How to Make Your Wireless Internet Connection Faster (Comcast)


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Restart your internet connection

Source: Xfinity (Image credit: Source: Xfinity)

If you’re not getting what you pay for or the connection is inconsistent, the first step is a restart. One of the simplest ways to restart your modem is to sign in to your Xfinity account and click on the Restart Modem button. This window will also tell you if there are any known issues in your area. Restarting your modem will refresh the connection and settings in case something got out of sync.

You can also unplug your router and plug it back in manually.

If your connection is still spotty, you may need to contact customer service to have a technician check your lines for damage.

Linksys MR9600

Fast performance with future mesh expansionWith speeds up to AX6000, the MR9600 from Linksys is enough for most households alone and you can add mesh expansion later.

Compare Your Speed with Your Comcast Contract

Depending on your plan with Comcast, your download speeds could be anywhere from 25 Mbps with their Performace Starter package and all the way up to 1,000 Mbps if you chose the Gigabit Speed package. Take a look at your current contract with Comcast and see where your limit falls, and then compare it to the speed test results you performed on your connection.  

Start a Claim Against Comcast

Keep in mind that Comcast is notorious for setting data limits on their contracts. If you’ve reached your monthly limit, your connection speed is reduced significantly until your next billing cycle. You can find out all the details about your exact plan by contacting customer support. 

File an Official Complaint and Get Compensated

Suppose you’ve tried everything that Comcast’s customer service suggested while troubleshooting your bad internet connection. In that case, you should file an official complaint and get compensated for the services you were paying for but not actually receiving. Don’t allow Comcast’s customer service agents to try and sell you additional repeaters or upgrades that they say might fix your slow internet.  

And one last note, don’t commit or agree to any additional services and costs; you need to file a dispute through FairShake to get compensated for what Comcast owes you.