icon has lines in a conversation bubble.

Step 1: Tap to open Messages.

Step 2: Tap and hold on the first message you want to delete. A checkmark should appear to its left.

Step 3: Tap on all other messages you want to be deleted.

Step 4: Tap Delete located on the slide-up menu at the bottom.

Step 5: Tap Delete in the pop-up window to confirm.


If you’re trying to delete every message on your phone, even selecting and deleting message threads one at a time might be too much work for some users, depending on how many messages populate their phone.

Textra is a messaging app that you can download on any Android device. When you download the app simply set it to your default messaging app. All of your current texts will automatically carry over. We like this app because it does give us a little more freedom to delete messages than others on our list.

Note: Any messages that you delete from Textra will also be removed from your phone’s default messaging app.

In appearance, Textra has nearly the identical layout and design of Android Messages, with two main advantages: complete and total customization, and additional options and settings not offered through the Android Messages app.

Automatically Delete Messages in Textra

So, once you’ve installed Textra through the Google Play Store, fire up the app, let it complete optimization, and dive into settings by hitting that triple-dotted menu button in the top-right hand corner of your display.

Once you’ve opened the settings menu, scroll down to the very bottom of the options and find the “More Stuff” category. It’s here where we’ll find the easiest way to delete your text messages.

Select “Messages to Keep,” from the top of the list, and you’ll receive a pop-up notification allowing you to customize how many messages are shown per conversation.

From here, you can set your text and media message limits to the lowest applicable numbers: 25 and 2, respectively. This will delete all by the most recent 25 text messages per conversation, and all but the most recent 2 media messages per conversation, thus limiting the messages coming into your phone and keeping your conversations private. Once you’ve selected the numbers of your liking, you can tap “Okay” to close the menu, and your phone will do the rest.

Using OnePlus Messages app

OnePlus has steadily established itself as one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world. The Chinese OEM may not yet have a strong foothold in the United States, but in India and other Asian markets, it’s arguably the most prominent presence in the premium segment. OnePlus has a reputation for delivering a near-stock Android experience, with some added bells and whistles. The OnePlus messaging app isn’t necessarily a head-turner, but it does get the job done without breaking a sweat.

The app supports bulk deletion and the process is almost identical to the two mentioned above.

Step 1: Open the Messages app on your OnePlus device.

Step 2: Press and hold a message you want to delete.

Step 3: The option to delete multiple messages at once would be unlocked.

Step 4: Check the little box at the top to select all messages or manually select multiple messages.

Step 5: Tap on the recycle bin icon at the top-right corner and confirm.


Tons of old messages are definitely occupy storage on your phone, so it’s necessary to timely delete or wipe junk messages. For a further clean, you can also take dr.fone a try.