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Pokemon GO Hack for Android (No Root)

Note: This method will only work on Android 6, 7 and 8. This method will not work on Android 9, 10, 11 and some Android 8.1 devices with Google play services 12.8.x that cannot be downgraded.

If you have not yet updated your device to Android 8 and want to enjoy Pokemon GO Spoofing Android hack then this method is for you. This method doesn’t require rooting. This is amongst the least affective method however you can try your luck with this one.

Firstly, you need to downgrade your Google Play service. You need to downgrade to Google play service version 12.6.x. However, some versions are detected by Niantic. So, you can prefer 12.6.87, 12.6.88 or

Downgrading Google Play Services is restricted by Google to avoid old protocols used by devices. Since it’s restricted, there’s no 1 click go method to disable updates and downgrade to the version we want. Follow the method to downgrade the app. Remember, some Google Apps might not work once you have downgraded. You will have to do this steps again if you update the Google Play Services app by mistake.

Step 1. Open this link, you’ll find many APK files. In order to find the right one, first download Droid Hardware Info app and check under “System” tab. Check the value of “Instruction Sets” (It would like something like arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, x86, x86 + x86_64).

Step 2. After checking the instruction sets value, depending on your device’s Android version (6,7 or 8), go into that part of downloads. For ex: My device runs on Android 8.0 so I’ll go to the part shown in the image below.

Step 3. Check for your Instruction sets value in the table. In my case, it’s arm64-v8a. There are 3 files of arm64-v8a. If you’re sure about your device’s DPI, you can download that or else download the nodpi one.

Step 4. Now, you need to setup Pokemon GO Spoofing App. To do that, navigate to this section.

27. Become a Defender

When you come across a vacant gym, or a gym clai

When you come across a vacant gym, or a gym claimed by your team, you can add your Pokemon to the roster by tapping the gym, and then tapping the icon on the bottom left. However, once you assign a Pokemon to a gym, you are genuinely leaving it there. You won’t be able to do battle with it at other gyms. For that reason, it’s a good idea to leave your second-strongest Pokemon defending a gym, while you keep your most powerful gym for attacking rival gyms. An easy way to figure out who’s your strongest is by resorting your roster by highest CP. Just go into your Pokemon collection, tap the lower right icon (it may be an A-Z, heart icon, or a clock), then tap Combat Power.


Complete Research Tasks

Once you’ve got the hang of visiting PokéStops and catching Pokémon, it’s time to start knocking out some Research Tasks. There are basic objectives — such as catching a certain number of Pokémon or making three “Great” throws in a row — that reward you with high-quality items and rare new Pokémon. Tasks are acquired by spinning Poké Stops and rotate out on a monthly basis. Research tasks can get surprisingly complex, but Pokémon Go does a great job explaining how they work — be sure to take advantage of them!

3) Feeling Lucky? Use lucky eggs carefully

If the game is feeling generous, you may just find yourself in possession of a Lucky Egg. What the hell is that, you ask? Well, ever since we wasted our first Lucky Egg by using it at the worst possible time, we’ve made sure we know the answer to that very question.

Basically, a Lucky Egg doubles all the XP you get for 30 minutes. You should start to pick up a few once you reach level 8 or so, and they can also be bought from the shop – if you’re a dirty cheat, that is.

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As the egg’s effect only lasts for half an h

As the egg’s effect only lasts for half an hour, you’re going to want to spend that time as productively as you can to maximise the XP you get. Before you start the timer, then, make sure you’ve got a load of Pokémon to evolve, tons of Stardust, a Lure Module or Incense, and plenty of Pokéballs. Also make sure you’re near a Pokéstop and gym.

Once you’ve started the Lucky Egg’s timer, drop the Lure Module on the Pokéstop and immediately begin evolving your Pokémon. Pidgeys and Rattatas are good for this, as they seem to crop up all the time and only need 12 candies to evolve, but any Pokémon you have ready to evolve will net you XP once you start upgrading them – and thanks to the Lucky Egg, you’ll get double the amount.

You’ll also want to catch all the unsuspecting Pokémon that come your way as a result of the Lure Module, gaining double XP for all the creatures you manage to capture.

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Once the Lure Module starts to wear off and you’ve evolved all your Pokémon, head to the nearest gym and start racking up the XP by stealing the gym from those wretched Reds, or whichever team happen to be your sworn enemies.

If the gym belongs to your team, try raising its prestige with some repeat attacks, and make sure you use any extra Stardust you get to raise the level of your best Pokémon. It all adds XP and should result in a nice and productive half-hour of Lucky Egg levelling.

13. But, Wait! What the Heck Is a Lucky Egg?!

It's an egg that's lucky! Really, it's filled wi

It’s an egg that’s lucky! Really, it’s filled with happiness and most importantly, grants you double the amount of experience points you can gain for 30 minutes at a time. You can only buy these in the Shop, with Coins. If you’ve got a couple Pokemon you’re almost ready to evolve, save up those candies until you’ve got a Lucky Egg, then evolve them all one after another while the Lucky Egg’s dank XP aura is in the air to double down on that extra CP and XP.

Spoofing Tips

With all of the hype around the three strikes rule, there are a lot of spoofers that are getting nervous. If you use the hack mentioned below properly, there are very less chances of getting banned. When moving form v1.x to 2.x, Clear data before launching the updated app. Make sure you ‘Allow mock locations‘ or Select this app in ‘Select mock location app’ (Marshmallow) before launching the module Set location mode to ‘Device only‘ in case you are troubled when fighting/capturing. Set speed to slow/slower if you want to search for Pokemons. Running faster may not give adequate time for a Pokemon to spawn in that location. Don’t start at far off locations. You might get banned. Don’t change locations too frequently (Like every 2-3 secs). If you’re using Joystick, whenever you get “GPS Signal not found”, just move the arrow keys frame & it the warning would disappear. If you keep getting “GPS Signal not found”, just close Pokemon GO and relaunch it. While Pokemon GO started in the early days of release & the hacks remained the same while the App got updated many times with fixes to catch spoofers. One might think spoofing would get their account banned; some players have been spoofing for months & jumping around different regions without any problem. Earlier players in different communities concluded that Pokemon GO servers ban player by analyzing their behavior, i.e. Behavioral analysis. As per this, the servers keep track of your location and open the alert flag if you have been jumping to a different location in a short time span. While this sounded sensible, many players have been spoofing randomly & have never faced any ban. So this Analysis theory was discarded. My understanding is that no permanent bans were handed out for spoofing, just botting. Many players stopped spoofing and went legit, others continued spoofing through the warnings because almost no bans were being handed out, and many others changed their setups in hopes of getting unshadow banned/remove notice (some were successful, and some were not, but I did not see a significant consensus on what spoofing methods worked better than others). Some players mentioned that they have multiple accounts and spoof using the same phone. All they do is fighting one raid within their city (within 1-hour actual driving distance) which probably take 5 to 15 mins a day. And they log in one account after another to fight the same gym RAID. When you are under a softban you will not be able to see nearby mons, the mons will flee, the pokestops will not give you goodies, and in some cases, nothing will load on the map. However if you are getting a “Pokemon GO Failed to get Game Data from the Server” error then you can use this guide to fix it. To avoid soft bans respect the teleportation cooldown chart. Some of the accounts received a warning, and some didn’t since Niantic is giving out RED warning. Pretty much the only explanation is either they don’t monitor all accounts around the same time (still use behavioral analysis). It is also possible that few of those accounts take longer to fight raid because of the need to wait for people. So the accounts that spend more time spoofing were able to get more GPS data for analysis. Either case, this has something to do with behavioral analysis. If you think about it, for people that spoof around the world to snip, it may only take a few seconds to a min to catch one pokemon, and there is not enough data to analysis. But if you spoof few miles around locally, but you spoof for more than 15 to 30 mins, they probably get enough of your GPS data to analyze your behavior. A recent update, of the hidden service called Google play services, which is a separate app and not the same as the Google Play Store (the Android equivalent to the App Store), is causing issues with these modes. So far the best method is to uninstall updates. Go to Android Settings – Device admin apps (use the settings search) and uncheck “Find My Device” (you can check it again after you are done). Do the same for Google Pay if it is available and selected. Uninstall updates via the Play services info (Update) app. Open the app and navigate to the App Info page and press the menu (3 dots at top right) and choose uninstall updates. Services will go back to an older date. You will have to repeat the process each time the services app updates itself. If the Google play services uninstalls to a very old version find a newer version from May 2018 and install it over the default one (use “adb install -r” command) Clear all data from the services app afterwards and verify the date of your Google play services using this helper app.(“STORAGE” -> “MANAGE SPACE” -> “CLEAR ALL DATA”) Unfortunately, moving forward, the only effective way to work around these limitations will be to enable Expert mode which involves either rooting with Magisk and hiding root or using twrp custom recovery – modify the app to be a system/priv-app.

Pokémon and inventory management

Though much of your time spent with Pokémon GO will involve walking around and collecting wild Pokémon, you’ll also spend a considerable amount of time managing your inventory.

Step 1: In Pokémon GO, you have limited inventory space, so you’ll need to keep up with the items and Pokémon you have to ensure you don’t run out of room. One of the easiest ways to clear room for Pokémon is to transfer them to the Professor, which grants you candy for that Pokémon.

Step 2: Candies are required to evolve each Pokémon, so you should get in the habit of transferring your duplicates when you can. This will help you get closer to filling out your Pokédex.

5) Never lure locally

One of the most unique aspects of Pokémon Go is that it aims to get you out and about. The more new places you take your Poké-hunt to, the more different Pokémon you’ll find.

If you only play the game in your local area, you’ll find yourself catching the same Pokémon time and again. And although this is useful for evolving and levelling up, we are all after the same result – catching as many different Pokémon as possible. So why waste your own lures in your local park when you know it’s only filled with common Drowzees and Rattatas?

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Instead, make the most of lures other people have

Instead, make the most of lures other people have dropped in your area. Unlike incense, which will draw Pokémon specifically to you, a Lure is attached to a Pokéstop and can benefit all the Poké-trainers in the area. You’ll see be able to tell if a lure has been released at a Pokéstop when the supply store starts showering purple confetti. Keep an eye out for these when walking around your local area, and keep your own Lures and Incense for when you’ve taken your Poké-hunt somewhere new.

Once you’ve arrived at a new location and your ‘Nearby’ screen is telling you there are a range of interesting Pokémon close by, this is the time to strike up your Lure or Incense. Before using a lure on a specific Pokéstop, make sure you’re able to stay in the same spot for 30 minutes. In no time you’ll find yourself surrounded by Pokémon ready for catching.

Step 3: Catching Your First Pokemon

Visit & Spin Poke Stops Or Gyms For Poke Balls

In Pokemon GO, you need Poke Balls to capture Pokemon. You can get items by visiting Gyms & Poke Stops – spin them to receive items!

Better Poke Balls = Better Capture Chance

Using better Poke Balls such as the Great Ball or Ultra Ball will increase your chances of capturing a desired Pokemon. Stock up on these so you can capture rare Pokemon more easily.

Walk Around To Spawn Pokemon

The most basic way to spawn and catch Pokemon is to walk around the area! Simply walking around will make Pokemon appear for you to encounter them.

Increase Spawn Rate With Lures & Incense

Items such as Lures and Incense increase the spawn rate of a Pokemon. Lures are dropped onto Poke Stops to draw Pokemon near them while Incense lures Pokemon near you when you are walking around.

Learn Efficient Catch Methods

Using better Poke Balls, items such as Razz Berries, making excellent throws, and earning medals for a certain type of Pokemon all increase your chances of catching a Pokemon. Keep these in mind to catch Pokemon more efficiently.

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Step 5: Pick Which Pokemon To Raise

When choosing which Pokemon to raise, focus on three things – move set, IV (Individual Values), and CP limit. A good combination of these 3 factors will give you Pokemon strong in battle.

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Choose Pokemon With Good Moves

Even if you catch the same Pokemon, they can have different move sets. Choose those that are powerful so that this Pokemon can be effective in battle.

Raise Pokemon With High IVs

IV or Individual Values are an unseen set of numbers that indicate the capacity of your Pokemon’s growth. Raising Pokemon with higher IVs provides a higher limit in statistics when powering them up.

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Pick Pokemon With Higher CP Limit

Some Pokemon naturally have higher CP limits than others & the higher evolution forms usually have a higher CP limit than their base forms. Focus on raising Pokemon with a higher range of CP to make them stronger.

How to catch other Pokémon

Once you’ve gotten started with the game and captured your first Pokémon, it’s time to go hunting for some others.

You can find wild Pokémon by physically walking around your area. Stick to populated areas: Pokémon appear most often near PokéStops. The more PokéStops nearby, the more creatures should appear. Try visiting locations with a lot of public art; tourist spots or malls are great starting points.

How to use Nearby and Sighting

As you walk around in the real world, your avatar moves along the map using GPS. When a Pokémon is close enough to capture, it pops up on your screen. Since walking around with your eyes glued to your phone is a bit of a safety hazard, the game is designed to allow you to keep your eyes free while you wander. You can keep your phone at your side while you walk; when you are near a Pokémon, you’ll get a notification in the form of a vibration and (if your sound is turned on) the Pokémon’s unique call.

You can then move to a safe location (if you were walking along a road, for instance), and tap the visible Pokémon to capture it. Tapping zooms in on your avatar and launches an augmented reality experience with the Pokémon dancing around amidst your surroundings. If you don’t see it on the screen immediately in front of you, move your device around until it appears. (There are arrows on the side of the screen to guide you in the right direction.)

If AR makes you nauseous or you don’t want your battery drained, you can always turn the feature off in the upper right corner.

Once you’ve found the Pokémon, it’s time to throw a Poké Ball to try and capture it. You “throw” in game by tapping and holding on your Poké Ball; a glowing, shrinking ring appears then around the Pokémon. When the ring gets to its smallest, you want to flick your Poké Ball directly toward the creature (with the aim of bopping it on the head) and release your finger; if successful, you’ll capture the Pokémon inside.

How to catch Pokémon in Pokémon Go

Not all Pokémon enjoy being inside itty bitty areas, however, and some may jump out of your Poké Ball after one or two shakes. If this happens, you’ll want to throw another Poké Ball to try and recapture it — or, if you’re running low on supplies, run away.

As you progress in the game, you’ll encounter stronger Pokémon that require a more powerful Poké Ball (or Razz Berries, which lull the Pokémon to complacency). If the ring surrounding the Pokémon is green, you should have no problem capturing it; if it’s yellow, you have a fifty-fifty chance; when you see a red ring, you’ll need to use multiple Poké Balls, more powerful Poké Balls, or Razz Berries to have a remote chance of catching it.

More than one player can catch the same Pokémon; if you and your friend see the same Pokémon on the street, you can both grab it for your separate collections.

You can also use special items to attract Pokémon to your location: You can use incense to lure Pokémon to you personally for 30 minutes, or — if you’re at a PokéStop — use a Lure Module. This will bring Pokémon to the stop; every player there can catch them for the next 30 minutes.

Troubleshooting Pokémon Go

Running into crashes, problems with battery life, or glitches? We’ve collected some of the most common Pokémon Go problems (and their solutions) in our troubleshooting guide.