How to do a 'bulk unfollow' on Twitter


A service I should never have used

Once there was a service that helped you to get followers. It was like amn automatic „follower exchange system“ – You follow me and I follow you in return. I think that these systems are not allowed anymore (maybe never have been though) and I also don’t think that those practices were of any good value anyways. Cause all those passive unintended followers may have helped to increase the follower count but never helped to increase reach or interaction with your content.

Hmm I think I will keep my folowers but I am sure many of them will auto unfoollow me as well. But that is okay for me. That generated audience was useless. And just a test in the early days of social media. We all evolve and the media finally will too. So it is important to check, test re-check and adapt.

The Video-Tutorial Unfollowing all Accounts

I have created a video that shows all steps for your convenience. unfollowing all your bulk load is easier than you might think. Rebuilding a reasonable amount of usefull accounts as well. Just have a look and feel free to comment. thanks for reading.


Final thoughts about using top 10 Twitter tools to unfollow

If you are a blogger, you might already know the importance of website traffic.

Website traffic is the currency online. And you simply can’t depend on Google to increase your traffic or sales. You never know when Google is going to penalize your site. That’s why it’s essential for you to focus on social media sites.

When it comes to social media traffic, nothing beats the quality of twitter traffic. Almost every top influencer uses twitter to grow their engagement, followers, traffic and sales.

All the top 10 twitter tools mentioned on this page are really easy to use and most of them are free (some of them have free trial versions) so pick any one or two among them and start unfollowing your unfollowers.

Do you have any questions? Which twitter tool do you use? Do you have any more recommendations?