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Top Hot Spots

A new section, called “The Foodie List,” will rank the top spots in a city based on trending lists from local experts as well as Google’s own algorithms.

Filter your search results on Google Maps

  1. On your computer, open Google Maps.
  2. Search for a type of business, restaurant, or place.
  3. Choose a filter:
  • Price: Search based on cost of the restaurant.
  • Hours: Check places that are currently open for business.
  • Hotel information: Find check-in dates and star ratings.

How do I use Google Maps to find the food I need?

Its operation is simple, you only need to have the Google Maps application, it is given «To open«, And as soon as you enter you»Press”Explore, on the screen that will appear once the search is finished, a menu will appear with options such as: hotels, supermarkets, among other things that may be of interest.

Obviously «You press» Restaurants.  Immediately, r

Obviously «You press» Restaurants. Immediately, red points of locations will appear on the map that Google Maps shows, you can surf through each of them if you want, but to make the experience more personal you can also filter results.

For this, you have to search in the search bar that is below, because it is the one that will let everything be sorted by «Personal coincidence», filtering the results so that only kitchen restaurants that you personally like appear.

You may also be interested in:

To the left of this filter there is a button (shaped like a circle), can be used to view each of the available filters.

Which are very specific, since they order the restaurants by, rating, by cuisine (kind), and the hours in which it operates and stops operating. So it is no longer just about finding restaurants near my location with Google Maps, with this tool you can edit everything to find the ideal place.

You can also enter or put GPS coordinates in Google Maps if necessary, and then put labels on the addresses of the places in Google Maps that correspond to the restaurants.

Within Google Maps

Personalized places you find may come from: Your interactions with places on the map, including Google maps that you use on other sites. Your recent searches, including searches for directions. Places you’ve saved or starred on your computer, phone, or tablet. Places rated or reviewed by you or people in your circles. Your home and work addresses, if you set them on Google Maps or your feed. If you don’t want to find search suggestions in Google Maps, turn off your Web & App Activity.

3. Review Your Information

Once you have verified your restaurant you now have full control of your restaurant on Google. Review your information to make sure it is accurate and up-to-date.

Congratulations, your restaurant is now listed on Google Maps! Customers will now be able to find your restaurant much easier when searching in Google and you should receive a boost in new customers very soon.

How to Change Map Type and Details in Google Maps

The Google Maps apps and website offer several different visual styles that change the way the map looks while maintaining all of its functionality.

To change the map type in Google Maps, tap the diamond icon in the upper-right corner and then tap the option that you want to see.

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Personalized Recommendation Hub

A brand new new “For You” tab will keep users informed about everything happening in areas they care about. This could include areas near their home, work, or a city they visit frequently.

Users can also follow a particular neighborhood to instantly see if there’s a hot new restaurant in the area, a new cafe that’s a perfect match, or if a favorite dining spot is in the news.

Discover New Cafes, Restaurants, and Places With Google Maps

In addition to giving directions, Google Maps is also a powerful business directory that can be used to find places near and far.

To use the business directory, tap on a category from the floating menu at the top of the screen after opening the Google Maps app. The map then populates with nearby businesses in that category and a listing with basic information and photos.

To get more information on each business, tap on its map pin or name from the list. The address and contact information are readily available along with photos and reviews posted by other users.

If you’re logged into your Google account, you can contribute to Google Maps by adding your own photos and reviews. Select a place, go to the Photos section and select Add a Photo, or go to the Reviews section and choose a star rating. You can also suggest edits for outdated business information, or add missing locations and roads.

How to Get Street View on Google Maps