How To Get The Highest, From A Small Amount Of Weed


What Do We Mean By Getting ‘High’?

Hang on a minute; how can you get high without weed?! We get it, we sound a bit crazy – but science has our backs on this one, and you really can get the feeling of being high without any drugs at all.

It turns out our bodies were made to feel pleasure and get high, which is why cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are so well received by the body’s BUILT-IN cannabinoid receptors.

But what about other ways of getting high that don’t include mind-altering psychoactive compounds? It turns out there are many everyday things you can do to release those same chemicals within the brain that lead to those feelings of being high.

For example, when we smoke weed, THC, which resembles the natural transmitter known as anandamide, affects the levels of dopamine (the brain’s reward system) in the brain leading to those familiar feelings of happiness, reward and pleasure. And as it turns out, there are other more natural ways of getting those same chemical releases!

8) Sleep Away the Stoned Out of Your Gourd Ganja Blues

Sometimes laying down and letting yourself kinda pass out is a good way to wait out the effects of a bad bud binge. You lose the benefit of a sped-up metabolism from being active and exercising, but while you are resting, your body does have the time and resources to digest the medible you ate or rehydrate from your reefer revelry – make sure you chug some water before collapsing onto the couch or into your bedrock guidelines in a blancket burrito possition. Then you can help yourself succumb to sleep by trying deep meditative belly breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth; the idea is to relax your mind, and just drift away. In three to six hours, depending on what and how much cannabis you toked or ingested, your high should be largely worn off.

If you do nap away in your blancket burrito possition your nug nightmare, you may have some strange and trippy dreams – but they’re probably better than what’s on all 157 cable or satellite TV channels anyway! Just don’t get up later on and immediately wake ‘n bake – that could be counterproductive!


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Can You Smoke and Still Be Healthy?

Many health-conscious individuals often face the q

Many health-conscious individuals often face the question “Can you smoke weed and still be healthy?” The fact of the matter is that smoking is not healthy. Period. Burning any substance, be it cigarettes, cigars, leaves, flowers, blunts, or joints, and then inhaling the smoke causes harm to your body and negatively affects your lungs and circulatory system at the very least. 

3. Blunt

Ok, so joints or spliffs are great when you’re alo

Ok, so joints or spliffs are great when you’re alone, but getting high with friends requires a different approach. That’s where the blunt comes in.

Blunts are rolled with blunt wraps or the shell of a cigar. Just cut it lengthwise and empty out the tobacco, then fill it with your favorite pot. While most joints will only contain about a half a gram, and spliffs even less, a blunt can easily hold 1 – 2 grams, or more. That makes it perfect for smoking in larger groups — plenty to go around. Cigars and blunt wraps also come in an amazing variety of flavors, so I’m sure you can find something that appeals to you.

4) How to Come Down from an Edible High

Again, we speak from experience when we say that we have been here before ourselves, but if you underestimate an edible cannabis culinary creation, a marijuana medible, it can come back to haunt you in the form of dizziness, nausea, paranoia, vomiting, loss of consciousness and a generally unfun trip down the rabbit hole. You will be convinced you are dying as a medical technician patiently explains to you that your vitals are fine and that statistics overwhelmingly indicate that you will live through the throes of your terrible trip.

Now, you might say that this section is miscategorized because talking about coming down from an edible cannabis experience high is not a cure in and of itself for being super-high, but there’s a method to our madness, so to speak. You can use an edible to help you come down from an edible high – maybe it seems contradictory, but here’s how: if you ate something weedy made with a sativa strain and are feeling all jittery, then eating something baked with an indica can help you to get opposite side effects and calm down; and conversely, if an indica-laced edible has you near-comatose then eating something with a sativa will help you perk back up. Or, for faster results, smoke a sativa-heavy weed joint or bowl to counteract an indica medible, or dab some predominantly indica pot to chill from a medible sativa buzz.

5. Eat Foods to Enhance Your High

It might seem like an unconventional method, but the foods and drinks you consume before marijuana can actually impact the effects. For instance, every strain of cannabis contains terpenes. These are compounds which affect the flavor of marijuana as well as the high.

Terpenes work alongside cannabinoids and other compounds in marijuana to affect your high. They’re also contained in many foods. That means you can eat things like mangoes, sweet potatoes, nuts, and tea to enhance your high.

Other kinds of foods can also help. Omega-3 fatty acids from things like fish or supplements can help boost your high. Dark chocolate can increase the length of your high. Foods with relaxing effects, such as green tea, also work well alongside the effects of cannabis. Experiment with these foods and see how they impact the effects of your cannabis high.

3. Use the Most Potent Products

Cannabis products can differ wildly. For instance, some cannabis strains have 15% THC levels whereas some have 25% or more. Buying high-THC strains such as Girl Scout Cookies and God’s Green Crack is one surefire way to increase your high.

You can also move on to other, more potent cannabis products. For instance, cannabis concentrates condense weed into a more concentrated form with super high levels of THC. Vaping or dabbing these can give you an even stronger high.

The most potent cannabis products, however, are cannabis edibles. When you consume an edible, it’s digested into your body and converted by your liver into 11-hydroxy-THC, an even stronger form of THC. You’ll need to wait an hour or two for effects to kick in, but when they do, they’ll hit you extra hard. Not only are the effects of edibles more intense, but they can also last up to eight hours or more.

How Many Edibles Do You Need To Eat?

Knowing how much weed to use is about finding your own personal boundaries. With smoking, the effects are felt very quickly so you usually know when you’ve had enough. Edibles are a different story which is why you have to be very careful with them. The effects from edibles are typically felt 45 minutes – 2 hours after it’s eaten. This means you could take too much and not even know it until the rush hits you.

So, how much edibles is good then? The state of Colorado recommends a 10mg dosage for first-time users, and I agree. Edibles hit everyone differently. I personally don’t feel anything on 10mg, but I have a friend who can get lit off the same amount. This is why you have to find your own personal boundary. Make sure to wait at least 2 hours before eating more edibles, but ideally wait until the next day to up the dosage.

If you’re eating homemade edibles you may run into some problems since there really isn’t any way to know the potency of the edible. Have someone experienced try them first to find out their strength. Also, take a very small amount (think one bite or less) if you are unsure about the potency.

As a regular user, I typically take between 50-100mg at a time depending on how high I want to get. Let us know how much you normally eat, smoke, or vape in the comments.

6. Vape

Vaping is all the rage these days, and for good re

Vaping is all the rage these days, and for good reason! That reason is called science.

You see, marijuana begins to combust at around 200°C. But the cannabinoids in the plant (i.e. the THC and other chemicals that get you high) begin to vaporize at more like 170°C. And that little window in between there is a sweet spot where you can vaporize and inhale all the good stuff without burning the plant itself.

The taste is cleaner, because, well… no smoke. It’s also more efficient. A lot of the cannabinoids that make us feel so wonderful can be destroyed during combustion. Vaping keeps the good stuff from going up in flames, meaning you get more active ingredient per gram of pot. Meaning you get higher.

Any questions?

Gravity bong

It’s not a secret that bongs can get you high really quickly, but have you ever tried using a gravity bong (aka the bucket)?

Apparently, this is what Bob Marley used on occasions and it hits super hard.


Gravity bong might look complicated at first but it’s really easy to make.

The way it works is that you have two containers: The first one is a bucket  filled with water and the second is a smaller bottle with a bottle cap, which you cut in half.

You insert either a cone piece or a down-stem thro

You insert either a cone piece or a down-stem through the bottle cap, pack the weed tightly, light it up and wait for the smoke to fill out the smaller bottle.

And here’s where the gravity part comes in:

You push the smaller bottle downward, into the water, remove the down-stem and inhale—water compresses the smoke and, in return, you get a huge toke.

Here’s a tutorial I followed to make my first gravity bong.

WARNING: Do not use tin foil to replicate a cone/down-stem, as it is actually really bad for your lungs. Instead, pick up a glass cone piece that you can insert through the bottle top.

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Healthy Ways To Get High: What is the Healthiest Alternative to Smoking?

Vaporizing — by not raising the temperature
  • Vaporizing — by not raising the temperature of cannabis oil to the point of burning, you can get virtually identical benefits of smoking with a much lower risk of carcinogen exposure.
  • Edibles/Cooking with Cannabis — isolating cannabinoids from raw cannabis to be consumed in edibles is a very popular way to get the medicinal benefits without any harmful side effects
  • Tinctures — extracted from cannabis, tinctures are alcohol-based and are generally found in small bottles with droppers. You can add drops of cannabis tincture into your drink or be taken sublingually, which is to say under your tongue. This method also provides no aroma, so the smell won’t be of concern!
  • Topicals — the curative effects of cannabis beyond its psychoactive effects are well documented. Look no further than your corner CBD shop to see the benefits of one particular—cannabidiol. When applied topically, both THC and CBD can have incredible pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory capabilities.