How to get a back zipper unstuck that has a thread stuck in it


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Trapped Dirt

If you can’t see any obvious reason for your backpack zipper to be stuck, it could be caused by a build-up of trapped dirt within the slider. Try blowing hard to get any loose particles out before they cause any further problems.

Gently try to manipulate the zipper, stopping immediately if there’s any sign of it straining. You may want to try submerging the zipper area in water whilst gently jiggling it to remove any trapped dirt.

How do You Fix a Stuck Uneven Zipper

One of the causes for this is that the zipper teeth have worn out. They do not lock together as they should and you get an uneven zipper fit. Or the teeth have bent in some fashion making sure they do not fit together like they are supposed to.

If the teeth are bent, you can get a nice pair of needle nose pliers that are slim enough to hold the teeth and strong enough to bend them back into shape. If this solution doe snot work long term or the teeth are worn out, you should replace the zipper.

Then there may be something wrong with the slider, the part that brings the teeth together. If this part is broken or damaged you probably have to replace it. There is no way to bend it back into shape once it goes bad.

Salt build up on zippers

If you’re using your zipper in an outdoor or marine environment it can over time build up a layer of salt and seize. There are a number of ways to remove the build-up but it’s best, to begin with, the safest options first.

Start by trying to dissolve the salt by washing the zipper with warm water and giving it a scrub.

If your zipper is still stuck, then try washing and scrubbing with a non-detergent soapy water solution to clean it out.

You can also try dissolving the salt build up by washing and brushing the zipper with a mildly acidic solution. The easiest safe household options include a vinegar solution, cola (phosphoric acid ) or lemon juice (citric acid).

Another option that can work is to soak the zipper overnight. This allows the liquid solution time to soak the zipper and hopefully unstick it. We find that using a baking soda or vinegar solution works best in this situation.


Salt build-up on the zipper is easily preventable. Everytime your zippers are in contact with salt water or used in a salty environment simply give them a clean afterwards to wash away any build-up.

We suggest giving your backpack or clothing a rinse, but if that’s not possible a simple wipe of the zipper will work.

You can also look at applying a zipper lubricant to help protect the zipper. ( Our choice)

Ways about how to fix a zipper that is stuck:

When your zipper gets stuck, getting crazy and trying to rip off the zipper to open up your backpack is not at all the solution. Keeping your head calm to detect what is the issue and to find out the right solution is the key to get things solved. We have listed down some problems that cause zippers to get stuck and the relatable solutions that you can apply.

1. Snagged zippers:

If you see that your zipper caught some surrounding fabric within the aligned teeth, all you have to do is try gently to reverse the slider. The more you try reversing the slider gently with patience the less any damage to be caused to the aligned teeth of the zipper.

To add more, try holding the fabric caught in between the teeth to either the left or the right side to help for releasing it from the trap while you are slowly reversing the slider.

2. Dirt trapped between the aligned teeth:

If you can’t find any suitable reason why your backpack is stuck, the most obvious reason might be because of the buildup of dirt that is within the slider. Try blowing away the dirt and any loose particles trapped within the teeth, this may solve the problem.

And then try moving the slider, and if you notice any sort of straining you stop right at that moment. The next thing that you want to try is to wet the zipper area and jiggle it to help release the trapped dirt from the aligned teeth.

3. Stuck for no reason:

If there is no fabric trapped in between or no dirt as well, then it is your zipper that is faulty. The slider might have some issues that need to be fixed by doing something else. You might try to lubricate the alignment of teeth on both sides to help in moving the slider to glide on smoothly. Once you see that your zipper is free, clean the oil. As oil can result in catching on more dirt making things worse.

Other than that, if you see nothing works, don’t break open the zipper right then. If you are in the middle of a hike that is a completely wrong thing to do as many important things might fall off from your backpack when you are moving.

So in such situations, open a compartment that has a zipper working properly. Then cut through the internal cloth of that compartment so that you can have access to the next compartment whose zipper is stuck. This gives you time to finish your hike without any hurdles or issues. Then you can decide what you want to do with the stuck zipper after you reach home.

Good quality backpacks are expensive and just throwing an entire backpack for one stuck zipper does not seem cost-effective. The best thing you can do is just find a local company and ask them to replace the zipper for you.

Replacing and Mending Broken Zippers

It can be a waste to throw away a good backpack because of a broken zipper. Zippers themselves are relatively inexpensive and if you can’t fix the zipper yourself, you should be able to find a local company that can replace it for you.

If your zipper is faulty, you may be entitled to a new backpack under your manufacturer’s guarantee. In any case it’s often worth contacting them, you never know, they might at least offer you a discount even if the product itself wasn’t faulty.

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Ways to Unstick Your Zipper

Sometimes the fabric is not the cause for your zipper’s refusal to move. Dirt is the culprit or the teeth may be uneven and soon. There are many ways to get your zippers working like they should without having to visit a seamstress.

1. WD-40

This is the duck tape of lubricants. It can handle a variety of stuck zipper jobs and make sure the metal is well lubricated so the zipper doesn’t get stuck again.

2. Cooking oil

Only a couple of drops are needed to work the zipper loose. This is a lot like WD 40 except this may not work on rust.

3. Wax crayon

They are made of wax-like candles so their texture will work like candle wax. Just do not overdo it when you rub it on your zipper.

4. Candle wax

A lot like wax crayons and your child won’t get angry if you use this over their wax crayons. Just don’t use your wife’s good candles.

5. Liquid soap

Like cooking oil you only need a couple of drops to help you work the zipper-free. Again do not pour more than a couple of drops on unless you are going to clean the zipper at the same time.

6. Lip Balm

This works and like cooking oil and liquid soap, you won’t need to use a lot.

7. Pencil lead

For best results use on dark-colored metal zippers only. Avoid using this item on light-colored zippers and nylon or plastic ones.

Be Careful!

There are a lot of varying tips about how to unzip a zipper and a number of websites recommend using Vaseline or petroleum jelly on the zipper.

We do not recommend this approach. While petroleum jelly can be a great lubricant for the zipper it will be messy, but worst of all, it will attract and hold dirt that will end up re-sticking the zipper.

Good luck! We hope these ideas work for you and provide a solution on how to unstick a zipper.