How to view PageRank, Bookmarks, Gmail button on Google Toolbar


What the button icons symbols mean

 : Report the message as spam : Archive the message

 : Delete the message : Report the message as spam

 : Mark the message as unread : Delete the message

 : Mark the message as read : Mark the message as unread

 : Snooze the message : Mark the message as read

 : Move the message to a label : Snooze the message

 : Add or remove a label : Move the message to a label

 : Reply to the message : Add or remove a label

 : Reply all to the message : Reply to the message

 : Forward the message : Reply all to the message

 : Forward as attachment  : Forward the message

 : Mute the message : Forward as attachment 

Video : Mute the message


How Do I Pin A Gmail Shortcut To The Taskbar Solved


I created a desktop shortcut to my Gmail account, that opens with the Chrome browser, directly to my Gmail account. However, when I drag the shortcut to the tackbar. The option to Pin it to the taskbar is not present. The only option available, is Pin To Google Chrome. This option only works, while Chrome is open. Once the browser is closed.

Google improves Gmail for iPhone, AndroidYour browser indicates if youve visited this link

A floating toolbar–the “floaty bar”–travels … mode let me compose a message and push the send button; when network access was restored, the Gmail application took care of actually sending …

Google Toolbar API – Getting Started


Click on the Settings button, select Options, click on the Buttons tab, select the Slashdot button, click on the Edit button, then click on “Use the advanced editor” Add the following line between …

Gmail Icon on Firefox Toolbar – Google Groups


>> toolbar? I would love to just drag the Gmail icon from my Google >> toolbar onto the Firefox Toolbar but it does not allow that. >> >> Thanks in advance. > The Toolbar Button add-on for Firefox has 95 different buttons > (icons) you can add to any FF toolbars. Gmail is one of them. The > same add-on can be used for Thunderbird and Sunbird.


  • While unofficial Gmail checkers exist for browsers other than Internet Explorer and Chrome, you should avoid using them since they’ll require your Gmail password in order to work.

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