How To Take Security Tags Off Clothes


Things You’ll Need

  • Thin, flathead screwdriver.
  • Hammer
  • Both hands (or a friend!)
  • A sharp knife can be used in place of the screwdriver as it is easier to just cut the plastic pyramid off rather than pry it off
  • High-powered magnet


How do Walmart security scanners work?

How Do Walmart’s Door Alarms Work? Security sensors are placed on either side of Walmart’s public entrance and exit doors, searching for active and attached security tags. The door alarms will sound a response signal when they detect a live tag frequency, alerting security of a possible shoplifting offense.

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Is store security allowed to touch you?

Only the police have the authority to do so. Hold you for a minimal value item. Some policies prevent shoplifters from being held if they attempt to take an item below a certain value. If they are certain it’s below the minimal value, they might even just allow shoplifters to walk out the door.