How to get the security tags off a target clothing


What Is a Security Tag?

An electronic security tag has a signal transmitter installed in it that is made to detect shoplifters. It can be used on any kind of product. The security tag is a significant part of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS).

The different types of security tags are as follows:

  • Security Hard Tags
  • Alarming Tags
  • Ink Tags
  • Security Labels


Using a screwdriver

The second method you can use is by using a screwdriver. The first thing you should do is to place the item with the security tag on the floor with the ink cartridge facing up. For this process you should use a thin flat head screwdriver and you should place it along the edge of the raised square pyramid. In order to pierce the plastic and pull it up you should press down hard. You have to continue to pop up the perimeter of the plastic and then remove the silver paper lining. By using the screwdriver you should lift one of the metal arms that holds the pin in place and slide the pin away from the tag. After this the pin should easily slide through the free hole and the tag will be removed. Another method that you can use to remove security tags is by freezing the tag. You have to put into a freezer the item with the security tag on it. After it is frozen you should try to rip open the tag. You can use your hands, pliers, or the rubber band method. Because it is frozen, the ink will not spill everywhere.

Why do clothing tags bother me?

Your Clothes Labels Annoy You Merry says. … People with sensory processing disorders have heightened awareness of the label and can’t take their attention off it.” If you absolutely cannot get your mind off of an annoying sensation like a label, then you may want to talk to your doctor about the issue.


RF security tags are widely used for other merchandise besides clothing. The following list is of the most common picks to keep items secure on stores. However, RF technology can be placed on practically anything. Depending on their statistics of shoplifting, they will choose to tag different items every time.

· Accessories

· Backpacks

· Books

· Discs

· Dishes

· Electronics

· Movies

· Sports gear

· Suitcase

· Toys

Just as it is for clothes, to learn how to remove security tag from any of these items depends on how skilled you are to find them. Some of them are not meant to be removed, and that is the particular case of the newest books, which come with integrated RF tags from the editors.

To remove security tag would mean to destroy the item, and the only way to get rid of it is to deactivate it. Nonetheless, you will not even notice if your security tag remains active on most of these items, so relax! There is no need to remove security tag.