How to pin Google Chrome with a specific user (profile) to Windows 10 taskbar?


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Adding a website to your taskbar with Google Chrom

Adding a website to your taskbar with Google Chrome requires a couple of extra menus than some of the other browsers, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Open the website you want to pin to your taskbar in Google Chrome.

Step 2: Click the Three-Dotted menu in the top-right corner.

Step 3: Click More Tools, followed by Create a Sho

Step 3: Click More Tools, followed by Create a Shortcut.

Step 4: When the pop-up window appears, you can customize the shortcut’s name and check the box if you want to open the site in a new window. You can then select Create. The shortcut should then automatically appear on your desktop.

Step 5: Click and drag the new shortcut to your ta

Step 5: Click and drag the new shortcut to your taskbar. Alternatively, right-click the shortcut and select Pin to Taskbar.

Note for Macs: Chrome acts a little different on MacOS. Instead of using the Create a Shortcut tool, you will need to select Choose to Save Page Instead As… Then, in the window that appears, make sure you are saving the link to your desktop. This should add the shortcut to your desktop, no problem.


Pin a File to the Taskbar

Just as there are certain programs you want easy access to, there may be certain files that you open frequently and want to have handy at all times. Here's how to pin a file to the taskbar.

When you pin a file to the taskbar, you're actually pinning it to the program it's associated with, so it will not appear as an icon on its own.

  1. Open File Explorer and navigate to the file you want to pin. Select and drag the file to the taskbar.

  2. The icon shows a notice: "Pin to X," with X being the application the file is associated with.

  3. To access the file from the taskbar, right-click the icon of the associated application and, from the menu, choose the name of the file.

How to Pin a Website to Taskbar – Firefox

Step 1. You can right-click Firefox desktop shortcut and select Properties. In its properties window, you can check the file location of Firefox app. Copy the Firefox app location to a place for later usage.

Step 2. Next you can right-click the blank area on desktop and click New -> Shortcut to open Create Shortcut window.

Step 3. Then you can type the full path of Firefox app in the box and add the target website URL after it. Click Next and type a name for the shortcut and click Create to create a shortcut.

Step 4. At last, you can right-click the shortcut and select Pin to Taskbar. You can then deleted the shortcut on desktop if you want.

Now you can click the website icon at the taskbar to quickly open the website in Firefox browser.

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Pin Websites to Windows 10 Taskbar Using Chrome

Although Microsoft Edge is based on Google Chrome, you might not see such an option to pin favorite websites to the Windows 10 taskbar. Well, Chromeactually can do the same thing. Here is a workaround to pin your favorite websites to Taskbar using the Google Chrome browser on Windows 10 PC.

  1. Open Google Chrome and visit your favorite website.
  2. Click on the three dots menu icon at the top right corner of the browser.
  3. Go to the More Tools option.
  4. Click the “Create Shortcut” option.
  5. From the alert screen, check “Open as Window” and click Create.
  6. A new window with the website will open now.
  7. Now, right-click on the newly opened window icon at the taskbar.
  8. Click “Pin to Taskbar.”

There you go. The website will now stick on your taskbar as a pinned icon. You can access the same website anytime by clicking the icon on the taskbar. Also, the website shortcut will be added to your PC like a separate app.

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How to Pin to Taskbar from File Explorer or Desktop

Method 1: Drag an App(.exe file) to Taskbar

In the File Explorer or Desktop, you can also drag an app or shortcut of an app (Settings app) that you want to pin to the taskbar until you see Pin to taskbar, and release to add.

Method 2: Pin to taskbar

Method 2: Pin to taskbar

Open File or Folder Location in File Explorer, right-click on an item (.exe file), and click on Pin to taskbar.

Pinning Websites to the Taskbar – A Cure for Infor

Pinning Websites to the Taskbar – A Cure for Information Overload?

An interesting thing about these shortcuts is that they don’t just launch Chrome and open the page you bookmarked.

Instead, they open a new standalone window that doesn’t have an address bar, Chrome settings or tab functionality.

The window is just about the same as what you’d get from an application downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.

And if you click on a link to a different domain while using this special window, it will launch and open up in a new tab in regular Chrome, instead of appearing in your current spot.

Keeping this in mind, this method of pinning apps and websites could be used strategically to stay productive online, since a common reason for failing to concentrate online is having an excess of tabs open and continually scrolling through them without focusing on any one.

This way, you can open up an interesting link for later, but stay focused on the task at hand, whether that be reading and composing emails or reading the news.

Pinning websites to your taskbar of course isn’t a magic cure to information overload, but it can keep your web browsing experience more streamlined and your core tasks more dedicated without as much possibility of distraction and scrolling to a new tab.

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