How to tell if you're being professionally followed in a car



  • Only carry weapons you are legally allowed to carry.

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  • Take a hat and overcoat with you in your purse or bag. Try going into a public bathroom and putting them on if you think you’re being followed. This may confuse them and make them think you’re someone else.

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4) The ability to be decisive and direct

In their respective corporate jobs, "Scandal's" Olivia Pope (L) and "How to Get Away with Murder's" Annalise Keating (R) often have to be decisive and direct to get the job done.Mitch Haaseth/ABC | Disney ABC Television Group | Getty Images

"You're actually doing everyone a favor when you say what needs to be said rather than tip-toeing around the problem," Hallberg said, explaining why being "brutally honest" can save time and energy for leaders and their companies, instead of choosing to sugarcoat.

When it comes to being decisive, "we can't always wait for the true indicators to come in before we pivot on something; business is never that clear," Hallberg said. "That's where strong leadership and great relationships on a team come into play."

Someone Is Matching Your Speed

Most people walk, jog, or move about at slightly different speeds. Even if you’re walking with others around you at nearly the same speed, if you speed up or slow down it should normally be ‘just you’ doing so at that moment.

If someone behind you is continually matching your pace, the alarm bells should ring. The situation will become more revealing if you change your pace several times and the follower continues to match. Chances are that someone is following you.

Who Is Tracking My Phone?

Out of all the people who may have reasons to track your device, here are the ones that seem relevant and obvious when it comes to phone tracking.

  • Employers: While employers have every right to track the company device provided by them to the employees, sometimes they can go overboard. Often, they consider using spyware for smartphones as a safety measure taken to protect data and information of the company. If that’s the case with you, you might be spied on. Make sure to check the phone for spyware.
  • Worried parents: Parents are among the most common ones to consider phone tracking to protect their children. Parents are often worried about their kids and if they’re exposed to any dangerous online activities. Hence, they take a step forward to spy on their kids mobile phones.
  • Jealous spouses: Wives/husbands often are suspicious about their partner’s late night calls and unexpected messages. Even though they have enough trust, they land in a position where spying seems the best solution.
  • The police: Certain legal proceedings or actions require the law enforcement to track victim’s/criminal devices.
  • The government: Often, governments also feel the need to track a certain citizen or a group of citizens. If you are in the list, you might have your privacy compromised.

6) Ownership does not equal leadership

You have "to earn your stripes" if you want to lead — even if you're in a senior position, Hallberg explains. When attaining success at work, creating the most effective team is key, so that means finding workers who best complement a position, rather than opting for a family member who may not be the best choice for the role.

How Can Someone Bug My Phone?

Before knowing how to stop someone from spying on my cell phone, I learned that one must know how to bug a cell phone first.

While there are multiple ways in which someone can bug your mobile phone, the easiest and the preferred method is by using spying software.

The perks of using the right spyware are that they can be installed remotely within the target device. Meaning that you would never know if there’s an app spying on your device. To add to this, spyware are light in weight and often go undetected. So no matter how vigilant you are, there are ways in which someone can bug your phone without you knowing.

When I learned how to find spyware on my phone or detect a spy app, I decided to write the guide below.

Recognize the signs that you have an unwanted admirer

According to Erickson, there are many things you can look for, and a lot of them you’ve seen in the movies:

  • Multiple sightings of the same person or vehicle over the course of a day
  • Travelers who get on and off public transportation with you
  • Diners in restaurants who get up and leave after you without eating their food
  • People sitting in a restaurant who aren’t eating at all
  • A jogger who is standing near you, stretching for what feels like too much time
  • Gut feeling — always trust your gut

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Report what you’ve seen

If you suspect you are being followed, report it immediately, Erickson advises. “Don’t wait until you get home, because you’ll talk yourself out of it, convince yourself that you’re being silly.” And don’t confront your suspected followers. “This may only accelerate the violence,” he warns.

Erickson says it is vital to know the local versions of 911 and notes that every U.S. embassy has an RSO (Regional Security Officer) whose sole responsibility is the welfare of American citizens. “You call the RSO and tell them what you suspect,” he says. “I had this happen to me, so I called the RSO. Two days later, they contacted me and confirmed that not only did I have one set of people following me, but there were two separate groups. One of them was the intelligence agency of the host country I was in, and the other was a group from a nearby nation. I was in this country on government business, so I was just being surveilled, but it could have just as easily been a terrorist organization.”

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“More is more” when it comes to reporting who you think is following you. Every detail, no matter how small, can be extremely helpful in making an identification. “You can’t just say, ‘A big scary guy was following me.’ You need to do better than that,” Erickson says. Here are some details to make a mental note of:

  • Don’t concentrate too much on the clothes.
  • Sex
  • Race
  • Hair color
  • Eye color
  • Height (Erickson notes: “A good method of gauging height is comparing them to you. If you looked at his face, were his eyes above yours or below yours? Take note of where their head lined up with any shelves or architecture or roof of a car they were standing near.”)
  • Build
  • Age
  • Distinguishing scars or limp
  • Clean or dirty
  • Language spoken

Even better than your brain’s memory is your phone’s memory. Here’s a simple tech tactic Erickson likes to use:

“I put my phone on video and hit record, and then I hold it up like I’m talking on it. And I’ll narrate anything I can remember about the person while I’m pointing the camera at him. So I’m recording my notes and also making a historical document that will hold up in court. Or, if nothing else, will hold up on CNN.”

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What To Do If Someone Is Following You

Now that you suspect that someone is following you, what do you do about it?

To avoid becoming a potential victim, you must do something to deter the situation.

1. Immediately upon recognizing that you’re being followed, change your posture to one of confidence. Some people tend to slouch and appear weak. If that’s you, walk tall. Shoulders back and head up. Criminals look for weak prey, not strong prey.

2. Slow down, stop, and turn around or sideways. Appear as though you are looking for someone else. Then look right at the person who you suspect is following you. This sudden turn of events may likely thwart the follower who will move on.

3. You might turn and confront the follower using your choice of WTF verbiage. Again, most non-professional criminals are looking for an easy target. When you confront them, you are no longer an easy target.

Caution: Some people are just plain crazy and arguably shouldn’t be out in public. Often it’s easy to tell if someone fits in this category. Best not to confront them. Use your best judgement. Not everyone can present a firm, confident, or even threatening posture under the circumstances of confrontation.

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Some interesting tips can be found in the following book written by a former CIA officer: Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life