How to set default zoom for all or individual websites in Firefox


Set default zoom level in Firefox

While you can, I recommend not to set up a permanent zoom for all websites as they would behave differently. Instead, you can choose to zoom the text alone.

  1. Open Firefox, and then click on the menu button in the top-right corner of the browser.
  2. Then select Options(Windows) or Preferences (macOS).
  3. Scroll to find the “Language and Appearance” section.
  4. Under Zoom, you can setup a default Zoom level between 30% to 100% (It will zoom all the elements including images)
  5. In the same section, you have the option to Zoom text only. Check the box and the level of zoom from the above dropdown.

When you change the zoom level for text, it will c

When you change the zoom level for text, it will change the zoom level of settings in Firefox as well. It is an accessibility feature for those who have a problem reading small texts. Hence the zoom level is applied globally. Like you can see in the image below (compare it with the picture above), the zoom level is also applied to the settings page.

How to set a zoom level for individual websites

How to set a zoom level for individual websites

Good thing manual zooming is that it gives you better control, and also the option to revert. To quickly setup zoom level of any website, you can any of the following shortcuts

  • Ctrl + (increase) or Ctrl – (decrease) or Ctrl + 0 to reset zoom
  • You can also use Ctrl + Mouse scrolling to change the zoom level

Once you do that, Firefox will remember the zoom level. Even if you close the browser and launch it the next day, it will remember your preference for the zoom level for that website. If you have changed the zoom level, the best way to identify is to look for a magnifying glass in the address bar.

To quickly set a different zoom level for a particular website, click the menu button at the top right and then click the plus (+) or minus sign (-) to zoom in or out, respectively. You can see the current zoom level in the address bar.

Firefox will remember the zoom level you set for e

Firefox will remember the zoom level you set for each website. That said if you want to zoom only the text for individual websites for this method, then follow the steps

  • Open Firefox, and press ALT key on the keyboard
  • It will reveal the menu on top of Firefox.
  • Click on View > Zoom > Zoom text only

Done that, every time you manually zoom, it will only increase the font size of the text instead of everything.

If you want to increase text size in Windows OS, make sure to read our Windows 10 Accessibility guide.



Thumbnail Zoom:

Thumbnail Zoom is a free Firefox plugin to zoom images on Facebook, Twitter, or Amazon. Thumbnail Zoom plugin works when the images these websites are in the form of thumbnails. You just have to put the mouse cursor or hover the mouse cursor over the image to zoom in the image. Bring back the mouse cursor to zoom out the image. According to the developer of Thumbnail Zoom, the plugin works for Facebook, Twitter, or Amazon images. But when I tried to zoom Google images, the plugin worked on that too. The plugin zoomed the Google images like it was zooming on my Facebook and Twitter images. You can download and install the plugin to test it. Thumbnail Zoom is a nice plugin that makes your image zooming easier and faster.

Full Screen Image Viewer:

Full Screen Image Viewer is a free Firefox plugin that plays a normal image into full screen mode on Firefox browser. This plugin works a bit different from all other image zooming plugins as discussed above. After installing the plugin, open any image in your Firefox browser. Now right-click on the image accessed on the browser and then click on “Full screen image viewer” option at the end of the options list. The image will be then played in full screen mode with some advanced picture tools on Firefox browser. You will find a lens button in the picture tools which allows you to zoom the image more than the full screen size of the image on Firefox browser. The zooming level is very less which totally depends upon the full screen size of the image. Press “Esc” button to go back to the image page on your Firefox browser.

If you find any other good Firefox plugin to zoom images, then do let us know in comments.

Also, if you are using Google Chrome browser, then don’t forget to check out free Chrome extensions to zoom images reviewed by us.