How to make a diy sugru substitute


What the heck is Sugru?

Simply put, Sugru is a moldable glue — that looks and feels like sticky tack — which will take on any shape you mold it into. It has a lot of potential practical applications, one of which gives you the ability to make a molding of the shape of the inside of your ear that you can apply to a pair of in-ear headphones or earbuds.

10. Turn an Old Book Into an iPad Case

Covering a Kindle or iPad with an old book is a great way to bring some vintage flair to a more modern gadget. Find an old book at a thrift shop (or on your own bookcase) that has an interesting cover, add some Sugru, and voilà! You have a cool, unique case that is a fraction of the cost of a new accessory.


15. Repair a Broken Mug Handle

Sure, super glue would work, but only if the handle is still in decent shape. If not, you can make an entirely new handle with Sugru and stick it to your favorite old mug.

Create Kitchen Karma 🧘‍♀️

Every household has one. It’s the beating heart of any home, the busy intersection where everyone congregates first thing in the morning and just before bedtime, even occasionally for sneaky midnight snacks. 4. Try romancing the stove with a DIY copper rail Until Sugru, a decent quality hanging rail required power tools and making marks on the tiling. Turn your back on pre-made things with this impressive drill-free copper rail hack. Get all the off-the-shelf standard components from the plumbing section of any DIY store at very little cost. This copper pipe is 40cm in length and 15mm diameter (standard plumbing size). Position the two mounting brackets (called a brass ring and backplate) either end of the pipe. The end caps are extras but also very standard. Go on. Have a go.

Step 1 Press 1/2 a single-use pack of Sugru onto the back of the backplate and shape into a cone.  Step 3 Clean off the excess and rub smooth. In 12-24 hours, Sugru turns into a strong and heat-resistant rubber.

5. Home is where the fridge is The refrigerator. Such a brilliant invention. But what to do when the drawers and shelving start to crack? Or the door is missing a part? One, don’t panic. Two, don’t waste money on costly repairs. Three, fix it yourself with Sugru. It sticks permanently to lots of materials, including plastic* and glass, sets strong and durable, and is cold-resistant down to -40°C (-40°F). Check out How to fix your fridge in 3 ways with Sugruand Fix broken plastic in your fridge with Sugru. *Sugru does not bond to oily plastics like polypropylene, polyethylene or Teflon™. 6. Make a drill-free iPad wall mount We all know the score. You’re in the middle of cooking up a feast from the recipe on your iPad, but you keep spilling ingredients all over the screen. Keep your device clean and off the kitchen counter with three discreet Sugru hooks. Your tablet stays securely in place, and you can easily pop it in and out as and when you need it. No problem. Learn How to make your own tablet stand. 7. Steer clear of pot lid pile-up Are you always searching for the correct lid to match the pot? Well, Sugru and the humble pot lid have a long and happy history. Get organised with this ingenious hack, and you’ll never have to hunt for another lid again. Take a look at How to organise your pot lids. 8. Defeat mug mountain with drill-free hooks We believe that a room without a Sugru hook is like a body without a soul – either empty or a bit of a mess. Organising your mugs is so easy with these helpful little Sugru hooks. Watch How to make useful hooks in your kitchen without drilling.

How Sugru Works

But enough about how it came to be, the real question is how does this stuff work. Sugru came to me in a small plastic bag with 8 mini packs inside. Each mini pack is enough to make a small, quarter-sized ball. The 8-packs come with two red, two yellow, two blue and a white and black package.

The tightly packaged foil pouches have a little date stamp on them just like milk, but with a longer shelf life. They go bad after about six months and must be used immediately once you cut open the package. It takes about four hours for the product to set up, so you have a little time to make something with it once you get started.

After cutting open the package, you put the semi-sticky rubbery stuff between your fingers and roll it into a ball for a few minutes to activate the ingredients. Once you’ve done that, it’s up to you to shape it into just about anything you want. And, since it sticks to most everything once it cures overnight, it has a million and one uses at this point. Let’s just say it’s a good idea to plan well in advance what the heck you’re going to do with it before you open the package.

What is the best way to get sugru out of your hands?

Sugru Pointers

  1. Sugru may be mixed to create different colors.
  2. Alternatively, for a quirky appearance, just marble two colors.
  3. Use soapy water (it’s a releasing agent) if you don’t want sugru to stay.
  4. To remove sugru, use a sharp knife to cut out the majority of it, then use your finger nail and a tissue to remove the remainder.

How do you keep sugru fresh?

You should make your seals as flat as possible and prevent wrinkles in the foil to create the greatest possible moisture barrier. Gently press your sugru in the sachet so that it is reasonably flat; be cautious not to let the sugru in the sachet come into contact with your seals, since this will damage the quality of your seals.


If you don’t have a remote control (or that you lost it), it can always be a hassle to reach certain appliances that are far from your hands reach (or even from a broom’s reach). But it’s no problem for our pair of Push and Sugru, that now allow you to turn on the projector remotely and why not automatically when you enter the room or that your favorite soccer game starts!


Our blinders remote is very small and a slippery surface that makes attaching anything and especially a MicroBot very hard. Above all, the MicroBot needs to be fixed very well so that the pressure from the robotic finger will not push the MicroBot off the remote control.

Once again, Sugru saves the day! Thanks to its super glue power, it fixes the MicroBot on a tiny space, strongly enough so that it will not move during use.

And if we add Amazon Echo and IFTTT to the mix, the blinders can now be triggered by voice control!

Bedroom Dreamland 😴

On average, we spend one-third of our lives in bed. That’s approximately 26 years. Women fill 136 days of their lives with getting ready and men 46. So it makes sense that your boudoir is a well-ordered sanctuary. 14. Control bedside cables Remembering to charge devices is a nightly ritual that usually involves cables draped across the floor or tangled around bedroom cabinets. Keep yours in order and within easy reach right beside your bed. These hacks work in the bedroom, the office, the car – anywhere you need to charge up. You can Create excellent Sugru cable grips using a toothpick. They’re incredibly easy to make and do the job brilliantly. Alternatively, one of our faithful Sugru-ers discovered that the hands on LEGO Minifigures are exactly the right size to grip most digital cables. Check out our guide: How to organise your cables with LEGO Minifigures. Everything is beyond awesome! 15. Don't burn bedroom furniture This home hack is brilliant for protecting furniture from the perils of hot things like hair straighteners and hard things like scratchy ornaments. Simply mould these clever little feet with Sugru and once set they turn into heat-resistant silicone rubber. See the tutorial on How to stop hair straighteners burning the furniture. 16. Hey! Good looking upcycled mirror! Mirrors always attract lots of clutter. Upcycle yours into a functional mini beauty bar. You can repurpose almost anything into little hooks around it and even make a small shelf for all your bits and bobs. It's practical, decorative and resourceful – what's not to love? Do this easy How to organise your jewellery upcycling project and win storage points. 17. Get kids hooked on tidy Kids love to feel independent, even when they’re too small to say so. This practical, quirky idea uses old toys to encourage them to hang up their things. Simply install a hook at the right height, made from something they recognise, and kids might stop leaving their stuff on the floor (we hope). As Sugru bonds to most materials, you can transform almost anything into a hook.Go for it. Make a child-friendly wardrobe. Any one of these easy home hacks will make a massive difference to your living spaces. Love your home by sprinkling it with a bit of silicone magic. Stick it. Mould it. DIY it.