How to Get Really High From Smoking Weed


1. Joints, Spliffs, And Blunts

You will need to notice the distinction between a joint, a spliff and a blunt. Whereas a joint is 100% marijuana rolled inside rolling or cigarette papers. A blunt is rolled inside cigar or tobacco papers. In consequence, blunts are a lot bigger than joints and typically even resemble cigars. 

Alternatively, a spliff is a weed combined with tobacco inside a rolling paper. These rolling papers are comprised of supplies similar to flax, rice, wooden pulp or hemp which is coated with wax or a type of gloss which prevents them from burning as shortly as common paper.

The idea is straightforward. Roll the weed into any rolling paper of your selection and light-weight one finish. Inhale the smoke from the opposite finish. Combining the 2 (nicotine and pot) gives you a novel excessive.


Rock Band

If you wish to smoke weed and rock out with mates, this sport is the perfect selection for you. Rock Band allows you to stay out your interior famous person fantasies and encourages you to jam out with the guitar, drums, or vocals.

This excessive power sport is ideal for events or massive teams, particularly should you add a wholesome quantity of hashish into the combo. Rock Band requires loads of focus, so being stoned might enhance your efficiency and show you how to focus.  

Rock Band is packed stuffed with superior songs and trippy visuals to take pleasure in. Stoners love this sport as a result of it’s the right combination of chilled out music and aggressive enjoyable. Rock Band pairs fantastically with every kind of hashish strains relying on the way you wish to play the sport.

Attempt a robust hybrid like White Fireplace OG should you’re going to be singing or enjoying the guitar. For those who’re going to play the drums on Rock Band, a mellow indica like Granddaddy Purple will set the temper.

For those who loved this text, try our weed quotes for some considerate perspective on marijuana.

Katamari Damacy

Katamari Damacy is a uniquely weird, award-winning sport that’s not like the rest you’ve ever performed earlier than. You play as Prince of the Cosmos, and your mission is to roll up the entire objects and other people on earth to show into stars. This wacky, energetic sport is an enormous hit in each America and Japan. Followers love the mix of puzzle and racing parts together with a loopy plot and delightful animations. 

Your folks will love this energetic, distinctly Japanese masterpiece. There are quite a few installations within the Katamari Damacy collection, and the video games could be performed throughout a number of platforms together with PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Change.

The surreal, vibrant qualities of this sport make it the right decide for enjoying whereas excessive. Ingesting a sativa that produces an uplifted, inventive excessive will make this unimaginable sport much more enjoyable. When enjoying Katamari Damacy, attempt a hashish pressure like Maui Wowie, Forbidden Fruit, or Skinny Mint Lady Scout Cookies.

Methods to Smoke Weed out of Dab Rigs

Dab refers to concentrated, potent doses of hashish fabricated from extracted cannabinoids, additionally referred to as wax, shatter, or budder. Dab rigs, or oil rigs, are redesigned pipes made particularly for smoking dab. 

Due to the potent focus, dabbing gives you a style of all the marijuana benefits and one of many strongest, quickest hits you’ve ever had.

For those who already know methods to smoke a bowl of weed, then utilizing a dab rig gained’t be that onerous. 

What do you’ll want to do? 

  • Warmth the dab with a torch.
  • After it cools down, put the extract within the heated bowl. 
  • Inhale. 

It goes with out saying that first-timers ought to steer clear of dabbing. That is for seasoned customers solely who’re in search of a excessive they’ll’t get from some other technique of smoking marijuana. 

The truth is, for some long-time customers, methods to smoke marijuana can’t be imagined with no dab. Right here’s why.

Dabbing is without doubt one of the cleanest methods to smoke weed, which means it’s the greatest on your lungs. The wax you utilize solely has the important cannabinoids and not one of the resin and different elements of the plant you don’t need to smoke. 

One of many downsides to dabbing is the value. It may be expensive, however because it’s a lot stronger than hashish buds, you’ll in all probability want loads much less of it to get excessive.

Smoking Weed Utilizing a Joint

A joint is the most well-liked type of smoking weed. Joints have been used to smoke hashish for 1000’s of years. This technique is probably the most prevalent world wide. The reason is is its ease of use and comfort. You possibly can match a pack of rolling papers just about wherever.

We wrote a complete information on methods to roll the right joint! Click here to learn how to roll a joint perfectly every time!

To roll a joint you need to place the weed inside

To roll a joint you’ll want to place the weed contained in the paper after which roll it as much as make it sealed. This makes an airway for the hashish to be simply inhaled to the lungs.

Rolling a joint is an artwork kind the hashish world. Everybody has completely different tips and suggestions on the subject of rolling, however the person finds what feels comfy to them.

In abstract, joints are fast and simple to roll and take up small quantities of weed. There’s a cause they’re the most well-liked! Moreover, they’re among the best methods to smoke weed.

If you want to learn the easiest way to roll a joint, click here.

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Methods to Smoke Weed Out of a Water Bottle

There isn’t a lot round the home which you could’t flip into a tool to benefit from the advantages of smoking weed. Like with the soda can, all you want are some holes within the water bottle. 

Put a foil of weed on the mouthpiece, and also you’ve acquired a water bottle pipe. It’s not as dangerous as smoking weed out of a soda can, but it surely does require slightly stability once you maintain it.

9. Scorching Knives

This technique requires a little bit of persistence and focus. In case you are seeking to check out alternative ways to smoke weed, think about the new knives technique.

How does it work?

Warmth two butter knives on prime of your range till they’re crimson sizzling. Take one knife and drop a wax-dab, or shatter shard, on prime of the knife. You must then put the opposite heated knife on prime of the weed making a kind of “knife sandwich”.

The final step is to inhale the smoke that rises from the knives by means of your nostril. It provides virtually an prompt excessive.

Strategy 2: Quitting Weed Chilly Turkey

You might not need to stop smoking weed on a gradual foundation as a result of:

You might must stop instantly for a lot of causes (work, relationships, college, authorized points and many others).

You might be the kind of one that does issues ‘all or nothing’ and it might work greatest so that you can lower it out fully.

The strategy of going cold turkey has a historical past of being related with drug habit. It merely means you fully lower out marijuana consumption.

It definitely has the clear benefit of a fast affect. You’ll see outcomes right away. Nevertheless, it’s a lot extra sophisticated than it seems. It’s important to have a technique to take care of the withdrawal signs that you’ll inevitably expertise.

You possibly can’t merely put don’t your spliff and say goodbye to weed ceaselessly with out trying again. That is as a result of even in case you are mentally ready for the problem of giving up weed. Your physique in all probability isn’t prepared.

In any case, your physique has developed a tolerance for marijuana. Whereas the physique shops THC for as much as a month at a time, this merely gained’t be sufficient to stop you from craving hashish.

Though going chilly turkey may be price a attempt, it’s not often profitable by itself with no strong technique. It’s troublesome to combat towards your individual biology.

On this a part of our information, we’ll speak about helpful methods for quitting chilly turkey.

Put together Your self

Have a look at what ‘perform’ marijuana at the moment fills.

Ask your self what are different methods you would fill that perform?

Instance #1: If weed helps you go to sleep…

Look into alternative ways of how one can assist your self sleep.

As a substitute of smoking pot, you could:

  • eat much less earlier than bedtime so the complete abdomen doesn’t disturb you
  • staying away from the blue mild of cell phones, tablets and TV earlier than bedtime
  • enjoyable earlier than going to mattress with a heat bathe and light-weight stretching
  • listening to soothing music or white noises
  • making a pitch darkish sleep surroundings with blackout curtains
  • ventilating the room and maintaining a temperature between 60-67 °F (16-20 °C)
  • train 10-Half-hour (ideally no later than 5pm) day by day to enhance your sleep high quality

You possibly can lookup different ‘sleep hygiene’ ways and begin working towards these proper away.

Instance #2: If weed helps you take care of work stress and anxiousness…

As a substitute of operating to your smoking and weed paraphernalia, attempt to handle your work stress and anxiousness with these long-term ways:

  • Management your breath. Attempt to breathe in by means of the nostril and out by means of the mouth.
  • Take common breaks. Steer clear of your pc and take a brief stroll.
  • Do some stretching in entrance of the pc to assist your physique chill out.
  • Talk extra with somebody you belief (member of the family, pal, coworker, physician, spiritual chief). Typically socializing and confiding your anxiousness in trusted individuals could also be useful and make you really feel much less lonely.
  • Maintain work/life stability. Attempt to not carry work house and spend your leisure time with household, mates and hobbies.

Give a while for this stuff to turn into routine earlier than judging their effectiveness.

Take away The Substance, Don’t Purchase Hashish

That is the simplest and apparent first step to quitting your dependency on weed. In any case, should you don’t purchase it, you gained’t smoke it. For those who don’t purchase your self anyway, be sure to simply don’t get it in any respect anyway.

The extent of the problem of not shopping for weed partly is dependent upon your circumstances. As an example, whether or not you’re residing in a spot that has legalized marijuana or not. Or, whether or not your folks and the social group additionally smoke weed.

Both manner, this step definitely includes bucket a great deal of willpower to get by means of it. You might be virtually definitely going to expertise robust temptations to return to your previous methods. One of the best ways to counter these urges is to distract your self by calling a pal for a chat or going out with non-smoking mates for espresso, and to remind your self the explanations for eager to stop.

Allow us to emphasize as soon as once more:

Delete your weed supplier’s cellphone quantity (and block it if doable).

Change your each day route if there’s a hashish retailer in your manner.

Get Rid of All The Gear (Smoking Equipment and many others.)

This suggestion is essential.

Most customers of marijuana accumulate a big selection of various devices and equipment. These embody something from pipes and bongs to paper and grinders.

It’s necessary that you just instantly take away all of this stuff as an announcement that that is the beginning of your non-smoking marijuana-free way of life.

In addition to, not solely do this stuff haven’t any function in your weed-free life, there function triggers for relapse.

Many of those equipment might set you again fairly a bit. So there’s an additional incentive so that you can make a bit of money on the again of giving up your dependency on smoking weed.

Eliminate all weed and weed paraphernalia you personal.

When you will have them useful, it’s all the time simple to postpone your targets and get into the vicious circle of “I will do it tomorrow”, a typical procrastination sentence.

Take away the ‘choice’ for your self as a lot as doable.

Let Folks Know, Make Your self Accountable

Whilst you would possibly suppose which you could deal with this by yourself, it’s significantly better to contain different individuals in your wrestle towards hashish dependency.

Make use of your assist community, whether or not it’s household, mates, companions or colleagues. The individuals that you encompass your self with this time can play a big position in serving to you overcome your dependency and progress in direction of your targets.

You might need to ‘simply quit smoking’ and inform everybody later – however that is typically laborious.

By telling individuals, it is going to maintain you accountable.

It should let individuals know to not give you a joint or a reefer and you will get social assist along with your purpose.

For those who really feel intimidated to inform everybody earlier than you’re profitable, there’s one other choice.

Discover a dependable and trusted accountability buddy. This pal, member of the family or associate can verify in on you and show you how to keep on observe once you appear to be forgetful of your targets.

It’s important to understand that finally, giving up your drug dysfunction is all the way down to you. No one else can obtain this for you.

Distract Your self

Most weed people who smoke spend many hours within the day getting excessive. Due to this fact, it may be troublesome eradicating this from your way of life when quitting chilly turkey.

That’s why it’s important to fill the void left. One of the best factor to exchange your marijuana behavior with is a wholesome pastime. This may be something from beginning a brand new sport or studying methods to bake truffles. It could assist to keep busy, to keep away from boredom (main set off for many individuals) and to maintain your self from specializing in weed.

Methods to Smoke Weed in Public and Not Get Caught

There are quite a few sneaky methods to smoke weed, however smoking within the automobile, and particularly whereas working one is the polar reverse of how you have to be smoking weed outdoors.  

Edibles generally is a very incognito route for acquiring a excessive, however you may see shortly why that may be lower than splendid on the subject of being out in public and flying beneath the radar.

Do not Smoke Hashish in Your Automobile

Your automobile is the primary spot to get busted by cops as a result of it is going to most positively wreak of ganja alongside along with your hair and garments basking in clouds, billowing out of your home windows attracting undesirable consideration.  Don’t flip your automobile right into a literal smoke sign.  

Not solely will you get fined for smoking weed in public, however you’ll most positively get a DUI.  DUI’s don’t simply apply to alcohol.  Driving excessive, and even sitting in your car on public property can nonetheless warrant a DUI cost in your document at a hefty value, and a few severe jail time and fines if somebody is injured in an accident.

No quantity of hand sanitizer or scented spray will show you how to should you hotbox in a automobile.  So simply keep away from utilizing your automobile as an ashtray in any respect prices, except you take pleasure in smelling like a strolling weed scented candle for the remainder of the day. 


Ingesting Edibles in Public

Everybody’s heard of at the least one embarrassing edibles story, like that one pal (or your self) that ingested an excessive amount of of that mysterious concentrated brownie or gummy bear.  The excessive delayed hitting so that they ate extra, and later hit them full power, getting them sick or making them act silly.

Ingesting edibles is cool if the dose, your tolerance, and the way it impacts you, which most individuals not often do.  Your metabolism price, together with a slew of variables like sleep, temper, meals in your abdomen, hydration, and activation time, all have an effect on the standard of your excessive.  

Sadly, the unpredictable nature of edibles makes it lower than splendid on the subject of getting a managed excessive in public.  All of those unknown variables can hit you laborious unexpectedly and on the worst doable time in public.  

This often is adopted by an onslaught of paranoia, anxiousness, and typically a complete meltdown panic assault.  The very last thing you need to do is look excessive as a kite in public.  The constructive is you don’t have to fret about odor or blowing clouds in public, however that is in all probability the least natural and most risky manner of having fun with a excessive in public.  

For those who take pleasure in edibles, it’s often greatest to take action beginning off within the consolation of your own home, and avoiding utilizing heavy equipment.


2020 has handed (lastly!) however the pandemic hasn’t, so figuring out methods to smoke weed in public will not be solely important to your well-being, however to others as effectively.  Proceed protected practices in smoking as you’ll in some other scenario today when being out in public.  

Maintain working towards good hygiene by washing your palms regularly and utilizing hand sanitizer.  Keep away from passing blunts and joints and swapping spit in crowded circles.  

Apply social distancing, which additionally helps to keep away from undesirable consideration when smoking weed outdoors.  Smoke like a professional and maintain the group protected on the identical time, whereas selling good tradition and serving to the combat towards COVID.  

Let the brand new 12 months of 2021 be crammed with progress, security, a constructive picture, and excessive occasions to return for the hashish tradition.


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