How To Track Your Lost or Stolen Laptop


How To Track Your Lost or Stolen Laptop

In this method, we will be discussing a software that will get installed on your computer and will tell you the location when your laptop is connected to the internet connection. Follow the below steps to implement this in your laptop to make it secure and easily traceable in the future.

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Steps To Make Your Laptop Easily Tracked When It is Lost/Stolen

Step 1. First of all, go to the prey website on your computer.

How To Track Lost/Stolen Laptop
How To Track Lost/Stolen Laptop

Step 2. There you need a little sign up using little details.Then login with the details you had filled.

How To Track Lost/Stolen Laptop
How To Track Lost/Stolen Laptop

Step 3. Now proceed with the prey app site there click on download prey button. Now the popup will appear asking your OS click on Windows.

How To Track Lost/Stolen Laptop
How To Track Lost/Stolen Laptop

Step 4. Now install the downloaded file on your computer. Now launch the program and select existing user and then enter your account details that you have set in step 2.

How To Track Lost/Stolen Laptop
How To Track Lost/Stolen Laptop

Step 5. You can alter settings in Prey configurator. You can set a number of minutes to wait before waking up Prey. That means prey will notify you about your missing laptop in the interval of your set time period.  Now your computer the programs running and you can check it in the prey site by logging into your account.

How To Track Lost/Stolen Laptop
How To Track Lost/Stolen Laptop

Step 6. Now there you can also Set Device To Missing if your laptop is lost or stolen. You will soon receive alerts once your missing laptop is powered on, connected to the internet and the prey software is still installed.

How To Track Lost/Stolen Laptop
How To Track Lost/Stolen Laptop

That’s it! you are done, now your laptop location can easily tracked using the prey site.

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So above is all about How To Track Your Lost/Stolen Laptop. With this, you can easily track your lost laptop by setting your laptop as lost in the above site and with that, you can find the actual location of your laptop. Hope you like the article, do share with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.


2. FrontDoorSoftware

A more blatant approach to security

Price: Free (or $30 for a 3-year licence with unlimited location tracking)Info: Specs: Stolen alert display, remote lockdown, start-up audible prevention alert, send custom text message, geolocation tracking

FrontDoorSoftware is a laptop protection and tracking tool that although free to download, comes with some of the features that we’ve also seen in paid-for software. While this is a test on how well it protects a laptop, not on aesthetics, there is a noticeable lack of userfriendliness to the program, which could put people off or make relatively simple actions more complicated than they need to be.

A case in point: the installation process includes a slightly bewildering SetLicence window with a number of buttons and text boxes with little to no description of what each one does. Spelling mistakes in the online instructions don’t inspire confidence either.

Once installed our laptop had to be rebooted and afterwards sported a FrontDoorSoftware window with a warning that the device was protected, alongside the usual Windows login screen. You can also send a custom message to the screen. However, it also means that thieves know they need to act fast to remove the software.

Your contact information is also displayed in case the laptop is simply lost, so a good Samaritan can contact you to return it.

FrontDoorSoftware uses Wi-Fi positioning technology courtesy of Skyhook ( and the results are very similar to GadgetTrak’s (p54), with the approximate location just 60 yards out. However, the software runs as a second-user account, so it has an impact on the system’s performance.

You can remotely lock the device and mark it as stolen through a web interface, which can only be unlocked with a code.

Verdict: 2.5/5

#1. Things You Need to Consider to Ensure the Safety of Your Gadgets

Since I have personally experienced this tight corner, I came to know what are those key steps one must take to prevent any such situation to happen. Hence here are a few.

  1. Make sure your device is registered with the manufacturer.
  2. Install the best tracking software on your laptop.
  3. Enable the laptop’s default features i.e. Find My Device etc.

#I. Make Sure Your Device is Registered With the Manufacturer

Getting your laptop registered with the manufacturer benefits you in many different ways. Since your laptop constantly transmits a variety of information via its serial number, the manufacturer, this way, can record the serial number of this particular product to communicate with you later, regarding new updates, etc.

Hence, if any such misfortune takes place, this recorded data can, of course, be of great use.

#II. Install A Best Tracking Software

Notwithstanding that it’s one massively voted way you must consider to make sure the ultimate security of your device. If you have, say “Prey” or “Adiona” for instance, for both of these, are widely recognized tracking programs used worldwide, you are never out of luck to get back your missing gadget, in case it misplaces.

Just install them and register your device by providing some key information and details etc. And boom! Wherever it is, you have now full-fledged remote access to your laptop or whatever device it is all the time.

#III. Enable the Device’s Default Tracking Features

Be it a Windows laptop or Mac, there is an inbuilt feature named “Find my device”.

Although disabled by default, this feature as its name suggests keeps a full record of your device. It enables you to remotely access it, track it, and have a much better and secured overall experience.

In Mac devices, it’s called “Find my Mac”. Whereas, Microsoft also introduced this “Find my device” feature in Windows laptops, that somewhere in 2015.

Here, keeping the focus majorly on Windows devices, I am gonna teach you how to enable this feature in a Windows 10 laptop.

  1. Go to the Main/All Settings of your laptop, seek out the “Update and Security” settings and open it.
  2. In the left sidebar there, look for “Find my device” and click on it.
  3. You’ll see its setting expanded on the right side of the screen. Notice whether the feature is On or Off.
  4. If it is “On”, great. But if it’s “Off”, click to turn it “On”.
  5. Get back to the main menu and open the “Privacy” settings now.
  6. There, seek out the “Location”, click it, and turn these both i.e. “GPS location” and “Allow devices to access your location”, On.

The feature has been enabled now. To make sure everything is working fine, log into your Microsoft account, and check out if this device is listed under “Your devices” or not. If it shows up there, you are done.

2 Methods For Mac Users To Track a Stolen Laptop Without Tracking Software

If you are a Mac user who experienced the same pain of losing a laptop, there are 2 methods similar to that of Windows users that you can use to track your Apple device. Using your “Find my Mac device” feature or iCloud are ways you can trace and retrieve your stolen laptop without the use of tracking software.

Use Find My Mac Device

Mac devices, like Windows, have an option that enables you to trace the location of your device. To use this feature, you must do the following:

Step 1: Select “System Preferences” on your dashboard.

Step 2: Log in to iCloud using your Apple account details.

Step 3: Select enable Find my Mac and then click on ‘Allow to Confirm’.

Step 4: Select the stolen device and find its location.

The location of the device will be shown on a map, and you will be able to choose to make the device emit a sound that will help you find it or ultimately lock the device and prevent access to your data.

Track Your Stolen Macbook With iCloud

Some devices require you to create an iCloud, which enables you to track the location of your device with precision. Some of the features of iCloud include anti-theft tools, tools that allow you to track any of your Apple devices. Once your device has been tracked, iCloud triggers an alarming sound, and you can choose whether to lock your device or erase its content. To track your phone, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log in using your Apple ID on the iCloud website.

Step 2: Go to the icon “find my phone”

Step 3: Choose missing MacBook.

Step 4: The device location should be displayed.

If no device is displayed, it means that it is off or isn’t connected to an active network. In such a case, iCloud has a feature that will notify you of its location as soon it is connected to the internet.

Your IP Address Gmail And DropBox

Studies show that one laptop is stolen every 53 seconds, which very much was in the days of movement without restriction. Now, the stat is not pleasant; thus, the question, can a stolen laptop be tracked? – is one to expect. Yes, there are several ways to track a stolen laptop. Even though many computer users are not aware of this, but it is possible to follow your laptop via certain apps. Unless you’re a techie, several tech terms may seem alien to you. Your IP address is your internet identity. The IP stands for “Internet Protocol”. It is called an address because it contains several figures forming a unique signature for each internet user. The address itself links every user to their internet activity. These addresses allow a form of communication between billions of users. Can a laptop be tracked without Internet? It’s almost impossible presently as you have to access a large chunk of information via the Internet.

  • IP addresses are probably the most straightforward method of tracking a stolen laptop. So, go through the settings of your recently used site on another laptop or device.
  • Go to the recent login sessions. The culprit will most likely switch on the laptop, and your drop box makes an automatic synchronization, especially when they’ve had access to the Internet. So, your Gmail account receives an automatic notification.
  • Dropbox is a good option because it’s constantly logging in. Click on your account icon at the upper right corner.
  • Then select Settings >Security.
  • Then, scroll down to the web browsers section and check through the information icon in the most recent activity column for the select device.

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Can I Still Trace My Laptop Without Tracking Software?

Tracing a laptop requires having certain measures in place that make it possible. We enumerated ways to ensure that it is possible to retrieve your laptop through the presence of certain software. 

However, without them, tracing becomes close to impossible.Therefore, while you still have the chance, ensure you enable one of the abovementioned to be on the safe side.

How To Find Lost Laptop Using Mac Address?

Your MAC address is six sets of two figures or characters held together by hyphens. To know your address before an incident, go to utilities and start the terminal app.

Or use “Command + Shift + U. You’ll have a display of all network interfaces and their MAC address.

When your laptop disappears in a coffee shop or airport, a decent chance of recovery is contacting your network administrator. However, computer buyers don’t usually register their devices on a central network. But if you did, getting in touch with the administrator is paramount so that the device can be marked for monitoring.

  • The MAC address is usually specific to each device. Therefore, the administrator can use a process known as MAC address filtering to prevent strangers from accessing a network or limit their access.
  • Informing the administrator gives them a heads up that the device is no longer in your care, and in this manner, with a change in IP addresses, they can track where the connection is coming from. So, it’s important to keep your MAC address private.

↓ 07 Inspire Trace [ Discontinued ]

Inspice Trace is a laptop tracking and remote data destruction software. The security software emails you the precise location of your laptop. In addition, it lets you unrecoverably destroy your sensitive data in the laptop to protect the data from any unauthorized access. The highlights:

  • Destroy data in stolen computer.
  • Tamper-proof.
  • Accurate and worldwide tracking.

How can use find you my MAC device?

Did you lose your Mac or suspect it’s been stolen? Find it and lock it with Find My Mac! Find My Mac is the best feature to find your stolen Laptop and protect your lost Mac.

All you need is your Apple account, another Laptop, or your Mac, and you’ll be able to locate your Mac device, lock it, or erase all of its data. Following is the method for how to set up and use Find My Mac to find the device.

4. LoJack

Good all-rounder, but unlike Jack – it’s almost the master of tracking

Price: £40 for a year Info: Specs: Geolocation, remote lock, customised lock-out message, remote delete, Theft Recovery Team

LoJack is definitely focused on home users. This is evident not only in the easy and simple installation, but also by the pop-ups that appear on screen, similar to those found in antivirus software. Designed to be reassuring – as it tells you your laptop is protected – it’s no less annoying as any pop-ups.

Once installed, you need to create an account on the LoJack website, enable geolocation tracking and create a PIN. A map view shows your device’s location and there are four tabs that split the planned recovery of your device into: locate, lock, delete and recover.

While many services rely on Google Maps, LoJack opts for a map powered by Esri. It looks good but there’s no easy way to zoom in to get a more specific idea of where your device is, just a large red dot that for us covered quite a large part of Bath. Those in larger cities may find this service more useful.

Above the map, there’s a Device Status that should update itself every 24 hours, so you know that LoJack is still installed. The Lock part of the process requires you to input your PIN, enter a message, then click ‘Lock Device’. The locking process isn’t instant – it took about 20 minutes for us. When it did we were notified by email. A lock screen appeared – with our message – and the laptop became unusable.

While good, the locking software isn’t entirely secure, but there’s also support for Intel hardware locking (if your device supports it). Remote deletion of your important data can also be run in the Delete step, while in the Recover section, the laptop can be marked as stolen and a Recovery Team is notified and will begin collecting evidence to hand over to the police.

Verdict: 4.5/5

Using Gmail or Dropbox to track its IP address

If you didn’t have any of the above features enabled then all is not lost. You can still track the IP address of your device if someone is using it. Again, this won’t give you a precise location, but you’ll have an idea of which town or maybe even road where it might be found.

If you have a Gmail account then this is the best place to start. Log into the web version in your browser, then scroll down to the bottom of the messages until you find the Details option in the lower right corner.

Click this and a new window will appear with all o

Click this and a new window will appear with all of the devices that have accessed your Gmail account recently.

Click the Show Details option under the one that you suspect to be your missing laptop, then make a note of the IP address so you can hand it on to the police.

You can also find similar information on the web v

You can also find similar information on the web version of Dropbox by clicking on your account icon in the upper right corner, then selecting Settings>Security.

Now scroll down to the web browsers section and ho

Now scroll down to the web browsers section and hover the cursor over the information icon in the Most recent activity column for the device in question.

If none of these routes are successful in reunitin

If none of these routes are successful in reuniting you with your laptop then you have our deepest sympathies.

All we can do is provide you with a guide to the best laptops currently available and recommend that you implement some of the measures above so that you’ll be ready for them should there be a next time.