How To Make Your Weed Stronger-To Boost The Intensity Of Your High


Factors That Influence Weed Potency

Several factors help in determining the potency of your cannabis. Some of the issues that lower cannabis potency happen during the growing cycle. You probably did something knowingly or unknowingly, which made a huge impact on the potency, which you can avoid during the next cycle to improve the potency.

The growing cycle can make or break the strength of your weed. The following are the factors you should consider if you want highly potent weed with a high that lasts longer.

4. Harvesting

Some cannabis growers harvest their crops too earl

Some cannabis growers harvest their crops too early, maybe because they are excited to reap their hard labor benefits too fast. Unfortunately, with cannabis plants, everyday matters, and harvesting earlier than usual will give you buds without their full development and potency levels. It would be best if you allowed your cannabis plants to mature.

Buds harvested early also come with other problems that include racing thoughts and headaches. It would help if you harvested the Sativa strains when they are about 10 weeks after flowering, while the Indica are best when they are 8 weeks after flowering. Some of the telltale signs that it is time to harvest your weed are a strong smell, sticky flowers, and yellowing of leaves.

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5. Drying

Excitement can also make some cannabis growers dry

Excitement can also make some cannabis growers dry their weed too quickly for the same reasons they want to harvest earlier than the maturity date. If you want your buds to attain high potency, slow dry them for two to three days. In some cases, drying should go for even up to 10 days.

Drying should also take place immediately after harvesting. Before drying your buds, you should make sure you know all the proper drying methods to eliminate the possibility of ending up with bad buds with mold and low potency.

6. Curing

After you are sure your buds are dry after the slo

After you are sure your buds are dry after the slow drying processing, they are now ready for the next step, curing. During the curing process, buds process their taste and smell naturally. Curing involves putting the buds in airtight mason jars and burping them daily for the next two weeks.

The burping provides the buds with fresh bursts of air, which plays an important part in the process and increases potency. Curing also helps the buds regain their cannabis smell lost during the drying process and reduce the harsh and green taste. For the best result, cure the buds for at least two weeks.

7. Exposure to pollen

Exposure of the buds to pollen from a hermie plant or male cannabis leads to the buds’ development of seeds. If the seeds are few, they will not have a huge effect on the bud potency.

However, if the buds contain many seeds or are very seedy, it means that the pollination was heavy, which leads to weak buds because the plants put more effort into producing seeds than it did in making trichomes.

8. The incorrect ratio of THC to CBD

Cannabis contains compounds that produce hundreds and individually change the effects of the buds. The most common are terpenes and cannabinoids. Different cannabis strains have varying effects depending on the type of compounds they carry.

If you have a cannabis strain with high CBD levels, it will not allow the buds to have any psychedelic effects irrespective of the THC levels on the bud. If you want weed with potent mental effects, you should choose strains with low CBD levels. If you are looking for strains with medicinal values, choose buds with high CBD levels.

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Getting used to using the same strain, especially from the same harvest, could sometimes put you in a comfort zone. It could also lead to a feeling of low potency from the strain over time because the effects are one with your system.

If you want to maximize your weed potency and strength, you should change your strains regularly. However, if you do not want to feel messed up from using a stronger strain, you can continue using what your system adheres to with ease.

Wrapping it up

If you want to get more strength and potency from your weed, you should follow the above techniques. The majority of the techniques are the usual traditional methods of growing healthy cannabis plants. Maintain a healthy practice that includes proper lighting, watering, and keeping proper temperature and humidity levels are important for big buds’ growth with high potency.

After the flowering phase, you should also harvest weed at the right time, dry, and cure to release cannabis scent, potency, and aroma. Vigilance throughout the process guarantees you high yields with stronger potency. If you still want to make your weed strong after the growth process, you can still do so using several methods that include turning buds into hash, exercising, taking tea, eating a mango, and taking a break.

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Keep Trying New Strains

What you should do is give a handful of options a try and see how they affect you. If it’s closer to what you have read or heard, that would be satisfactory. If otherwise, we would advise you to look for some other supplier options.

Germination seedling stage

Time to put those girls into action!

But first, some more prep.

VPD for weed

Creating the perfect environment for your plants d

Creating the perfect environment for your plants doesn’t necessarily end with buying all the right gear.

You will have to know how to properly set it up, and more importantly, how to make the perfect atmosphere for your plants to grow to their potential.

Dehumidifiers decrease environmental moisture and release heat, which can be helpful in certain cases like very moist and cool areas, such as basements.

If you want know how to grow big buds indoors, you have to understand the importance of VPD.

Whether you are growing weed in a closet or a tent, you will have to control the atmosphere.

Humidity is one of the more important factors to control and this is in part due to the fact that different humidity levels are best for different growing stages.

In general, the air humidity for growing weed indoors is as follows:

  • 70-80% after you see the first leaves
  • 40-70% during the vegetative stage
  • 40-50% during the flowering stage
  • <40% in the last week before harvest

One thing which is closely connected to air humidity is VPD.

VPD stands for Vapor Pressure Deficit, and it represents the difference between the pressure of water vapor in 100% saturated air at a certain temperature (leaf’s vapor pressure) and actual vapor pressure in the air surrounding the plant.

Plants with higher VPD values will generally have a higher transpiration rate and increased nutrient movement.

Germinating weed seeds

Learning how to germinate a weed seed is a piece o

Learning how to germinate a weed seed is a piece of cake, and also the first step you will take towards your new hobby.

Germinating seeds is a process of forcing them to begin to grow and put out roots.

Seeds can be germinated in many ways and the first time you do it you will get a hang for it because there isn’t really too much science behind it.

Germinating seeds in soil

Germinating seeds in soil is the easiest way to do it because all you have to do is toss them in your pot, cover with some dirt and douse with water.

You only need the soil to be damp so make sure you do not over water it. You can use clear kitchen plastic to wrap the tops of the pots to maintain humidity. Keep the pots in a warm area.

Germinating seeds in water

Germinating seeds in water requires even less effort than germinating seeds in soil.

You literally just have to throw them in a cup of water for 14-18 hours.

One thing that makes this way better than germinating in soil is that you can see if a seed is bad by checking if it didn’t sink. Those that sink are good.

After the seeds start rooting, move them on a damp paper towel and cover with another damp paper towel.

Place the paper towel covered seeds in a dark area and they will grow roots in a matter of days.

After that, all you have to do is move them into a pot.

Germinating seeds with paper towels

For this method, you take a couple of seeds, put them on a damp paper towel and cover with another one, after which you store them somewhere dark.

After a few days you should see roots embedded in the paper towels.

You can do this with gauze and cotton wool as well.

Seedling stage

Seedling stage begins once you’ve moved your seeds

Seedling stage begins once you’ve moved your seeds from the paper towel into the pot and you start seeing the first leaves break out from the ground.

Here’s a photo of a plant a few days into its seedling stage:

That is exactly what your plant will look like may

That is exactly what your plant will look like maybe a week after you’ve moved the seeds into the pots.

Here’s the deal:

You don’t really have to do much during the seedling stage.

You don’t even have to water the plants too much as you’ll want the soil to be a bit dry so that the roots can catch better.

You might be thinking, “This man is crazy!”, and you’d be right.

But, letting your plant root strong is a great idea during the seedling stage, just make sure you don’t over water and suffocate the plant.

Over-watering is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

One of the most important things to remember for the seedling stage is that you will want to move your plants in a bigger pot as soon as you see the first few leafs show.

Knowing how and when to transplant your plants is perhaps the best knowledge we can pass onto new growers, as leaving plants in small pots can choke them up, while moving them too early can have terrible effects, especially if you don’t do it right.

Further along the road you will most likely have to re-pot the plants again.

I strongly suggest you move the plants as soon as you see the first leaves appear.

The second re-potting should happen once your plants have rooted in firmly and appear ready to be moved—this means that the plant looks stable enough to be moved.

Whatever you decide to do regarding re-potting, keep one thing in mind: The less root damage the better.

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Flowering stage

Once your plants reach a decent height and size it is time to flower.

Since we are growing an autoflowering strain, you won’t have to put any effort into changing the light schedule or anything.

Once your plant feels the time is right, it will start flowering.

How to know if your plant is male or female?

“Feminized cannabis seeds are bred to cont

“Feminized cannabis seeds are bred to contain no male chromosomes, thus ensuring that every plant grown from them will flower as a female and be able to produce the crop of resinous buds sought by most growers”.

But, what happens if you buy random seeds which aren’t feminized?

Well, in that case you will simply have to sprout all the seeds, and wait for them to grow up a bit.

There are some general rules that will help you determine the sex of your weed plant:

  1. Male plants mature faster, most of the time about two weeks before females;
  2. Male plants also have “false buds” which are actually pollen sacs;
  3. Male plants have flowers while females still have pistils at this point.

It is important to keep in mind that cannabis plants can also be hermaphrodites, which means that one plant has both male and female traits.

Pro tip: It is very important that you keep male and female plants separate (or toss the male plants away) as there is a chance that male plants might ruin your grow by fertilizing the female plants.

Inhaling a Joint

One of the most celebrated methods of smoking weed is with a joint.

When you light a cigarette, you typically put the spliff up to your mouth and inhale through the filter as you light the end that is exposing tobacco.

With a joint, you want to light the end of the joint before puffing.

Roast the joint by holding it up to the flame, turning it like a rotisserie to ensure an even light.

Once roasted, raise the joint to your mouth, and give a few short puffs as you light the roasted end like a cigarette.  

There’s little protecting your lungs from smoke in a joint, so be sure to take small hits.

Also, don’t put the whole thing in your mouth so that the papers don’t get wet.

Eat Mangoes to Get the Better High

Eat some mangoes as they contain a certain chemical called myrcene. This very compound is present in cannabis strains as well. Studies have suggested that eating mangoes will increase the levels of myrcene in your body that helps in psychoactive effects. This means that eating mangoes might help you in getting a bit higher.In case if it doesn’t work, you will still get to enjoy some delicious mangoes. And if it does work, you’ll get to enjoy the mangoes and you get higher than you would have been. That’s a win-win situation.

How Much Herb Should You Smoke?

If you’re smoking good old-fashioned herb then you’re probably only going to need a few hits if it’s your first time. The effects of weed can be felt anywhere from instantly to up to several minutes. If it’s your first time then just take 1 or 2 hits, and wait for a few minutes. If you’re still not high you can take another hit. Usually, beginners would not need to smoke an entire bowl or joint by themselves to get high. If the quality is decent then 3 or 4 hits total should get the job done. If you’re new to this I highly recommend checking out two of my other articles: How to Smoke Weed Properly: A First-Timer’s Guide and 7 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting High From Weed.

Remember, the more you smoke the higher your tolerance is going to get. Individuals with high tolerances may need multiple bowls or joints to feel effects. Some people report smoking so much they can’t get high anymore. If this is the case I highly recommend taking a tolerance break.

Round-Up: Where is Your Next High Coming From?

Okay, so for many of our readers the idea of passing up on cannabis is a silly one, however sometimes life gets in the way and getting high for a few hours isn’t feasible. Whether you want a romantic night in, or fancy kicking off your running career, these three methods of getting naturally high are backed, proven and free of charge!

Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on getting high ‘naturally’!