How to Fix a Computer That Makes a High-Pitched Noise


Clicking or grinding noises

Let’s begin with probably the most worrisome sound. In case your pc begins to click on, grind, or make any type of low-pitched buzzing noise, it is best to cease what you’re doing and verify the laborious drive. This sound might point out a dying disk. Don’t ignore this sound.

To verify your drive’s well being, I like to recommend a third-party software like CrystalDiskInfo (Home windows) or DriveDx (macOS). Hearth up this system, click on on every of your drives within the menu, and ensure they’re all listed as “Good.” If it signifies your drive is something lower than that, it is best to again up all of your knowledge as quickly as doable. You should still have a while to take action—sometimes a drive marked “Warning” can nonetheless run for years, but when it’s making noises, the drive’s demise could be shut. As soon as all of your information are protected, think about changing your drive with an SSD—not solely will it probably last more, but it surely’ll make your pc really feel a lot quicker. In case your laborious drives are wholesome, take the incident as a warning and keep away from any disagreeable surprises by backing up your data regularly, as a result of because it occurs to any residing creature, all laborious drives will die at some point.

One you’ve dominated out your laborious drive because the wrongdoer, you’ll must dig slightly deeper to search out the supply of that clicking sound. In case your pc nonetheless has a DVD drive, then it might be within the technique of failing, and desires restore or replacement.

Lastly, in plenty of desktop PCs, a clicking noise might simply imply a cable has gotten too near a fan, and is getting hit repeatedly by the blades. In case you’re comfy with a screwdriver, open up your PC and ensure the followers are away from obstructions.



The issue is extremely particular to working system, mannequin and even particular person machines. There isn’t any common answer, however on most machines one of many following will scale back or get rid of the noise (presumably at some value in energy consumption).

What Causes the Excessive-Pitched Sound?

Almost any system can expertise coil whine but it surely’s frequent for video cards to make a high-pitched sound since they’re usually used for high-intensity duties—like video video games, graphics modifying, and video playback — and are often getting used for these duties for hours at a time.

One method to confirm what’s producing the noise with the intention to higher decide the way to repair it’s to pay very shut consideration to when the noise occurs. If the noise is far louder than traditional once you’re enjoying video video games, you may blame your video card (that's in all probability what's inflicting the high-pitched sound anyway).

One other approach is to make use of a benchmark software to check particular {hardware} after which, once more, pay attention for when the noise is definitely produced. In case you’re having troubles, you may want to carry a straw out of your ear subsequent to numerous parts in your pc to assist isolate the sound. Simply please watch out once you do that!

Nevertheless, watch out to not confuse different noises — like pops, rattles, or clicks — for high-pitched sounds and simply assume it is coil whine and stroll away with out addressing it. For instance, a squealing noise may at first appear to be coil whine but it surely might really be noise from the hard drive pointing to a failing HDD, and one other sound may extra precisely be an indication of a quickly overheating power supply.

Even when the noise is not coil whine, it doesn’t suggest that no matter it’s is inflicting an issue. For instance, in case your pc makes a noise every time you are doing one thing like burning a film to a disc or ripping music from a CD, that is simply the optical disc drive—it is regular to listen to the disc spin.

In different phrases, it's vital to pay attention for the distinct hissing that more than likely means the issue is with a vibrating coil, by which case it may be known as coil whine and you may deal with it as such.

You may even expertise a high-pitched noise when the pc is off! That is more than likely a difficulty with the facility provide. One thing you possibly can strive in that scenario is changing the facility wire with one which contains a ferrite bead.