How to Turn an Old Computer Into a Home Media Server


How To Turn PC into a Web Server

To make your PC behave like a server you just have to download and install the software named “Opera Unite” and that’s all. After installing that app you have to configure it in such a way that it can host your particular files and the process of configuring it has been described above.

Part 2: How to Activate DLNA Windows 10 without 3rd-Party Tools?

To turn on the DLNA Windows 10 feature to wirelessly stream videos, movies without 3rd-party software applications, you’ll need to follow the steps below:

First open the

First open the “Control Panel” and search for “media streaming”, when you see the “Network and Sharing Center” tab, find the “Media streaming options” and click on it. Next, click on “Turn on media streaming” to enable DLNA Windows 10. You’ll need to finish a set of configurations including naming your media library, choosing the visibility of DLNA devices, and other media streaming settings. Proceed with the rest of the steps to set up DLNA Windows 10. By the time you successfully connect your media streaming box to computer successfully with Windows 10, you have turned a Windows 10 computer into DLNA server in this method.


Building a Home Server with an old PC – YouTube

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Top Ways to Turn Computer into DLNA Media Server

The major ways to turn a computer into a DLNA server adopted by users may vary: If you need feature-rich DLNA server software applications that can help you take every advantage of DLNA streaming (we’ll explain features later on), 3rd-party tools are your best options. However, if what you need is the DLNA function that comes with Windows 10 operating systems natively, chances are that you don’t need assistances any more.

DLNA, or Digital Living Network Alliance, allows its users to stream video files and music over the Ethernet from your Windows 10 PC to other DLNA-enabled appliances. You may have heard of DLNA Windows 10 elsewere as “Play To” or UPnP AV, and they both refer to the practice of DLNA Windows 10 without external help was made possible only because the server software is already built into Windows – but with bare-bone wireless streaming features. That been the case, here we’ll touch upon how to turn Windows 10 as DLNA media server both with Windows natively or use high-quality free DLNA server software Windows 10 like 5KPlayer.

How to Install Plex as Your Media Server

Plex is probably the most popular media server pla

Plex is probably the most popular media server platform available. The basic version of Plex is free, it’s easy to installand set up, it works on older computers, and even has smartphone apps that let you access your files just about anywhere. In a nutshell, Plex will let you set up your old computer as a central media server from which you’ll stream content to your tablet, phone, set-top box, game console or television.

Plex Download Options

When you check out the Plex downloads page, you’ll want to download the download the Plex Home Theater option. This will allow your old computer to act as the base station for everything else on the network, storing media and distributing it to any other device that runs the application. As part of the installation process, you’ll set up your Plex account, allowing you to register all of your devices and server together.

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