How to reply to a Craigslist ad that asks for my phone number


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Tip #8: Do the research, if you must!

Even if an ad opening caters to your specialty, you can never be too careful. Go the extra mile and do additional research on the website or employer you’re responding to. Without the benefit of a background check, you leave yourself vulnerable to all sorts of mischief which proliferate online.


How you should reply to a job ad

Like many jobboards that allow users to post ads without a site administrator reviewing the job ad before it goes live, CraigsList is not exempt from job scammers either. CraigsList has become somewhat notorious for its spam emails and bogus “get-rich-quick” scams by scrupulous job scammers. If you’re not cautious with your replies, you could get bombarded with ads and buried in junk email!

Along with most writers, I love using CraigsList—it is simple to use and you can find really incredible job opportunities from reliable employers. In this article, I focus on one of the most important aspects of landing a job via CraigsList, and that is in the reply itself. Just how should you reply to a CraigsList ad for a freelance writing job? Here are my top 10 tips to help you.

Writing about yourself!

SamsoniteNow we’ve hit the meat and potatoes of your ad – writing about yourself! This is Marketing 101, so put your best foot forward, even if that foot has three toes. Remember, we want women to either a) learn about how awesome you are b) not figure it out that you’re a choad for a least a couple of dates so you can get some kisses/a foot job/whatever. That means spouting off zero bullshit about your last relationship, as in “I just got out of a 2.87 year relationship and I’m finally ready to date again”. Wrong move, Samsonite – you’ve just proved you have more damaged baggage than United Airlines.

Instead of complaining, tell your audience what’s good about you – interests, hobbies, etc. And by “interests,” I don’t mean the one about having Asian schoolgirls shit on your face while you wear assless chaps and choke yourself. Save that until at least date number three. A word to the wise, “hanging out”, “drinking” and “Barack Obama” are not hobbies. “Hobbies” are things like playing a musical instrument, painting mountain landscapes or robbing liquor stores dressed like a pirate. Under no circumstances should you ever write about how great you are in bed, how many orgasms she’ll have, how good you are at massages, etc. Women can smell this sort of bullshit a mile away, and that’s what Casual Encounters is for. If you have to brag about your sexual prowess, you probably have roughly the skill level of that guy in the “Jizz In My Pants” video.

Proxy Email Address

When you receive an email in response to an ad you posted, you’ll see an address that looks like: rcc9la26d76a03514c34f9200@. Although the sender used their real email account to contact you, the proxy email address hides their real email address.

When posting an ad, always use the Craigslist proxy email address. Additionally, use only your first name in the Contact Name field.

More Security Tips

Part of the reason Craigslist uses the proxy email system is to prevent scams and the distribution of your private information. But it can only do so much. Do your part by not clicking links within any email you receive unless you trust the sender. Scammers can doctor emails to look like they’re from a particular sender, such as Craigslist—so when in doubt, always contact the sender through Craigslist to verify.

Additionally, once you’re in contact with a buyer or seller, you may want to exchange mobile numbers to make the transaction easier. While the majority of Craigslist users are trustworthy, go with your instincts before offering your mobile number. Also, remember to use personal security habits like meeting in a neutral, public location, such as a coffee shop or grocery store parking lot.