How To Unblock Someone on Twitter Spaces and What Happens When You Do That


How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Twitter?

Twitter isn’t making it easy to see whether anyone is blocking you on Twitter. The best way: go to the Twitter profile directly. There, instead of seeing their regular Twitter timeline, you will clearly and instantly see if you are being blocked on Twitter:

[Twitter lets you see if you are being blocked ins
[Twitter lets you see if you are being blocked instantly. You’ll see the following message: “You are blocked from following @XXX and viewing @XXX Tweets”. You will not be able to follow the account or have any kind of interaction.]

That’s also what someone you block on Twitter sees when they are viewing your profile.

That’s really the only easy way to tell if someone blocked you on Twitter.


How to Unblock the Account

Once you’ve located the blocked account, follow these steps:

Step 2

A notification will pop up from the bottom.You can also unblock Twitter users on the web.

You can also unblock Twitter users on the web.

  1. Log into Twitter using your profile.
  2. Select ‘More’ from the left menu.Select ‘Settings and privacy.’
  3. Select ‘Settings and privacy.’Select ‘Privacy and safety‘ then &lsqu
  4. Select ‘Privacy and safety‘ then ‘Mute and block.’Select ‘Blocked accounts‘ in the next
  5. Select ‘Blocked accounts‘ in the next menu.A list of blocked accounts will show.
  6. A list of blocked accounts will show.
  7. Click the ‘Blocked‘ button and confirm when prompted.Rinse and repeat for all users.
  8. Rinse and repeat for all users.

Some FAQs About Blocking Someone On Twitter

How can you block someone who blocked you on Twitter? 

If you visit the user profile who has blocked you, you will see a message that alerts you that you have blocked. So, you can still block other accounts even if another account has blocked you.

How can I prevent a particular user from reaching my profile completely?

Unfortunately, you can only block accounts. You cannot block persons from browsing your profile. If your stalker is dedicated, they can use throwaway accounts. If you want to prevent this, you can make your account private.

Do users know when you block them on twitter?

Twitter doesn’t send users a notification about them getting blocked by someone.

How can I understand if someone has blocked me on Twitter? Blocking someone on Twitter makes the blocked account unable to see your tweets, message you, or follow you. If you cannot see the users’ tweets, if you cannot message to this user or if you cannot follow this user anymore, this means that this Twitter user has blocked you. In addition, it means that you cannot do all these things until this user unblocks you. This Twitter user that has blocked you will also not be able to see your account. He or she will not be able to message you, see your tweets or follow you.

What Happens When You Block a Twitter Account

Blocking someone doesn’t just mean they can no longer see your posts, it also means that you won’t be able to follow them anymore.

If the person is following you before being blocked, he or she will automatically unfollow and stop seeing any of your future content if they are still on this list.

I understand blocking someone might not always seem like a good idea.

But there may come a time when doing so could save some embarrassment for both parties involved!

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How to unblock users on Twitter Spaces 

The unblocking process does not take place within Twitter Spaces, you will need to the main Settings of your Twitter account to execute an unblock. This method applies to both hosts and participants who have been blocked from Twitter Spaces. Here’s how: 

Tap the hamburger menu icon on the top-left of your profile’s Twitter feed. 

In the menu, tap the Settings and privacy menu whi

In the menu, tap the Settings and privacy menu which is located towards the bottom of the main menu.

From Settings and privacy, tap the Privacy and safety menu. 

Now tap the Blocked Accounts which is present in the Safety section.

From the All tab, locate the blocked user that you want to unblock and then tap the Blocked button next to their name. 

A notification will appear at the bottom stating that you unblocked the user. 

You can also choose to follow the user after you have unblocked them. 

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See How Many Users Have Blocked You on Twitter?

Twitter, as we’ve mentioned is a pretty subtle app.

Neither will it let you know when someone has blocked you nor will it tell you how many users have chosen to remove your posts from their feed.

Capitalizing on the situation, Blolook comes in handy and tells its customers exactly how many people are blocking them on this platform by simply logging into an account with Twitter.

To find out the statistic – which can be really he

To find out the statistic – which can be really helpful for anyone who wants more followers or likes – all they need to do is log in through Twitter!

Does Twitter Notify You When Somebody Blocks You?

Twitter won't send you a notification if someone blocks you. The only way you can tell you've been blocked is to visit the other user's profile and see the Twitter block message.

If you suspect you were blocked by someone, it's up to you to investigate and confirm it. If you don't even realize that a particular user is missing from your timeline, you might never even know you've been blocked.

Additionally, tweets from a user that you blocked are removed from your timeline if you were previously following them. Twitter also automatically removes the user you blocked from your followers list. Likewise, your tweets no longer show up in a blocked user's timeline if they previously followed you.

Can You See a List of Who Blocked You on Twitter?


There’s no official process that would explain how to find people who are blocking you.

And you may not want to know.

Unless you land on that profile page often enough to clearly see you are being blocked, do you really need to know?

Can I See A List of Everyone I Have Blocked?

Yes, you can keep track of anyone you are blocking:

  • Click your profile pick in the top-right corner
  • Click “Setting and privacy”
  • From there click “Blocked accounts”:
Here’s your Twitter block list
Here’s your Twitter block list

You can also import a list of Twitter usernames you want to mass-block.

How to Block Someone on Twitter on Desktop?

  1. Go to Twitter’s website and click on your profile.
  2. Select the Followers tab and find the user you want to block.
  3. Click on the three dots next to their profile name and choose the ‘Block’ option.
  4. Confirm the block by clicking on the red ‘block’ button.

Is There a Way to Prevent Someone From Finding Out Youve Blocked Them?

There’s no way to keep a user from finding out you’ve blocked them. If you block someone and they visit your profile or try to follow you again, they will a message telling them they’re blocked. But, you can make your Twitter account private. That way, you can control who follows you and you can avoid blocking people in the first place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social media is great for many things. But it’s also important to protect your peace. If you have more questions about blocking Twitter users, keep reading.

I’ve blocked a user who’s harassing me, but they created a new account. What can I do?

It’s no secret that Twitter can be a toxic online environment. Of course, you can block people, but that won’t stop them from making a new account and harassing you again. If this has happened to you, it’s a good idea to report the account. Although this isn’t an immediate solution, the Twitter support team can permanently ban the user or even an IP Ban.

When a user is reported for violating Twitter’s strict Community Guidelines, the support team will review their account. If the offense is harsh enough, an IP Ban is implemented. Not only does this ban the users’ account, but it also helps to ensure the offender does not make another account.

While there are workarounds to this (meaning the user may find a way to make another account), it isn’t likely you’ll have an issue with them in the future.

How do I report a Twitter account?

If the offense goes beyond a simple nuisance and into a dangerous or threatening territory, you can report the account to Twitter’s support staff.

Following the same instructions we’ve shown above, choose the option to ‘Report’ the user rather than the Block option. Fill out the forms to submit the report. You will receive a confirmation message that the report was received, but you won’t necessarily know the outcome.

It’s also a good idea to take screenshots of any harmful messages or Tweets on the users’ profile. If the other user decides to delete messages or their account to avoid retribution, you can file a report with screenshots on the Twitter Support website.

How will I know if someone blocked me on Twitter?

Due to the nature of blocking, you won’t receive any notifications or alerts that another user took the action to hide your Tweets. However, Twitter does make it especially easy to find out if you’re blocked. All you need to do is use the search bar to locate the users’ profile. A message will appear stating the account owner blocked you.

If you see this message, there is no question; you’ve most certainly been blocked.

Can a blocked user still see my DMs?

Yes. Blocking users on Twitter only means you will no longer have the ability to communicate with one another. It does not, however, mean that past conversations will be blocked.

Managing Twitter users is simple, and blocking or muting takes just a moment to provide immediate relief. Given how annoying some people can be on the platform, this is truly one of the bonuses of an easy-to-use social media platform like Twitter!