How to Give a Killer Massage With an iPhone App


step 2: cool down

“Now you want to use light strokes to relax the tissues,” Pottratz says. Go back to what you started with: long, broad, soothing strokes. Source:


15 Neck: How to do It

While he’s on his stomach or sitting up, gently place your palm on the back of his neck, creating light pressure with your thumb on one side and four fingers on the other. Slowly pull your hand toward the back of the neck while squeezing your thumb and fingers together around those neck muscles. (Avoid pressure toward the front of the neck so you don’t choke him.)

9 Shoulders: Pro Tip

An even easier way to work tight shoulders? Grab a tennis ball. “Simply roll the ball all over with the palm of your hand,” Pottratz says. You can’t mess it up this way. It saves your hands from doing all the work and it feels amazing.

Massage oil

A massage oil is a great way to improve a massage and will allow your hands to glide smoothly over your partner’s body. A massage oil will work much better than body lotion.

The main use of massage oil is lubrication and the reduction of friction, but you may also choose to use a massage oil as a base for aromatherapy and essential oils.

When buying a basic massage oil, consider its properties. How much does it cost? How easy is it to clean? Consider its nourishing, moisturizing, and absorption properties.

Also, consider how it is processed. A great massage oil will be extra virgin cold pressed and will have a high level of purity, retaining natural nutrients.

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Setting the Mood for a Home Massage

Massage can be therapeutic, but it can also be a form of relaxation and playful fun. If you’re aiming for a bit of both, it’s almost as important to set the scene as it is to have strong, supple fingers to knead his back and beyond.

Dim the lights — This is a practical as well as a relaxing and shamelessly romantic tactic. If he’s lying on his back, having the overhead fixture on will be uncomfortable for him even if it makes it easier for you to inspect that mole on his shoulder. Here’s a compromise: Perform that mole check some other time, and make massage time a "feel as you go" activity.


Use candles — You don’t have to use candles exclusively if you think you need a lot of illumination to get the job done. Candles do provide a flickering, golden glow that creates a pleasant ambiance, though. If you’re using aromatherapy candles (that work with the aromatherapy oil you’ve chosen), they can also be romantic, cheerful, therapeutic and illuminating. That’s a lot for a little wax and a wick. You get bonus points if you can arrange for a crackling fire in a nearby fireplace, too.

Adjust the thermostat — He may look wonderful without his usual ratty T-shirt on, but all that bare skin can get chilly, even as you’re beginning to heat up with all that rubbing and kneading exercise. Keep the room warm enough to protect his tender hide.

Put on some mood music — Yes, music has the power to make a massage memorable for both of you. Keep it low, slow and relaxing. You’ll both flash on your massage routine every time you hear those haunting riffs in the future, so pick the accompanying music wisely. This is what soundtracks are all about.


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