How to make a three pocket duct tape pouch



  • Make sure your ends are even.
  • Creating a skeleton of appropriately-sized index cards and taping around them will give the wallet additional structure.
  • Try using non-stick scissors to make your cutting easier.
  • Have some bank notes and credit cards handy as you’re making your wallet so you can make sure everything is the right size.

Step 5: Tape sides and back

Fold the remaining 3″ piece at the top of the toolbelt back so that it is folded in half. You should have 1 1.2″ folded over the back.

Run another piece of duct tape along the edge of t
Run another piece of duct tape along the edge of the pockets of your toolbelt, all the way across.
The finished pockets will look like this, but you
The finished pockets will look like this, but you can use the colors of your choice.


Step 4: Add the Lighter Holder

I wrapped the top part of my lighter with the tape because it will not be covered completely by the pocket it’s in. With another square of cardboard, wrap it around the lighter and secure with tape to the box. Make sure that the lighter top aligns with the top of the box and tape up the bottom so it doesn’t slide down.  Also, if you’re left handed, you can put the pocket on the other side to make lighting the lighter easier.   Sometimes I don’t use the cardboard for the pocket. Usually I just use more duct tape. Either way I make it so the lighter is removable because most of the time these boxes hold up longer than the lighter has fluid. Depending on how often you smoke or whatever. Also if someone wants to borrow your lighter, they sometimes don’t really get how to use it when its attached to the box. 

Step 1: Gather Supplies

cigarette case lighter scissors ruler pen duct tape thin cardboard scotch tape (not in picture) 

Every time I make these there a little bit different due to the supplies I have around. The only thing I really ever have to buy is the duct tape. I keep boxes of all kinds. aaandd I got this duct tape pattern at the dollar store. 

Duct Tape Wallet  Zip-Lock pocket

Cut a Zip-lock freezer bag 1/2″ on either side of the zipper.  Cut sides out so that you have two separate zipper pieces.

Cut two pieces of duck tape (interior or trim colour) to 6.5″.  Line up one piece of tape just above the zipper section (zipper should be facing upwards).  Fold the excess tape over and stick to the back of the zipper piece.  Repeat with the other zipper piece.

Continue layering 6.5″ pieces of tape to extend the bottom of your zipper pocket down to 3.5″ tall.  Repeat with the other side.

Lay your two zipper sections, sticky-side-up, so that the zippers are on your right and left and the two sticky sections line up in the middle length-wise.

Lay a piece of 6.5″ duck tape over the centre seam (interior or trim colour).  Continue layering 6.5″ pieces of tape until you have reached the edge of the zipper and the entire sticky section has been covered.

Fold in half and close the zip-lock.  Use two pieces of trim at 3.5″ to close the sides of your pocket. (fold over from the front to the back and seal)

Cut four pieces of duck tape (exterior colour) to 7.5″ long.  Fold each piece in half and cut down so that each is 3.5″.

Using clear scotch tape or ~1/2″ of packing tape, attach one of the 3.5″ pieces (folded side should line up with the top of your zipper pouch) to the end of your pouch.  Repeat on the other end.

Flip your pouch over and repeat on both ends again.

Fold these flaps so that you have one on both sides of your pouch.  Use a bit of trim tape (3.5″) and put it over the folds on either end so that your flaps will stay flat against the surface (front and back) of your pouch.

Step 7: Run the loops through and wear

Your belt is ready to wear. Run the belt through the two loops and back through one to secure it.

Your duct tape toolbelt is ready to wear
Your duct tape toolbelt is ready to wear