How to Send a Free Text Message to a Google Voice Number


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Compose New SMS in Google Voice

  1. 1

    Open Google Voice and log in with your Google username and password.

  2. 2

    Click the “Text” option above the Inbox header on the left side of the page. The Compose Text Message screen opens.

  3. 3

    Type the phone number for the recipient into the “To:” field.

  4. 4

    Type a message into the “Message” box and then click “Send.” Your text message is sent for free from your Google Voice account.


To set up a Google Voice number:

1. Visit the Google Voice website on any web browser

Open your web browser of choice and navigate to .

2. Identify your Google Account

You will be asked to sign into your Google account. First, type in the email address or phone number associated with your Google Account underneath where it says “Email or Phone.” Then click Next.

3. Type in your Google Account password

3. Type in your Google Account password

If your account is recognized, Google will ask you to enter its password. Simply type the password associated with your Google account underneath where it says “Enter Your Password” and then click Next.

4. Choose your Google Voice number

4. Choose your Google Voice number

If you did everything right, you should now be on the main screen for your Google Voice account. If you haven’t set up your Google Voice number yet (which we’ll assume you haven’t), you will be prompted to do so at the bottom of the screen. Click Choose Number, and then click Continue on the next page.

5. Find an available phone number in your area

5. Find an available phone number in your area

The first step is to search for an available phone number that you can claim as your Google Voice number. Click inside the search box provided and type in either your area code or city’s name, and then click the magnifying glass (or just press the “Enter”/”Return” key on your keyboard).

Google Voice will suggest three available numbers

Google Voice will suggest three available numbers for that city or area code that you could use. Click Load More if you want to see three additional options; otherwise, click Select beside the number that you want to claim.

6. Link your Google Voice account to your existing phone number

On the next screen, click Next. This will cause a pop-up window to appear that will allow you to link your Google Voice number to the one for your mobile device.

Click in the box labelled “Enter a Phone Num

Click in the box labelled “Enter a Phone Number” and type in your device’s number. Then click Send Code to send a text message, which will include a confirmation number you will need to enter, to your device.

If your device does not have texting capabilities (or you just don’t want to use them right now), you can also click Verify by Phone. Then you just enter your phone number and click Call to have Google call you and tell you the verification code verbally.

7. Verify your current phone number

You will be given a numeric code, either by text message or by phone call. Click the field beside the “G” and type in the code you received. If you didn’t get the code in the first place, click Resend Code. Once you’ve typed in the code, click Verify.

That’s it! With your Google Voice number reg

That’s it! With your Google Voice number registered, you’re all ready to use Google Voice! Our next tutorial will cover some of the basic things that you can do with Google Voice.

How Do I Make Outgoing Calls With Google Voice?

With Google Voice, you make and receive calls from your computer or smartphone to any U.S. phone number. Unlike traditional telephone service, you don’t need to purchase or download any special hardware and don’t need a regular landline. Instead, you use any device (computer, smartphone, etc.) that supports the Google Voice app.

To make outgoing calls on Google Voice, use the “Caller ID” feature. The “Caller ID” feature allows you to add a “Name” and “Number” to your outgoing calls, then those numbers will show up on the Caller ID on your phone.

How To Delete Your Number?

Maybe your google voice number is not working and you want to delete it, here’s how: go to the Google Voice website or mobile app, log in, and click on the “Account” option in the top left corner. On the next screen, you can scroll down to find the removal option. If that fails, you can try the instructions below to

  1. Go to your Google Voice page
  2. In your account click on the “Menu” button
  3. Click on “Settings”
  4. Click on “Change Number”
  5. Delete your old number

Why Do You Need To Buy Google Voice Numbers?

Google Voice accounts offer multiple benefits. It allows users to use one phone number to handle several purposes. One can simply use this number to place as well as receive calls from Gmail as well as via Wi-Fi.

The biggest benefit of Google Voice Numbers is that they provide unlimited portability. It offers plenty of features to manage your calls with ease. Also, these numbers have SMS integration feature and recording abilities as well. Hence, you can easily change your calls into voice mails whenever required.

Although it is possible to create Google Voice account online by following few steps; but when you need multiple numbers, the process may appear little complicated. Don’t worry! We are here to help you buy Google Voice accounts in bulk amount. Our teams have years of experience, and they can generate the most reliable and verified Google voice accounts to meet your needs.

Messaging with Google Voice

Any description of Voice would be incomplete if messaging wasn’t included. As with the phone number that comes with your phone’s SIM, you can use your Google Voice app to text to any number that uses SMS; the app will use your Voice number.

Unfortunately, however, Google’s other apps aren’t all that friendly to Voice messaging. While you can call others using Voice and they will see your Voice phone number, if you text to someone using an app other than Voice (say, Google’s Messages app), the recipient will see the text as coming from the number of your phone’s SIM rather than your Voice number.

There is one exception: you can use Google’s Hangouts app to send and receive text messages using your Voice number (and only your Voice number; Hangouts stopped being a general SMS app back in 2017). What will eventually happen to Hangouts is still up in the air (it’s due to be sunsetted for G Suite customers this coming October), but it is an option.

Switch back to your phone’s voicemail

If you stop using Google Voice, you should turn off conditional call forwarding on your phone. To turn off conditional call forwarding, use the appropriate commands for your mobile carrier or use your carrier’s website to make the change. For assistance, contact your carrier.

Example: AT&T Wireless customers

To turn off conditional call forwarding, enter the following 3 commands one at a time on your phone’s keypad, and wait for confirmation. After entering each command, tap Send or Call, hang up, and enter the next command:

  1. Call forward if unanswered: ##61#
  2. Call forward if unreachable: ##62#
  3. Call forward if busy: ##67#

Example: Verizon Wireless customers

To turn off conditional call forwarding, enter *73 on your phone’s keypad, wait for the confirmation stutter tone, then hang up.

How to set up Google Voice?

Google Voice offers an excellent opportunity to meet all your communication needs with a single phone number. If you are looking for an answer to how to set up Google Voice number, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open a web browser and visit Google Voice website
  • Locate your Google Account
  • Sign in to your account using your email ID or phone number and click Next
  • Enter your Google account password
  • Select your Google Voice number
  • Find an available phone number in your local area.

Tips to create Google Voice Number on iPhone

Below-mentioned is the steps to create Google Voice number on the iPhone:

  • Download and install the Google Voice app from the app store
  • Open the app and enter your Google Account login credentials
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and look for a Google Voice number for yourself
  • Tap on “Select” next to the phone number you want.

Outstanding Features of Google Voice that you cannot afford to miss!

There are several reasons which prove why you cannot afford to miss the alluring features like Google Voice number lookup or search Google Voice history. However, apart from the common ones, there are many hidden and exclusive features of Google Voice. Check out its other unique features here:

Routing Power

With the help of Google Voice, you can get rid of the issues of having multiple numbers for various purposes. Once you do sign up and receive a phone number, you can input all of your existing numbers, including your cell phone, work phone, and home phone, directly into your control panel.

Once you receive any call, all of your phones will ring, and you can answer at your convenience. There are also advanced routing options, and you can set preferences so that any specific calls will ring to certain phones. For example, it gives you the liberty to decide which means if you want your friends to call on your cell phone and your parents to make a call on your home phone, you can use this specification. Along with that, you do enjoy the freedom to set specific callers to be routed directly into your voicemail.

Screening Power

As soon as the call comes through, you do have a whole new set of options. When you do pick up your call, while any other caller still hears the ringing, you will be shown the person’s name and four other options such as :

  • Answer the call
  • Send it to voicemail
  • Send it to voicemail and listen in life
  • Answer and Record the call

It is Google Voice that uses the information from your address book to inform who’s calling. Now, if the caller is not in your contacts list, it is Google Voice that can ask their name and then play it back when you do pick up the call.

Voicemail Power

The voicemail system of Google Voice allows you to listen in while someone is recording any message. Now, in case you decide to pick up the mid message, you can simply press the start key and start talking.

It is accessible over the web, and you can listen to voicemail online, forward voice messages to other users, and even embed all of them on other websites. It is Google Voice which offers text transcriptions of your voice messages and the capability to receive them via e-mail or text message.

SMS Power

It is entirely integrated into Google Voice. Suppose anyone sends you a message to your Google number, the service will soon route it to any already connected mobile phone. Now, you are allowed to reply to text messages from any phone or via the Google Voice Web interface. It can store all your text messages within the web interface in order to archive them permanently; it certainly signifies that every text you have ever sent or received could be filed, searched, and kept forever like an e-mail. It also displays Google Voice Web System, which displays back-and-forth messages.

Midcall Power

It ensures an added power of starting to record a call in the middle of a call. You are allowed to start and stop call recording just with the touch of a single button and then access those recordings online. Simply switch phones without interrupting the call. All you need to do is to press the start key while talking, and all your other connected phones will begin to ring. Now, at this point in time, you can simply pick any of them or hang up the original pone and go about your conversation without any fuss.

Check out the Pros and Cons of Google Voice number


Privacy is the utmost priority

It is true that while using Google Voice, you do reveal a lot of your personal information to Google, which might leave you worried. However, with the reliable privacy policies of Google, you should not stay worried.

Ad Free

Google Voice is absolutely ad-free and cost-free, which means it saves a lot of your time without showing you ads.

It is reliable

It is true that the users often have faced different service-related outages which tool Google Products offline. However, no doubt it is annoying to be unable to use or access your e-mail or RSS feeds, but the users usually stated that not being able to receive any calls or text messages is an even bigger problem.

Just one single phone number

Google Voice has the ability to route all of your devices just under one single phone number. As soon as you create a Google Voice Account, you will be provided with a particular Google Voice number.


No emergency calls

Yes, it is true that Google Voice is unable to make any direct emergency calls which are extremely frustrating. In case you are interested in substituting a phone provider or simply port your number to Google Voice, you would have to work out an alternative to make any sort of emergency calls.

No availability of Support when any problems arise

You might be extremely shocked to know that you do get the opportunity to talk to the representatives if you are facing any problems or issues. However, Google does not provide any sort of one-to-one customer service for any related service to Google Voice.

Complex Multimedia Messaging

The entire multimedia messaging process is extremely confused and chaotic because there are facilities like digital integration and short messaging services; you can also send a picture message. However, it is called complicated because the image would not directly embed into the message, but there will be a link attached to it.

Undeniably, Google has few advantages and disadvantages; however, no one can deny that it has outstanding features. Although the users also face a lot of technical snags and often put up questions like what is my Google Voice number or how to find my Google Voice number, you can find the answer to these questions by using and discovering more about the unique features of Google Voice.

Does Google Voice show your real number?

If you don’t know the answer to the question does Google Voice show your real number, read this section carefully. Google Voice has its unique phone number that is used for relaying your calls if you are not using the internet for calling. If you are using your telecom service provider’s calling minutes to call someone, you can see the call’s relay phone number. Google Voice never reveals your linked phone number as long as you use it for calling.

How to find my Google Voice Number?

Over the years, Google Voice has made communications much easier. Apart from the basic calling features, it also offers call forwarding and voicemail services. With all its incredible features, you might be wondering how to get a Google voice number and how to find my Google voice number. As we have already seen how to get a Google voice number, now let’s see how to find a Google voice number:

  • Visit the official login page of Google Voice
  • Once you log in, click on Settings
  • Under the “Account” section, you can find the Google Voice number.

Finding out the answer to what is my Google Voice number doesn’t mandate the requirement of a computer, you can also follow the above-mentioned steps on your smartphone and find your Google Voice number on your fingertips.

How to set up a Google Voice number in Android and iOS?

Apart from computers, Google Voice is also accessible from your smartphones. If you have a smartphone (Android or iOS) and are looking for an answer to How to set up a Google Voice number, follow these steps:

  • Download Google Voice app on your smartphone
  • Sign in to your Google Account
  • Select your local area code and your phone number
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Google Voice confirmation process.
  • Connect your Google Voice number to your actual phone.

Are Google Voice numbers anonymous?

While Google Voice provides you a unique phone number to meet the basic and advanced level communication requirements, it is not equipped with the phone book listing and is generally untraceable. So, if you’re looking for the answer to “are Google Voice numbers anonymous”? then the answer is ‘yes’. Google doesn’t publicize your Google Voice number.

How can I get Google Voice number back?

In case a Google Voice number is unused for a long time, Google Voice sends you a warning message stating your Voice Number will be removed from your account. You can also see the reclaim date, which is the date of removal of the number. Follow the below-mentioned steps if you have lost or forgot your Google Voice number and want to get Google Voice number back:

  • Keep your number before it’s removed by making a phone call to someone
  • Send an SMS using your Google Voice number
  • Open the mobile app on your smartphone.
  • Sign in to your Google Account
  • Click the “Select” option, next to your number, and follow the on-screen instructions to get Google Voice number

The Easy Way to Fax with Google Voice

Google Voice can be integrated with eFax in a matter of minutes. It’s an easy, low-cost way to re-use your Google Voice number and start receiving faxes directly to your computer or mobile phone.

Port your Google Voice number