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How to Return an eBook

You will get asked to return a borrowed ebook before you can borrow another one.

You can also return a borrowed ebook by going to the Manage Your Content and Devices page at Amazon. Just click the Actions button next to the title and select to Return this book.

Fire tablet

It is a lot harder to explain where to find the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library on the Fire tablets due to the significant menu changes Amazon made with each major firmware update, but if you keep looking you will find it.

Turn on your Fire tablet, then navigate to the Books menu, and select the option to visit the Kindle Store.

The next step is to open the menu and select the option for KOLL, but the location of that menu varies from one Fire tablet to the next.

On my mother’s really old Kindle Fire 8.9, the menu was on the front page of the Kindle Store along the right edge of the screen – I just had to scroll down to find it.

But on my late model Fire tablet, I had to swipe my finger from the left edge of the screen to open the menu, and then scroll down to find the option for KOLL.

Where do you find the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library on your Fire tablet?

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How to buy Kindle books on Amazon

Kindles are quite slow devices, they don’t need to be fast if all they’re doing is emulating a paper book, and this can be frustrating if you’re quick with your tech. However, you’re able to browse the massive Kindle library on the Amazon website too.

To do this, head over to your region’s variant of the Amazon website. On the far left of the screen you should see a button with three horizontal lines which says ‘All’ – click this, and a side menu will appear. Now click ‘Kindle E-Readers & Books’, then ‘Kindle Books’.

You’ll be presented with the Amazon Kindle storefront, listing books by all different kinds of categories and genre. If you search in the bar at the top of the webpage, it’ll only search the Kindle library, letting you easily search for the book you want.

Once you’ve selected the book you want, select it to go onto its webpage, and here you’ll find information like its price and information. You’ll be able to select the book in a few different formats like Hardcover and Paperback, but you’ll want to select the option for ‘Kindle’ to ensure you’re getting the correct version.

When you have the Kindle edition of your chosen book selected, click ‘Buy now’ to the far right, and go through the usual paying procedures you use for Amazon. Now the book is yours.

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How to Borrow a Kindle Book

To be able to borrow books for free, you must own a Kindle and be a member of Amazon Prime. The service does not work with Kindle apps. You borrow a book from your Kindle, you can’t borrow it from the website and send it to your Kindle.

To borrow a book, go to your Kindle, and press Menu => Shop in Kindle Store. Under Browse, click on See All and scroll down to Kindle Owners Lending Library.

How to download Kindle books

Downloading your Kindle books could seem like a mystifying process, but that’s actually because it’s so easy and convenient that you’d be forgiven for not thinking it happened at all.

When you buy or lend a book via the Amazon Kindle device, it’s automatically downloaded (provided you have space), and that’s also the case for if you go through the process online. 

The only exception would be, if you bought a book on the Amazon website while your Kindle wasn’t connected to the internet. In that case, simply connect your Kindle to your Wi-Fi and the book will be automatically download.

Kindles are designed for everyone to use, whether you’re tech-savvy or a technophobe, so it’s good the download process is so simple.

How to Borrow an Ebook From a Public Library

Even with the advent of non-physical texts, the good old public library remains an option for borrowing ebooks as well. All you need is to do is find out if your library lends ebooks and you’re good to go as long as you have the requisite library card. Just because the books are digital does not mean libraries have unlimited copies to lend out, though. Like regular books, each digital copy is treated like one title and can only be borrowed by one person at a time.

  1. Find out if the public library lends out Kindle books. You can either check the library’s website or use OverDrive to verify that they do. To use the latter, go to

  2. If the library lends out Kindle ebooks, go to their website and search for the title that you’re interested in borrowing.

  3. After you have found the book that you want, sign into your Amazon account once you get to the checkout portion. From here, select the device or Kindle app that you want to send the borrowed ebook to.

  4. If using a Kindle, connect it online via Wi-Fi. You should receive the book automatically if the Kindle’s Whispersync functionality is activated.

  5. If not you will need to manually sync your Kindle. To do that, go to your Kindle menu and tap the Settings tab (it looks like a gear). This will bring out another submenu.

  6. Tap Sync My Kindle. You should get your borrowed ebook after that.